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Alameda County, CA November 6, 2012 Election
Directory of Alameda County, CA Measures
County Results as of Feb 1 2:01pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (1100/1100)
74.3% Countywide Voter Turnout (602,479/810,836)

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Measure D. Changing Requirements for Sales or Disposals of City Parks -- City of Alameda (Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 23260 / 79.17% Yes votes ...... 6118 / 20.83% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Alameda be amended by amending Section 22-12 to eliminate language that allows the City Council to sell or dispose of public parks or any portion thereof if a new public park is designated, which means the sale or disposal of public parks must be approved by the electors?

Measure F. Transactions and Use Tax -- City of Albany (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 6237 / 79.88% Yes votes ...... 1571 / 20.12% No votes
To maintain and provide city services and facilities, including:
  • Fire and Police protection, safety, and emergency response
  • recreational programs, parks, playgrounds, and open space
  • senior and youth programs and facilities
  • community development and environmental preservation
  • and other general city services and facilities, shall the City of Albany enact a 1/2-cent sales tax, with annual independent audits, to end after eight years, with all funds spent only in Albany?

Measure I. Special Parcel Tax Measure -- Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 130106 / 62.51% Yes votes ...... 78033 / 37.49% No votes
To provide Chabot and Las Positas Community Colleges funds that cannot be ' taken by the state, ensure affordable quality education, prepare students for university transfer, maintain job training in healthcare, technology, public safety, and other areas, uphold core academics, and preserve student support services, shall Chabot-Las Positas Community College District levy $28 per parcel annually for six years with Citizens' Oversight, no money for permanent salaries, and all funds spent on local colleges?"

Measure J. Improve Quality of Oakland Schools & School Facilities -- Oakland Unified School District (Bond Measure - 55% Approval Required)
Pass: 122695 / 84.39% Yes votes ...... 22687 / 15.61% No votes
To improve the quality of Oakland schools and school facilities to better prepare students for college and jobs, to upgrade science labs, classrooms, computers and technology, improve student safety and security, repair bathrooms, electrical systems, plumbing and sewer lines, improve energy efficiency and earthquake safety, shall the Oakland Unified School District beauthorized to issue $475 million in bonds, with an independent citizens oversight committee and annual audits to guarantee funds are spent properlyto benefit Oakland children?

Measure K. Election of Trustees by Area Voters -- Ohlone Community College District (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 53343 / 73.32% Yes votes ...... 19406 / 26.68% No votes
"For the election of governing board members of the Ohlone CommunityCollege District, shall members residing in each trustee area be elected by the registered voters in that trustee area? YES NO

Measure L. Special Parcel Tax Measure -- San Leandro Unified School District (2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 14556 / 66.75% Yes votes ...... 7252 / 33.25% No votes
To offset severe State budget cuts with emergency funding that cannot be taken by Sacramento; protect core academic math/science/reading programs and student safety; keep libraries open; retain quality teachers; maintain classroom computers, instructional technology, PE, art, music and class size; shall San leandro Unified School District levy $39/year on single family homes and rates on commercial/other types of parcels, for five years, with annual audits, citizens oversight, senior exemptions, and no money for administrator salaries?

Measure M. Streets and Watersheds Bonds -- City of Berkeley (General Obligation Bond - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 37998 / 73.29% Yes votes ...... 13847 / 26.71% No votes
Shall the City of Berkeley issue general obligation bonds not exceeding $30,000,000 for street improvements and integrated Green Infrastructure such as rain gardens, swales, bioretention cells, and permeable paving, to improve roads, reduce flooding, and improve water quality in the creeks and Bay?

Measure N. Swimming Pool Facilities Bonds -- City of Berkeley (General Obligation Bonds - 2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 31671 / 62.37% Yes votes ...... 19112 / 37.63% No votes
Shall the City of Berkeley issue general obligation bonds not exceeding $19,400,000 to fund construction of replacement Warm Water and Willard pools, and renovation or replacement of associated facilities, as well as repair, renovation, or replacement of locker rooms and associated facilities at the existing West Campus and King pools?

Measure O. Special Tax for Pool Maintenance and Operation -- City of Berkeley (Special Property Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 30191 / 60.00% Yes votes ...... 20129 / 40.00% No votes
Shall a special tax of $0.00779 per square foot of improvements on land in Berkeley be authorized to fund maintenance and operation of the replacement Warm Water and Willard pools, if a bond measure funding construction of those pools is adopted?

Measure P. Increase Appropriation Limit -- City of Berkeley (Gann Limit Adjustment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 45318 / 89.08% Yes votes ...... 5555 / 10.92% No votes
Shall the appropriation limit under Article XIIIB of the California Constitution (which limits city expenditures) be increased to allow for the expenditure of taxes previously approved by the voters for parks maintenance; libraries; emergency medical services; emergency services for severely disabled persons; and fire protection and emergency response and preparedness, for fiscal years 2013 through 2016?

Measure Q. Utility Users Tax Update -- City of Berkeley (City Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 42382 / 85.36% Yes votes ...... 7266 / 14.64% No votes
Without increasing the rate, shall an ordinance be adopted to update Berkeley's existing utility users tax, which funds Police, Fire, and other essential City services, to keep current with changes in technology and Federal and State laws while maintaining exemptions for nonprofit educational organizations and hospitals, adding an exemption for low-income taxpayers, and requiring an annual verification and public report as to collection and expenditure of the tax?

Measure R. Council District Redistricting -- City of Berkeley (City Charter Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 31852 / 65.92% Yes votes ...... 16464 / 34.08% No votes
Shall the Charter of the City of Berkeley be amended to provide that council district redistricting shall be adopted by ordinance and to require that districts be as equal in population as feasible taking into consideration topography, geography, cohesiveness, contiguity, integrity, compactness of territory, and communities of interest, and have easily understood boundaries such as major traffic arteries and geographic boundaries?

Measure S. Sitting on Sidewalks -- City of Berkeley (City Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 25523 / 47.70% Yes votes ...... 27981 / 52.30% No votes
Shall an ordinance prohibiting sitting on sidewalks in commercial districts from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with exceptions for (a) medical emergencies; (b) wheelchairs and similar mobility devices; (c) bus benches; (d) street events; (e) other furniture placed on the sidewalk pursuant to a permit; requiring the City to ensure that it is applied in a constitutional manner and requiring a warning prior to citation, be approved?

Measure T. Amendment to West Berkeley Plan -- City of Berkeley (Zoning and Development Plan Amendment and Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 24779 / 49.49% Yes votes ...... 25291 / 50.51% No votes
Shall the West Berkeley Plan and the Zoning Ordinance be amended to allow development flexibility on up to 6 large sites, each under the same ownership, during the next 10 years, allowing a maximum height of 75 feet with a site-wide average height of 50 feet, and only if community and environmental benefits are provided to West Berkeley?

Measure U. "Sunshine" Initiative -- City of Berkeley (City Initiative Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 10509 / 23.27% Yes votes ...... 34651 / 76.73% No votes
Shall an ordinance be adopted: establishing new agenda and meeting requirements for the City's legislative bodies (Council, Rent Stabilization Board, and all 36 commissions), including earlier agenda deadlines; increased disclosure requirements for public records; and creating a new commission with authority to take enforcement action against the City in case of violations?

Measure V. "FACTS" Initiative -- City of Berkeley (City Initiative Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 17292 / 38.60% Yes votes ...... 27511 / 61.40% No votes
Shall an ordinance requiring the City to publish certified biennial reports of its 20-year financial obligations for employee/retiree expenses, capital assets, and "productive capacity of City services," the present value of those obligations, and the annual expenses needed to meet them, and prohibiting any new or increased debt financing, property-related fee, assessment, or tax absent certification of the report by the City Manager or other, independent professional, be adopted?

Measure W. City Council Election Dates -- City of Livermore (Majority Approval Required)
Pass: 25452 / 77.92% Yes votes ...... 7214 / 22.08% No votes
Shall the City change its general municipal election date from odd-numbered years to even-numbered years and add an extra year to the term of the existing Council members and Mayor to make that change? Fiscal Impact: Saves approximately $250,000 per election starting with the next election in 2014. The City of Livermore holds Council and Mayoral elections in November of odd-numbered years. This schedule means that Livermore voters elect their Council members and Mayor in years when elections for Statewide and National offices typically are not held. The City Council placed this measure on the ballot to match Council member and Mayoral elections to Statewide and National elections in even-numbered years.

This measure also would add one year to the terms of the incumbent Councilmembers and Mayor, to allow for the transition of elections to even-numbered years. If this measure passes, an alternative measure the City Council placed on the ballot to add the extra year instead to the incoming elected Councilmembers and Mayor will be moot, as this measure will control.

Measure X. City Council Election Dates - Alternative -- City of Livermore (Majority Approval Required)
Fail: 14476 / 46.84% Yes votes ...... 16431 / 53.16% No votes
If the City's voters do not approve of an immediate change in Livermore's general municipal election date, shall the City change to even-numbered election years by adding a year to the terms of the incoming Council members and Mayor at the general municipal elections in 2013 and 2015? Fiscal Impact: Costs approximately $750,000 for transition elections, then saves approximately $250,000 per election, starting in 2018.

Measure Y. Renew Existing Municipal Services Tax -- City of Piedmont (Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 4549 / 68.33% Yes votes ...... 2108 / 31.67% No votes
To maintain essential police, fire, and paramedic service, to prevent the reduction in maintenance in City parks, greenspaces and other public areas, and to prevent the loss of youth, family, and senior recreational and safety services, shall the City of Piedmont continue to authorize a parcel tax, replacing the existing Municipal Services Tax, as is more specifically set forth in Or. 707 N.S. which is on file with the Piedmont City Clerk?

Measure Z. Rapid Lifesaving Emergency Care -- Washington Township Health Care District (Bond measure - 2/3 Approval Required)
Pass: 70568 / 73.38% Yes votes ...... 25596 / 26.62% No votes
To provide rapid, lifesaving emergency medical care to our local community by expanding Emergency/Intensive Care units and other facilities, provide the latest lifesaving medical technologies and facilities for treating heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and other diseases, reduce overcrowding and wait times and to enable Washington Hospital to become a designated Trauma Center, shall Washington Township Health Care District issue $186,000,000 of bonds with an independent citizens' oversight committee, annual audits, and no proceeds going towards administrative salaries?

Measure A1. Oakland Zoo Humane Animal Care/Education Protection Measure -- Alameda County (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 340933 / 62.99% Yes votes ...... 200333 / 37.01% No votes
To maintain/upgrade humane animal care and basic needs (food, medical, heating, cooling, safe enclosures); retain veterinarians/animal specialists; care for wounded/endangered animals; support wildlife conservation; maintain children's educational, nature/science programs, field trips; and keep entrance fees affordable; shall Alameda County levy a tax of $12/parcel annually for residential parcels and comparable commercial/industrial rates, with low-income senior exemptions, mandatory audits, and citizens' oversight?

Measure B1. Transportation Commission Sales Tax Measure -- Alameda County (2/3 Approval Required)
Fail: 350899 / 66.53% Yes votes ...... 176504 / 33.47% No votes
Shall a new Transportation Expenditure Plan be implemented to address current and future transportation needs that: * Improves transit access to jobs and schools; * Fixes roads, improves highways and increases bicycle and pedestrian safety; * Reduces traffic congestion and improves air quality; * Keeps senior, youth, and disabled fares affordable. Approval extends the existing County sales tax and increases it by 1/2 cent, with independent oversight, local job creation programs. No money can be taken by the state.

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