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State of California June 5, 2012 Election
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By Mike S. Strimling

Candidate for United States Senator

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This is a place on the Senate ballot for you to protest the tax cuts for the rich that have created a country where the top 1% own more than the bottom 90% combined! where the 400 richest Americans own more than the bottom 180 million! where Social Security and Medicare are threatened while candidates like Romney own 4 private residences with elevators for their automobiles.
Taxes on the wealthy are lower than they've been in 80 years, lower than any modern country. This Vote is to Tax The Rich in 2012. Tax cuts for the wealthy have mortgaged this country's future. You pay more than they do. You pay, they don't. Declare our freedom. End your slavery. A 4% increase won't do it. Vote for the average tax rates on the rich as high as 1918-1982, when America was strong: at least double current rates on millionaires. See us at

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Require your candidates to pledge this before you vote or contribute: "In order to solve the debt of America, and in order to make investments in America's future, I will vote to tax the top 3% of income earners at the same rate as they were taxed during the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford Administrations, when America was strong! I will not vote for cuts in spending or Medicare until the ultra-wealthy pay the same average rate of taxes as they did in 1941-1980."

Responsible Republicans once voted for high taxes on the rich to finance the deficit. They will vote that way again in the California Open Primary if we stop being bombarded with false ads and untruths. We need to vote again for the most basic platform: TAXES ON THE RICH.

The one promise Obama made in 2008 is that he would not allow the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to be extended. But in 2010, he blinked. He went back on his promise, even though the Bush tax cuts would have ended on their own. He must hear this time that we've had enough of welfare-for-the-rich. See our Page for Mike Strimling or /mike-strimling-for-senate-page.html

It is a myth that low taxes cause job creation. Taxes on the very wealthy, who just live off bonds and stock dividends were 90% in 1945-1961 and 70% in 1962-1981. America was the most dynamic job engine during those times, and also we educated the business leaders of today. Those high tax rates encouraged work. High taxes encouraged the wealthy to give to universities, museums and other charities. High taxes encouraged the wealthy to leave their investments in their firms, to build up jobs and businesses, instead of taking it out as income, since that would be taxed at 70% to 90%. Now, they take the money out of American firms, taxed at 15%, and invest it in China.

Low taxes encourage business people to take money out as profits and spend it on foreign goods and foreign companies. That tax rate is now about 15%, the rate that Romney paid on his millions of dollars in income. Millionaires until 1982 paid an average of over 50% of their income, but they pay less than 25% in average tax now. The rich are thus encouraged to take their money out in profits and send it for goods and labor overseas, killing American jobs. People who actually work for a living pay much more! The rich do not pay Social Security taxes on any income over $108,000, they pay less of a proportion of their income in sales taxes than you. Their income tax rates are nearly the lowest in our history. The money has been extracted from the middle class, killing demand and jobs, and our children are in debt from the tax cuts to the rich - as the rich happily caused our economic collapse. We need to reverse these policies. Visit us at

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