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Nak Shah
Answers Questions

Candidate for
United States Senator


The questions were prepared by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and asked of all candidates for this office.
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Questions & Answers

1. In this time of high unemployment, what are the most important steps that should be taken to improve our nationís economy?

I am the Candidate that can fix the American Economy. I Believe fixing the American Economy is my most important strength and that is the main reason I am running for this Office If All American People were happy than I would not run for this office. I have Promised to bring the unemployment rate down to zero percent in 2 Years. Decrease Taxes for All Americans so they have more money to spend which will in turn improve our nation's economy. Create Good Jobs for All Americans without any accuses. Create jobs in transportation and clean energy sector End tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas and give those breaks to small business and the middle class in America. Push for Made in America Products so we can create lot of jobs. Give Tax Incentives to businesses who create jobs in America. Increase American Export and Decrease Imports. Provide Incentives including tax breaks to Employers who hire unemployed people Provide Incentives for further education to all unemployed graduates. Inspire short term vocational training to unemployed for jobs that are in demand. Grant tax credits to seniors who continue to work. Provide bank loans at low interest to small businesses and industries to stimulate business growth. Increase Import duties on certain luxurious items to create Revenue for Government. Reduce all other types of taxes including property taxes. Punish Employers who send jobs to foreign countries if they are doing only for greed of profit and not just for cost cutting if Americans can do those jobs and getting layoffs by the same companies; Punishment being raise there Taxes unless they hire Americans twice the number of layoffs in the same year. Stop Layoffs and outlaw Layoffs if those Businesses are making Profits and CEO's are making profits. (I intend to make a Federal Law that Prohibits Layoffs If the CEO is doing to make more money for his own Greed) Hold Government Accountable if they can not create good jobs for Americans Work with Ceo's to give them Bonus if they Double American staff more than the past year staff. I promise to bring unemployment down to zero percent after two years of being in office if my full economy stimulation plan is implemented it takes two years to reach out to all companies in America to create enough Jobs to bring unemployment rate to zero for an elected official). I Support Carly Fiorina's Plan to stimulate the Economy: Carly Says" We must start by supporting our nation's job creators, the small businesses and entrepreneurs that employ about half our nation's private-sector workforce and create two-thirds of the new jobs in our country. As outlined in my Jobs for Americans Plan, we must provide tax certainty and regulatory sanity to our economy. Particularly during these difficult economic times, the last thing we should be doing is raising taxes on our state's families, communities and enterprises. To get Californians back to work, we must fight for every job; that requires incentivizing investment and, in some cases, re-investment in the American economy. I have proposed, for example, the creation of "Jobs for Americans Zones," where selected geographic areas would be created throughout the country to help lure manufacturing jobs back to America through targeted, substantial federal tax benefits, in partnership with state and local regulatory relief. I have also called for a Five-year payroll tax holiday for small businesses and start-up businesses that hire unemployed workers".I Support Carly's Plan 100 percent. I also believe in protecting environment and health which will create Millions of Jobs for Americans, I Support Women in California to take Leadership positions so we can create More Jobs in California because they are Experts in Networking and Have Compassion to get things done for All Americans. I also Support Senator Barbara Boxer's Plan to Stimulate the economy:Senator Boxer says "My priority is to create good California jobs and to turn our economy around. We should end tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, and instead support American manufacturing. I support cutting taxes for the middle class, creating jobs by rebuilding roads and bridges, and increasing loans to small businesses.I also strongly believe that America must lead the new clean energy future".I Agree and support Senator Boxer 100 percent with this above plan. Bottom Line is We have to work hard and eliminate Unemployment and use all plans available to us to stimulate the American economy regardless of party lines we are Americans first and our economy must be Good and I INTEND TO DELIVER on that promise without any accuses.

2. How should the federal budget deficit be addressed, now and into the future? How should budget priorities for defense and domestic programs be adjusted?

First All Americans agree that we have a spending problem and not Revenue problem thus we need to cut wasteful spending. We have to get the deficit and debt under control and balance the budget.I support Barbara Boxer's Plan. Barbara says "support President Obama's plan to cut the deficit in half by 2014.During the Clinton Administration, we not only balanced the budget, we also created a surplus and 23 million jobs. We can do it again, and we will. We can save $1.1 trillion over ten years by bringing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to a close, and we can use those savings to reinvest in our economy and for deficit reduction. It is time to re-build our nation. As the challenges facing our nation evolve, our national priorities must also adapt. Regardless of what these future challenges are, we must move quickly to eliminate the billions in wasteful spending that restrict our nation's ability to respond to pressing issues as they emerge." I agree 100 percent with Senator Barbara Boxer's Plan. I also Support Carly Fiorina She says " The fact is that Washington has a spending and accountability problem + and the last thing we should be doing is sending it more of our hard-earned money. Instead, we must work to cut waste, restore accountability, control spending and pay down the federal debt so that our country has the fiscal footing to swiftly respond to critical priorities that arise. That is why I have proposed a plan to reform our national budget, improve transparency into how our tax dollars are spent and pay down our debt." I Support Carly's Plan 100 percent to address the deficit problem. You can find out about what I stand for on my web site at I Agree With Carly Fiorina that"We must continue to invest in our military men and women and fund our national security efforts to fulfill government's most fundamental role: protecting the safety of our fellow Americans. At the same time as we continue pursuing these goals, we must also ensure that we cut waste, restore accountability, find efficiencies and then make priority decisions. This is work Congress has put off for too long." I stand with Carly Fiorina on this issue. I will work with Republicans and Democrats together to solve this problem becuase when this is the issue we are All Americans First and do what is right for America Together Regardless of Party Affiliations I will Reach Across to All Senators to Fix the Budget Deficit So All Americans don't Suffer.

3. What are your priorities with respect to our nationís energy policy? Should there be an emphasis on clean energy and reducing carbon emissions, and/or on reducing our dependence on foreign sources?

I SUPPORT Carly Fiorina and Barbara Boxers Plan to become Energy Independent: Barbara Beleives" We must end our dependence on foreign oil, cut carbon pollution, and give refunds to consumers. I support extending clean energy tax credits and making permanent the Research and Development tax credit. I believe the best way to create jobs now, and to build the foundation for long-term prosperity is to make California the hub of the new clean energy industry. We must defeat Proposition 23, which would overturn our clean energy law. If we keep pushing forward we will unleash billions of dollars of private investment, allowing clean energy technologies to thrive. I want to see the words "Made in America" on wind turbines, solar panels and other clean energy innovations of the future." Carly says"I believe we can both reduce energy costs and improve our environment by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and by investing in clean technology. To do this, we need a comprehensive, national energy policy that promotes the development of all domestic forms of energy. We must also significantly increase energy research and development, harnessing the power of innovation to build on the advancements in clean, green technology that we have made so far." I Agree and Support Both Barbara Boxer and Carly Fiorina plans on Being Energy Independent. I beleive me must be Energy Independent by 2014. Under Nak Shah's Plan we should be energy independent in 2014 if All Senators and Congress support my plan that is what all Americans want after all.

4. What, if any, changes should be made to federal health care policies or programs?

Majority of Americans believe in free choice and I support that, Constitution requires Americans to make their own choices and I support that, Having said that I support all Americans should have access to affordable health care coverage. Health laws should prohibit insurance companies from dropping coverage when you get sick or denying coverage with pre-existing conditions. I Support government give free health insurance to all people but buying your own health insurance should not be mandatory it should be a choice that Americans should make on their own (Voluntary).What ever the Majority Of Americans want I SUPPORT.I know people who never get sick it is not fair to them to force them to buy health care even better if we put this question as a referendum on the ballot for Americans to vote on. I support what ever the Americans want. My Personal choice is buying health insurance should be voluntary and not mandatory but am open to support what Majority of Americans want.

5. What, if any, changes should be made to federal rules on campaign financing?

There needs to have changes in the federal rules for campaign financing. There should be spending limits on campaign spending at various levels of election. A regulatory board should be appointed and should work out polices for canvassing, spending and banking. Imagine The Amount of Money the Candidate spends in campaigning if he uses that money to rebuilt our nation and stimulate our economy especially in this bad economy regardless of party affiliation we can make America Great. I believe people should vote in election why should money make diference, People will vote for the Person they believe will do a good Job for the Country why should a person who raises billions of dollars Win it should be the best candidate not the person who gets most money from lobbyist and special interest win the election thus we need to reform campaign financing because it is connected with lobbyist and special interest today. The Constitution is clear government by the people for the people in the interest of people it does not say by the lobbyist and the special interest as is the case in Washington today. Voters will vote for best candidates regardless of the candidate raises money or not so let's reform the campaign financing by having limits or eliminate campaign financing and have government sponsor All the candidates After all you want great public servant not great money maker. I Believe All Americans stand with me on this issue so we bring an honest Candidate like me to Washington so we can do good for All Americans.It is time for change that California deserves a honest candidate Like me,Even Better California needs a problem solver like me and All Californians stand with me during this worst time of economy so we can see a brighter tommorrow.

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Read the answers from all candidates (who have responded).

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