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Santa Clara County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
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By Roger F. Lasson

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 27

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The Governor and the state legislators have kicked the can down the road for the last time. To avoid fiscal default we must now make the difficult decisions ASAP.
California is in the middle of an undeclared fiscal emergency. We are well beyond the point of cutting more services or raising more taxes that could balance the budget. Cutting of existing services is akin to the rearrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic. California is sinking in a sea of debt! Unless we make significant and dramatic changes ASAP, California will default on its obligations and commitments to its citizens. Whether you call it default or banrupcy the result is still the same in that we lose more jobs, education system continues its decline and more misery! California has:
  • State taxes are among the highest in the nation.
  • K-12 educational system is in a state of decline.
  • K-12 schools have more administrators than teachers.
  • An unemployment rate of 12%.
  • An underemployment rate of about 12%
  • Continued loss of jobs to other states.
  • Unfunded pension liabilities of +$500 billion. We must take action ASAP or we see a major cut in services and education. Major changes required are:
  • Eliminate the "Prevailing Wage" and other like/same contracting provisions.
  • Reform the "Education Code"
  • Enact regulatory reform.
  • Enact tort reform, loser payes all costs.
  • Enact pension reform.
  • Enact "Right to Work" provisions.

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