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San Diego, Riverside County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
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By Connie Marie Frankowiak

Candidate for United States Representative; District 50

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It is my opinion based on truth, fact and reality that America is no longer a Republic but is instead a Plutocracy and I will give you 3 reasons why this is so.
1. America is no longer ruled by laws that apply to everyone.
2. The corrupting influence of billions each year in Robber Baron bribe money has bought enough Robber Baron Stooges to create a Plutocracy in our country which controls our government, the financial markets, the legal systems and the mass news media.
3. The U.S. Government passed bills they called Patriot Acts which were really Nazi Acts and have allowed homeland securtiy to create a vast security industrial complex collecting files on millions of Americans at a cost of billions each year and this security industrial complex which is really a police state has been directly involved in bashing, trashing and denying the rights of those in the 99% Occupy Movement and when elected I would introduce a bill to defund this security industrial complex into oblivion. I stronly support the 99% Occupy Movement since the American people no longer have any say in what the U.S. Government doesn't or does do and the only way today that the American people can voice their concerns, desires, hopes dreams and grievances are in the streets, parks and open spaces of America until they regain their Republic and I do not believe the U.S. Government can resolve America's serious problems until America once again becomes a Republic.

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