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Sonoma, Solano, Napa, Contra Costa, Lake Counties, CA June 5, 2012 Election
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United States Representative; District 5

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The Inclusive Candidate: Stewart J. Cilley!! Certified Public Accountant email: Telephone (707) 795-5110 Cellular Telephone (707) 479-7681 Website:

I achieved a professional designation as a California Certified Public Accountant.

A bachelor's degree was conferred to me by San Jose State University. I earned six units credit in the Master's Degree program.

I have operated, and continue to operate, a public accounting practice, specializing in tax preparation. I have prepared thousands of tax returns (Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts) and consulted with thousands of clients over a very long period. I have consulted on general ledger accounting mostly on Quickbooks Software.

I have operated, and do operate, other enterprises with profit being my motive. I am glad to discuss these, but they are not related to Accounting. I have been a sports official since 1976, specializing in baseball, softball and basketball.

My strengths have been in the area of ethical, prudent, honest and fully-informing consultations. My clients appreciate my demeanor of integrity and complete thinking and advice. Professional judgment requires considering all alternatives.

Quickbooks and Lacerte Software are my main tools.

My chief concern in doing business is to operate in a free market. Fraud is poison. I am one to push toward the goal of profit with vigor and determination. I will be a leader in this attitude.

I am an expert Scrabble player. My best play ever was "TZARINAS" on a triple word score and another triple word score for 203 points. I was President, Vice President and Program director of the local chapter of Society of California Accountants. For fun, I bowl on a team with my octogenarian mother. It gives us a chance, weekly, to be together. I stepped in to be her bowling partner when my father died almost fifteen years ago. He loved bowling with my mother. I enjoy it very much.

I have gained much by being active in drama and music. In high school I was Fagin in "Oliver", my senior year. My reading list would include Miguel de Cervantes de Saavedra, Ayn Rand, John Steinbeck, William Ernest Henley, Horatio Alger, The Republic of Plato. Favorite songs: Love Theme from "The Greatest" as sung by Whitney Houston, I've Gotta be Me as sung by Sammy Davis Jr., My Way as sung by its writer, Paul Anka. Favorite play: Man of La Mancha, Favorite Songs: I, Don Quixote and The Quest. Heros would include Muhammad Ali, Nelson Mandela and Adam Smith. I have studied Spanish and Latin, formally.

I am a life-long Republican with a very brief term as a Libertarian. I have a very consistent voting record. I believe the Federal Government is far too large and far too expensive. I believe it is time to scrap the sixteenth amendment and institute a flat consumption tax on all goods and services purchased at the consumer level and that the rate of tax should be no more that four percent of the sales prices. Much of the invasive roll of the federal government should be shifted back to the States or to the People. I invite and welcome more into the Republican party without prejudice.

I have many references, chiefly tax clients, for whom I have served many years. Contact information for any or several is available upon request.

I am a candidate for Member, House of Representatives, California Fifth District. I ask for your support! Election day is June 5, 2012. Please vote!

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