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Los Angeles, Ventura County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
Candidates Answer Questions on the Issues
United States Representative; District 25

The questions were prepared by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund and asked of all candidates for this office.     See below for questions on Economy, Budget, Energy, Health care, Campaign financing

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? 1. In this time of high unemployment, what are the most important steps that should be taken to improve our nationís economy?

Answer from Cathie Wright:

First there has to be certainty in the future for businesses to expand or start up, without certainty our growth will be slow and painful. We need to ensure the business community that we will repeal Obama Care, repeal Dodd/Frank, get rid of the current EPA, and fix our tax system. Our country is number one in the world in business taxes (highest taxes). In my whole life I have never worked for a poor man, trickle down economics works. The 500 pound gorilla in the room is our countries debt and until we seriously address the problem, the growth in this country will be on life support for sometime if we fail to lead. Congress needs to remember that when you are using something of someone else's you need to take extra care in how you use it, the same is true for the people's tax dollars.

? 2. How should the federal budget deficit be addressed, now and into the future? How should budget priorities for defense and domestic programs be adjusted?

Answer from Cathie Wright:

I have a way that we do not have to cut one cent of our defense budget or any program for that fact, all it requires is for our elected officials to act like civil servants once again. We have the technology at our finger tips that can save our country Ĺ of trillion dollars right off the top of our countries budget. By having our Congress and Senate meet in cyber space in a virtual environment we will save all the per-diem they are paid, plus the cost of their Washington D.C. offices they will no longer need. Sure they will add a staffer or two in district to handle the extra work load. They will still go to Washington D.C. to be sworn in and for the Presidential State of the Union Address. By doing this there are some very unique results we will have besides saving money. First instead of a one stop shop for lobbyists in Washington D.C. there will now be 547 different offices across the United States making it no longer cost effective to lobby. Second there will never be another president that will be able to make an appointment while the Senate is out of session as within twenty-four hours the Senate can be called to order to begin the confirmation process. Last, it will give the power back to the people of our country as the will now have the power to lobby.

? 3. What are your priorities with respect to our nationís energy policy? Should there be an emphasis on clean energy and reducing carbon emissions, and/or on reducing our dependence on foreign sources?

Answer from Cathie Wright:

First I am an all of the above individual who can not get their brain around making countries who hate us rich off of us. Lift some of the current regulations on drilling, allow the Keystone Pipeline and build new refineries. In Williston, North Dakota they are starting new hires at the McDonalds at $18.00 and hour with signing bonuses; unemployment is the lowest in the nation at 3.3%. We have plenty of natural resources of our own we do not need to buy energy outside the United States.

? 4. What, if any, changes should be made to federal health care policies or programs?

Answer from Cathie Wright:

I am a firm believer in repealing Obama Care; the mandate is unprecedented and too intrusive on the American people. We need to go back to the drawing board because we have to do better to protect the best medical care in the world. All Obama Care leads to is rationing, which will eventually lead to us not spending the needed funds to care for our sick and elderly. Open up the health insurance market and let individuals purchase their health insurance in any state, competition will help to drive down the costs. Tort reform in the area of medical malpractice will drive down the cost of doctors and hospitals.

? 5. What, if any, changes should be made to federal rules on campaign financing?

Answer from Cathie Wright:

There are three issues that I find need to be addressed and the first that is the laws that allow for those who are running for office to be able to pay their spouses for working on their campaigns. This makes my stomach turn to think that the spouses are being paid with campaign funds, when that pay check is going to be going basically right into the candidate's personal funds. I believe that any family member who is living with a candidate should never be paid to work on that candidate's campaign. Look if the candidate wins, the family member living with them benefits too. This is just plain wrong! The second issue is the ability of a candidate to loan their own campaign money and charge interest paying it back. So again we have candidates running for office making money off of their campaigns, it may be legal but it is wrong. Now last, it has to be we need to repeal McCain/Feingold. An individual or business should be able to give as much as they desire to a candidate as long as the donation and who made the donation is public information for any amount donated. This would get rid of the need for Political Pacs.

Responses to questions asked of each candidate are reproduced as submitted to the League.  Candidates' statements are presented as submitted. References to opponents are not permitted.

The order of the candidates is random and changes daily. Candidates who did not respond are not listed on this page.

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