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Sacramento County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
Smart Voter Full Biography for Earl D. Lagomarsino

Candidate for
Member, Democratic Party County Central Committee; County of Sacramento; Supervisorial District 3

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I am the former Co-Chair of the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento and current board member. I have been an Associate Member and Alternate voting Member of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County Central Committee and have been active in meetings and a regular attender for several years.

I was elected as an ADEM delegate to the California Democratic Party in the last election in former AD7 and was a proxy in attendence at the LA convention before that.

I am active steward in my local Union (SEIU Local 1000) and am an elected delegate for it's General Council.

I have been active in the local party and have attended numerous events and voter registration events, participated in phone banking, and precinct walking, campaigning for our Democratic candidates.

I have participated in many rallys, marches and protests over the last 5 years including the occupy movement.

I grew up in Sacramento. My ancestors all came to Sacramento as immigrants in the late 1800's, started from nothing, and achieved a modest level of the American Dream. I was able to get my College Degree by attending American River College and Sac State without going into debt because tuition was low. With that BA Degree (Biology) I was able to secure a decent paying job with the State of California in order to serve the public. So I understand the need to restore the American Dream of being able to come as an immigrant to this country, and to seek and achieve a better life through hard work by being given that opportunity on a level playing field.

That dream has been all but destroyed. We need to level the playing field and restore the middle class by rebuilding our infrastructure, by green jobs, by enacting trade policies that will encourage more US based, environmentally sound manufacturing, and by increasing the strength of labor unions. We need to restore our educational system to ensure everyone gets the same chance at the highest quality education in the world right here in Sacramento regardless of their socioeconomic situation or their ethnicity.

We need to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels and cover every rooftop with solar panels and install more wind turbines and support other green energy initiatives.

I am against the war in Afghanistan and war in general and support efforts to end those.

I am against the death penalty and support efforts to end it.

I support full equal rights, equal pay, and full reproductive control for Women.

I support full civil rights and equal rights for all minorities and the disenfranchised.

I support LGBT issues and same sex marriage.

I support Universal Health Care and Single Payer.

I support a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United.

I am a progressive Democrat and as a member of the Central Committee I will fight to restore the strength of the 99% as I have already been doing as former Co-Chair and current board member of the Wellstone Progressive Democrats of Sacramento.

If you agree with me, please vote for me for Sacramento County Democratic Party Central Committee! I pledge to serve as your representative faithfully in this capacity.

Thank You, Earl D. Lagomarsino

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