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Riverside County, CA June 5, 2012 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Craig G. Riemer

Candidate for
Judge of the Superior Court; County of Riverside; Office 9

This information is provided by the candidate

The individuals endorsing Judge Craig Riemer for re-election are listed below, grouped in the following categories:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Firefighters
  • Public Officials
  • Military
  • Justices of the California Court of Appeal
  • Riverside County Superior Court
  • California Judges Association Board of Directors
  • Other Judicial Officers
  • Riverside County Bar Association
  • Leaders of other Bar Associations
  • Other Attorneys
  • Community Leaders
  • Business Leaders
  • Education Community
  • Medical Community
  • Religious and Charitable Community
  • Community Members

For the most current list, please see Judge Riemer's "Endorsements" page at:


Stan Sniff, Riverside County Sheriff
Cois Byrd, Riverside County Sheriff (retired)
Larry Smith, Riverside County Sheriff (retired)
Valerie Hill, Undersheriff, Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. (retired)
Roger Denman, Undersheriff, Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. (retired)
Jeff Turley, Captain, Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. (retired)
Vic Ropac, Sergeant, Riverside Police Department (retired)
Ruth Denman, Secretary, Riverside County Sheriff's Department (retired), Riverside
Robert Sebald, Peace Officer, State of California
Harold "Wink" White, Captain, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept (retired), Riverside


Riverside City Firefighters Association
David L. Harlow, Firefighter, Riverside City Fire Department (retired), Riverside
Mike Browne, Firefighter, Riverside
Eric Bergelin, Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force/Fire Chief (retired), Riverside


Stan Sniff, Riverside County Sheriff
Kenn Young, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools
California State Senator Bill Emmerson (37th District)
California State Senator Robert Presley (retired)
Marion Ashley, Riverside County Supervisor
John Benoit, Riverside County Supervisor
Bob Buster, Riverside County Supervisor
Tom Mullen, Riverside County Supervisor (retired)
Larry W. Ward, Riverside County Assessor, County Clerk, & Recorder
Don Kent, Riverside County Treasurer-Tax Collector
Janet Green, President, Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees
David Slawson, Director, Eastern Municipal Water District
Donald D. Galleano, Boardmember, Western Municipal Water District
Charles D. Field, Boardmember, Western Municipal Water District
Thomas P. Evans, Boardmember, Western Municipal Water District
S.R. "Al" Lopez, Boardmember, Western Municipal Water District
Don Robinson, Mayor, City of Banning
Bob Botts, Councilmember, City of Banning
Don Smith, Former Mayor, City of Banning
David J. Castaldo, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Beaumont
Ella Zanowic, Mayor, City of Calimesa
Gregory Pettis, Councilmember, City of Cathedral City
Yvonne Parks, Mayor, City of Desert Hot Springs
Russell Betts, Councilmember, City of Desert Hot Springs
Jeff DeGrandpre, Mayor, City of Eastvale
Larry Smith, Councilmember, City of Hemet
Patrick J. Mullaney, Mayor, City of Indian Wells
Richard A. Stewart, Mayor of Moreno Valley
Kevin Bash, Mayor, City of Norco
Kathy Azevedo, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Norco
Berwin Hanna, Councilman, City of Norco
Robert A. Spiegel, Mayor, City of Palm Desert
William R. "Bill" Kroonen, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Palm Desert
Jan Harnik, Councilmember, City of Palm Desert
Dana Hobart, Mayor, City of Rancho Mirage
Gordon Moller, Councilman, City of Rancho Mirage
Ronald O. Loveridge, Mayor, City of Riverside
Nancy E. Hart, Councilmember, City of Riverside
Rusty Bailey, Councilmember, City of Riverside
Steve Adams, Councilmember, City of Riverside
Paul Davis, Councilmember, City of Riverside
Mike Gardner, Councilmember, City of Riverside
Jeff Comerchero, Councilman, City of Temecula


Richard D. Roth, Major General, U.S. Air Force (retired), Riverside
Robert J. Miller, Senior Master Sergeant, U.S. Air Force (retired), Riverside

(* denotes former prosecutors)

Justice Carol Codrington, Associate Justice
Justice Thomas Hollenhorst, Associate Justice*
Justice Jeffrey King, Associate Justice
Justice Douglas Miller, Associate Justice
Justice Art W. McKinster, Associate Justice*
Justice John G. Gabbert, Associate Justice (retired)
Justice James D. Ward, Associate Justice (retired)
Justice Barton C. Gaut, Associate Justice (retired)

(* denotes former prosecutors)

Presiding Judge Sherrill Ellsworth, Riverside
Assistant Presiding Judge Mark A. Cope, Murrieta

Judge Irma Poole Asberry, Riverside, Supervising Judge, Family Law
Judge Angel Bermudez, Murrieta*
Judge Thomas Cahraman, Riverside, Past Presiding Judge
Judge Sarah Christian, Blythe*
Judge Judith Clark, Hemet*
Judge James A. Cox, Palm Springs, Supervising Judge, Probate
Judge John M. Davis, Murrieta*
Judge Samuel Diaz, Riverside
Judge F. Paul Dickerson, Murrieta, Presiding Judge, Juvenile Court
Judge Michael B. Donner, Riverside
Judge David B. Downing, Indio*
Judge Becky Dugan, Riverside
Judge Richard A. Erwood, Indio*
Judge John G. Evans, Indio, Supervising Judge, Desert Region
Judge Richard T. Fields, Riverside, Past Presiding Judge
Judge Mac R. Fisher, Riverside, Supervising Judge, Civil
Judge Timothy F. Freer, Murrieta, Supervising Judge, Mid County Region*
Judge Stephen J. Gallon, Murrieta*
Judge David Gunn, Riverside
Judge Kelly L. Hansen, Murrieta*
Judge James S. Hawkins, Indio*
Judge Helios Hernandez, Riverside, Former Supervising Judge, Criminal*
Judge Harold Hopp, Indio, Former Supervising Judge, Desert Region
Judge Elaine Johnson, Murrieta
Judge Mark Johnson, Riverside
Judge Charles Koosed, Riverside, Former Presiding Judge, Juvenile Court
Judge Jean Leonard, Riverside
Judge Michele Levine, Riverside, Supervising Judge, Criminal*
Judge Roger A. Luebs, Riverside, Former Supervising Judge, Criminal*
Judge Mark A. Mandio, Murrieta*
Judge Raquel Marquez, Murrieta*
Judge John M. Monterosso, Hemet*
Judge Daniel D. Ottolia, Murrieta
Judge Mark E. Petersen, Murrieta
Judge Jeffrey Prevost, Riverside
Judge Michael J. Rushton, Murrieta*
Judge Bernard Schwartz, Riverside
Judge Elisabeth Sichel, Riverside
Judge Otis Sterling III, Indio*
Judge Christian Thierbach, Riverside, Past Presiding Judge*
Judge Gary Tranbarger, Riverside, Former Supervising Judge, Criminal*
Judge Gloria Trask, Riverside
Judge Anthony Villalobos, Indio
Judge John W. Vineyard, Riverside
Judge Sharon Waters, Riverside, Past Presiding Judge
Judge Dale R. Wells, Indio
Judge Randall White, Indio*
Judge Albert J. Wojcik, Murrieta
Commissioner Matthew C. Perantoni, Riverside
Commissioner Pamela Thatcher, Riverside

Judge William R. Bailey, Jr. (retired)
Judge Arthur Block (retired)
Judge Gordon Burkhart (retired)
Judge Graham Cribbs (retired)
Judge Stephen D. Cunnison (retired)*
Judge H. Morgan Doughtery (retired)
Judge Tom Douglas (retired)*
Judge Charles Field (retired)
Judge Lawrence Fry (retired)
Judge J. Thompson Hanks (retired)*
Judge Curtis F. Hinman (retired)
Judge Dallas Holmes (retired)
Judge Michael Kaiser (retired)
Judge Bob Macomber (retired)
Judge Dennis A. McConaghy (retired)*
Judge Robert J. McIntyre (retired)*
Judge W. Charles Morgan (retired)*
Judge Dennis Myers (retired)*
Judge Elwood Rich (retired)
Judge Arjuno T. Saraydarian (retired)
Judge Robert G. Taylor (retired)
Judge Ronald Taylor (retired)
Judge James T. Warren (retired)
Judge Edward Webster (retired)*

Michael J. Cappelli, General Counsel
Inga E. McElyea Brannon, Executive Officer (retired)
Diane Gray, Chief Deputy Executive Officer (retired)


Judge David M. Rubin, President
Judge Allan D. Hardcastle, Vice-President
Judge Laura H. Parsky, Vice-President
Judge Marie S. Weiner, Secretary-Treasurer
Judge Steven Bromberg, Board Member
Judge Gregory M. Caskey, Board Member
Judge J. Stephen Czuleger, Board Member
Commissioner Alan H. Friedenthal, Board Member
Judge Robert Glusman, Board Member
Judge James Herman, Board Member, Past President, State Bar of California
Judge Barbara A. Kronlund, Board Member
Judge Thomas M. Maddock, Board Member
Judge Socrates P. Manoukian, Board Member
Judge Gregory C. O'Brien, Jr., Board Member
Judge Joanne B. O'Donnell, Board Member
Judge William D. Palmer, Board Member
Judge Victor L. Wright, Board Member


Judge Stephen G. Larson, U.S. District Court, Central District of California (retired)*
Judge Douglas Elwell, Presiding Judge, San Bernardino Superior Court
Judge Christopher C. Marshall, San Bernardino Superior Court
Judge Gil Ochoa, San Bernardino Superior Court
Judge William Jefferson Powell, San Bernardino Superior Court
Judge Michael Sachs, San Bernardino Superior Court
Judge Tara Reilly, San Bernardino Superior Court
Judge Larry W. Allen, San Bernardino Superior Court
Judge Carl Davis, San Bernardino Superior Court (retired)
Judge Rafael Arreola, San Diego Superior Court (retired)
Judge Thomas S. Clark, Kern Superior Court
Judge Harry "Skip" Staley, Kern Superior Court (retired)
Judge Thomas Kelly, Santa Cruz Superior Court (retired)
Judge Phillip J. Argento, Los Angeles Superior Court (retired)
Commissioner Steff Padilla, Los Angeles Superior Court


Current Board of Directors of the RCBA
Robyn Lewis, President
Christopher Harmon, President-Elect
Jacqueline Carey-Wilson, Vice President
Chad Firetag, Chief Financial Officer
Kira L. Klatchko, Secretary
Richard T. Ackerman, Director at Large
Jack B. Clarke, Director at Large
Richard D. Roth, Director at Large
Scott Talkov, Barristers President
Harlan B. Kistler, Immediate Past President

Past Presidents of the RCBA
Judge Irma Poole Asberry
Terry Bridges, Roth Carney APC
Boyd E. Briskin
Dan Buchanan, First American Title Co.
Jane W. Carney, Roth Carney APC
Michael H. Clepper, Michael H. Clepper, Inc.
Judge Stephen D. Cunnison (retired)
Mary Ellen Daniels
Justice John G. Gabbert (retired)
Justice Barton C. Gaut (retired)
Teresa Han-Savage, Court of Appeal
Daniel Hantman
Steven L. Harmon, Harmon & Harmon
Judge Dallas Holmes (retired)
Geoffrey Hopper, Geoffrey Hopper & Associates
Arthur Littleworth, Senior Partner, Best, Best & Krieger,
Sandra G. Leer
David G. Moore, Reid & Hellyer
Michelle Ouellette, Best, Best & Krieger
Brian C. Pearcy
Diane Catran Roth, San Bernardino City Attorney's Office
Kurt A. Seidler
D. Richard Swan
Judge John W. Vineyard
Justice James D. Ward (retired)

Charlene Nelson, Executive Director, RCBA
Lisa Yang, Project Coordinator, RCBA
Charlotte Butt, Executive Director (retired), RCBA
Heidi Fron, Attorney, The Wildlands Conservancy, Former Executive Director, RCBA


Mary Gilstrap, President, Desert Bar Association
Binu Cloud, President, Mt. San Jacinto/Hemet Bar Association
Mark Ellis, Past President, Mt. San Jacinto/Hemet Bar Association
Scott J. Minturn, President, Southwest Riverside County Bar Association
Scott Talkov, President, Riverside County Barristers Association
Dennis Wagner, President, Federal Bar Association, Inland Empire Chapter
Patricia Law, President, American Board of Trial Advocates, San Bernardino/Riverside Chapter


Pamela Walls, Riverside County Counsel
Thomas D. Allert, Riverside
Kathleen Berglund, California Court of Appeal, Riverside
Vicki Broach, California Court of Appeal, Riverside
Jody Isenberg, California Court of Appeal, Riverside
Patricia Cisneros, California Court of Appeal, Riverside
Donna Hecht, California Court of Appeal, Riverside
Yoginee Braslaw, California Court of Appeal, Riverside
Les Whitaker, California Court of Appeal, Riverside (retired)
Jane W. Carney, Roth Carney, Riverside
Richard Roth, Roth Carney, Riverside
Michael A. Goldware, Riverside
James Manning, Jr., Reid & Hellyer, Riverside
David G. Moore, Reid & Hellyer, Riverside
Teresa Rhyne, The Teresa Rhyne Law Group, Riverside
Mitchell J. Edwards, The Teresa Rhyne Law Group, Riverside
Brian Unitt, Holstein, Taylor & Unitt, Riverside
Stacey Aldstadt, Riverside
Lewis F. Jacobsen, Riverside
Phil Savage, Gresham Savage Nolan and Tilden APC, Riverside
David D. Werner, Gresham Savage Nolan and Tilden APC, Riverside
Michael W. Mihelich, Riverside
Connie L. Younger, Younger Law Corporation, Riverside
Danuta Tuszynska, Tuszynska Law Office, Riverside
Hugo Anderson, Murrieta
Edward Mackey, Riverside
Joseph C. Telezinski, O'Connor & Telezinski, Riverside
Ben Eilenberg, Severson & Werson
Robert H. Brumfield, Law Offices of Robert H. Brumfield, PC
Lori Myers, Office of the Public Defender, Riverside
Dan Lewis (retired), Riverside
Daniel E. Kensinger, State Compensation Insurance Fund, Riverside
Matthew J. Baran, Palm Desert
Brian Harnik, Indian Wells
William D. Shapiro, Robinson, Calcagnie, Robinson, Shapiro & Davis
Richard Anderson, Best, Best & Krieger, Riverside
Daniel L. Hough, Law Offices of Daniel L. Hough, Perris
Daniel A. Lander, Temecula
William E. Thomas, Riverside
George M. Rosenberg, George M. Rosenberg, A Professional Corporation
Sean Davitt, Carter, Spring, Schank and O'Connor, Riverside
Howard Franco, Jr., Collins, Collins, Muir & Stewart LLP
Ann Cunningham, Laguna Beach
Michael Raftery, Riverside
Donald Dye, Acorn Technology Corporation, Riverside
Elliott Luchs, Riverside
Michael Geller, Law Offices of Geller & Stewart, Moreno Valley
Michael B. Magloff, Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith
Susan Nauss Exon, Law Professor, University of LaVerne College of Law, Riverside
Curtis Knudsen, Knudsen Law Office, Riverside
Christopher G. Jensen, Reynolds, Jensen & Swan, LLP, Riverside
Kirsten Birkedal Shea, Thompson & Colegate LLP, Riverside
Gary M. Galton, Accord Mediation LLC, Palm Desert
Peter Mort, Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Murrieta
Eric Papp, Law Offices of Papp & LeMaster-Farrimond, Corona
Daniel Shapiro, Riverside
Leo A. Badger, Badger Law Office, Riverside
Barry Lee O'Connor, Barry Lee O'Connor & Associates, Riverside
Aimee Vierra, Riverside
Douglas Redden, Riverside
Michael Harrington, Palm Springs
Robert B. Swortwood, Thompson & Colegate, Riverside
Amy Leinen Gulder, Corona
J.E. Holmes III, Graves & King LLP (of counsel)
Alan Mohill, Temecula
Bruce M. Wallis, Swan, Carpenter, Wallis & McKenzie, LLP, Hemet
Diana Renteria, Law Office of Diana Renteria, Riverside
John A. Babcock, Babcock & Cappelli
Jon A. Shoenberger, Schlecht, Sheulin & Shoenberger, Palm Springs
Michael J. Kahn, Palm Springs
David Duke, Spile, Leff & Goor, LLP, Temecula
John Bailey, Hall & Bailey, Riverside
Steven C. Geeting, Riverside
Dennis Fabozzi, Law Offices of Dennis Fabozzi, Temecula

Ronda & Michael Kennedy, Law Students, Canyon Lake


Rose Mayes, Executive Director, Fair Housing Council of Riverside County
Ofelia Valdez-Yeager, Vice President, Latino Network Riverside
Jennifer Vaughn-Blakely, Management Consultant, The Sundance Company, Riverside
Katie Greene, Nurse Practitioner/USAFR (retired), Riverside


Henry Coil, Jr., Tilden-Coil Construction
Donald Galleano, Galleano Winery
Mark Rubin, Regional Properties, Inc.
John Gless, Gless Ranch, Inc., Riverside
Joe Tavaglione, Tavaglione Construction & Development, Inc.
Nick E. Tavaglione, Nick Tavaglione Construction
Howard Golds, Chairman of the Board, Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce
Jamil Dada, Vice-President, Provident Bank
Brenda Focht, Museum Curator, Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Riverside
Cecil Green, appellate court mediator
James Scribner, owner, Independent Financial Group
Marlene Coverdale, real estate broker (retired)
Thomas D'Arco, Riverside, Realtor/Attorney
Ana S.Miramontes, Assistant Vice President, Bank of America
Christian Fessler, Owner, Paradise Garden Center, Riverside
Paul Earnhart, Vice President, Lee & Associates, Murrieta
Matt Webb, Civil Engineer, Albert A. Webb & Associates
William Frizzell, Director of Technology, Laird Norton Tyee Trust Company
Peter J. Meyers, Commercial Banker, Security Bank of CA
Patric Nichols, Banker, BBVA Compass, Riverside
Collette Lee, Real Estate Broker, Tower Realty, Riverside
Brent Lee, Real Estate Broker, Tower Realty, Riverside
Melissa Utterback, Owner, Mow It Down Landscaping, Riverside
Zelma (Zee) Beard, Owner, Riverside Personnel Services, Inc., Riverside
Sue Mitchell, Owner, Riverside Personnel Services, Riverside
Tim and Suzy Hanigan, Owners, The Hanigan Company
David K. Kain, President, Sun Boss Corporation
Katherine Lillian Westley, Broker, Business West Mortgage, Riverside
Gary Wiens, Owner, Computer Repair, Riverside
Becky Whatley, Owner, Quality Printing, Riverside
Debbi Huffman Guthrie, Owner, Debbi Guthrie Consulting
James L. Sweaney, Owner, Mardon Jewelers, Riverside
Barbara Wallace, Owner, Bumpershoot Enterprises, Riverside (retired)
Nicholas H. Goldware, Insurance Broker, Hub International Insurance Services, Inc.
Cynthia Wright, Consultant, The Wright Image, Riverside
Donald S. Richmond, Manager, Riverside Cement Company (retired), Riverside
Robert Hoyt and Margaret D. Hoffman, Owners, Elliott's Garage Cabinets, Riverside
Gordon Hass, Manager of Riverside Blueprint (retired), Riverside
Ian Davidson, Landscape Architect, IDLA, Inc., Riverside
Steve Grasha, TrueFog USA, Palm Desert
Jon F. Christofferson, Cemetery Manager, Evergreen Memorial Park, Riverside
Donna Jacomet, Eastern Municipal Water District, San Jacinto
Eric Johnson, Manager, Johnson Machinery, Riverside
Cheryl Buhler, President, AMA Plastics, Riverside
Cathlene Fishman, Wolfe & Associates, Moreno Valley
Donna Ayottte Evans, Ayotte & Shackelford, Indian Wells
Vinod Desar, Realtor, Riverside
Joseph P. Barr, CPA, Swenson Corporation, Riverside
Hardy L. Brown, Publisher, The Black Voice News, Riverside
Robert Krieger, Engineering Consultant, Krieger & Stewart, Riverside
Julie Biehl-Stowe, OctoClean, Riverside
George and Jacqueline Spencer, Spencer Construction Co., Banning
Gary Horn, Gary Horn & Associates, Riverside
Al Arzate, Abba Bail Bonds, Riverside


Kenn Young, Riverside County Superintendent of Schools
Tim Martin, President, Riverside City Teachers Association/Educator Riverside Unified School District
Susan Rainey, Riverside Unified School District Superintendent (retired)
Kathleen Allavie, Riverside Unified School District Board Member
Marylin V. Jacobsen, educator, Riverside City College
Lorraine Anderson, Riverside Community College administrator (retired), Riverside
Amy Cardullo, College Administrator
Nancy Melendez, Board of Library Trustees
Larry Zahn, Professor Emeritus, UC Riverside
John Briggs, Professor, UC Riverside
Dallas Holmes, Adjunct Professor, UC Riverside
Mary Ellen Gruendyke, UC Riverside
Peggy Darlington, UC Riverside administrative analyst (retired)
Leroy Harris, UC Riverside and UC Davis (retired)
Andrea Briggs, UC Riverside Ombudsperson (retired)
Richard Cardullo, Professor
Christopher Briggs, Professor, Chaffey College
Paul Johnson, educator-administrator, Riverside County Office of Education
Jose Medina, teacher, Riverside Unified School District; former member, Riverside Community College District Board of Trustees
Wade V. Coe, Principal, Riverside Poly High School
Darel Hansen, Principal, Riverside Unified School District
DeEtte Allert, Ass't Principal, Arlington High School, Riverside
Jackie Hopper, teacher, Riverside Unified School District
Peggy Luebs, teacher, Riverside Unified School District
Patricia Morgan, teacher, Riverside Unified School District
Pamela Balys, teacher, Riverside Unified School District (retired)
Christina W. Miller, teacher, Riverside Unified School District (retired)
Rick Woodbury, teacher, Riverside Unified School District (retired)
Jan Mickelson, teacher, Riverside Unified School District (retired)
Constance Zahn, teacher, Riverside Unified School District (retired)
Dwane Mickelson, educator, Riverside Unified School District (retired)
Carol A. Meredith, Riverside Unified School District (retired), Riverside
Laura McMorris, Budget Technician, RUSD (retired), Riverside
Sharon Landrum, educator, Alvord Unified School District
James Boyer, teacher, Lake Elsinore Unified School District
Elizabeth A. Cunnison, teacher (retired)
Janis Bengtson, Head of School, All Saints' Carden Academy, Riverside
Geraldine Graham, teacher, San Bernardino City Unified School District (retired), Riverside
Elizabeth Plumer, speech therapist, RUSD, JUSD, Riverside County Schools (retired), Riverside
Elizabeth M. Hass, Administrative Ass't for Perris Union High School District Board of Trustees and Superintendent (retired), Moreno Valley
Rosemary Lewis, Riverside Unified School District (retired), Riverside
Stephanie Dingman, Retired Educator, President of Kids Reason Education Consulting
Kimberly Rushton, ESL Teacher/Research Assistant, Murrieta


Steven Larson, MD, CEO Riverside Medical Clinic, Riverside
Andrew Hopper, M.D., Riverside
Donald Childs, MD, Riverside
Clark Gifford, MD, Riverside
Thomas T. Haider, MD, Riverside
Kurt O. Marcks, DDS, Riverside
Ronald J. White, DDS, Riverside
William D. Bowker, DDS (retired), Riverside
M. Lynn Scecina, DC, Riverside
Mary Kathryn Woodbury, RN, Riverside County Regional Medical Center (retired)
Shari Wolf, RN, Riverside
Carol D'Arco, Riverside County Supervising Public Health Nurse (retired)
Judy Halstead Earp, Director of Public Health Nursing, Riverside County (retired)
Jean Kryger, Riverside County Supervising Public Health Nurse (retired)
Clarice Lubel, Riverside County Supervising Public Health Nurse (retired)
Kathleen Sawyer, Riverside County Supervising Public Health Nurse (retired)
Anna McCann, Riverside County Public Health Nurse (retired)
Penelope C. Ellien, physical therapist, Riverside
Enor Harris, RN (retired), Riverside
Stephen R. Wallace, Regional Health Director, Rescare
Deanne Edwards, MS, Marriage/Family Therapist, Riverside
Martie Mummert, Registered Nurse, Riverside
Merrill Darlington, Psychologist, Riverside (retired)
Jacquie Childs, Psychotherapist, Riverside
Linda Ellermann, Public Health Nurse, Riverside
LeAnn Schoepflin, RDH, Riverside
Sally Lewis, Pediatrics Behavioral Specialist (retired)/administrator Moreno Valley Unified School District (retired)
Karen Cotterill, Registered Nurse, Riverside
Patricia Lennan, Dental Hygienist
Judy Bergelin, Registered Nurse, Riverside


The Rev. Dr. John W. Conrad, Rector, All Saints Episcopal Church, Riverside
The Rev. Conrad Nordquist, Psychotherapist and Assistant Clergy, All Saints' Episcopal Church, Riverside
The Rev. Clarke Prescott, Vicar, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Menifee, and St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Lake Elsinore
Kent Tuohino, Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Riverside
Dr. Mustafa Kuko, Director, Islamic Center of Riverside
Rev. Kelli Grace Kurtz, Former Vicar, All Saints' Episcopal Church, Riverside
Jamil Dada, Vice-President, Riverside Community College District Foundation
Karin Roberts, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity, Riverside
Kathy Michalak, Project Manager, Habitat for Humanity, Riverside
Delores Tobin, Family Service Association (retired)
Cheryl A. Frizzell, Finance Director, Philanthropy Northwest


Mary Sue Berkley, Director of Production Planning and Inventory. Baxter Healthcare (retired), Riverside
Patricia Richmond, homemaker, Riverside
Dan G. Thompson, Riverside
Mark Balys, Riverside County Planning Department (retired)
Madeline Grenier, DPSS Administrative Services Analyst (retired), Corona
Marilyn Weil, Riverside (retired)
Keith Downs, Riverside (retired)
Linda Dilday, Riverside
Gabriel Lubel, Palm Springs (retired)
Don Miramontes, Riverside
Marie Peacock, Riverside
Hoyt and Barbara McLaughlin, Engineer (retired) and Homemaker
Nancy S. Vawter (retired), Riverside
Nisa C. Wallace. Certified Driving Instructor (retired), Moreno Valley
Susan J. Bruckler. Postmaster + USPS (retired), Riverside
Ralph Wilkins, Riverside (retired)
Harriet Bloom, Riverside (retired)
Esme Benjamin, Social Worker/Educator (retired), Riverside
Eadean Scribner, Riverside (retired)
Shannon Murphy, Art Director, Riverside
Catherine Porter, Mary Kay Consultant (retired), Riverside
Susan Waters, Administrative Assistant (retired), Riverside
Pat Holmes, Riverside
Robert and Margo Chabot, Riverside
Johanna Fredrics, Riverside
Susan Usher, Riverside
David Feimer, Software Developer, Riverside
Elaine Crabtree, Riverside
Sharon Hopkins-Bright, Riverside
Howard L. Barto, Financial Advisor
Monica S. Barto, jewelry designer
Mary E. White, office manager, (retired), Riverside
Kevin Cotterill, Provident Bank, Riverside
Sue C. Ervin, Family Law Mediator (retired), Riverside
Sylvia Chernick, Bermuda Dunes
Mike Minner, Fitness Trainer, Riverside
Dorsie E. Malone, Riverside
Corine Malone, Riverside
Ruth Anderson Wilson, Jurupa Valley
A. James Montgomery, Jurupa Valley
Bond Shands, Information Systems Engineer (retired), Palm Springs
Ann Harlow, Riverside
Steve & Sherri Bradley, Riverside
Melisa Lane, Court Reporter, Riverside
Beth Hollenhorst, Riverside
Guy Rush Exon II, Environmental Manager, Union Pacific Railroad, Riverside
Randy & Barbara Stumpp (retired), Riverside
Aaltje Buller (retired), Riverside
Bonnie Ladore, Riverside
Quinton Swanson, Hemet
Doug & Barbara Shackelton, Riverside
Altie Holcomb, Menifee
James A. Davis, Riverside
Marlene R. Levine, La Quinta
Sheri Markley, Paralegal, Menifee
Anne Todd, Perris
Phyllis Purcell, Member, California Senior Legislature, Riverside

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