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State of California November 2, 2010 Election
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By Gail K. Lightfoot

Candidate for United States Senator

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Immigrants are important to America. We must not turn them away. We must finds ways to welcome them to the Land of the Free.
The problem we face with immigration today is the number that are permitted to enter the country legally. If the numbers were realistic, no one would need to enter illegally. The very fact that so many illegal immigrants live here today should tell us that the door to legal entry is not open wide enough.

The solution, therefore, is to increase the number of individuals allowed to migrate and live here. That may involve more entry points and more immigration officials dedicated to processing paperwork and verifying the status of immigrants.

How should the numbers be revised? Up to infinity! Don't panic. It can be done. Read on.

We do not need numerical or nationality limits.

We do need to know who the immigrants are, where they come from and that they find and keep a job once here.

This may be more difficult than setting a numerical and nationality limit. It could take more manpower to process an unlimited number. However, I cannot think of a better way to add jobs in America today. At the same time, it could be much simpler.

If each person entering the country provided documentation of good health, no criminal record at home and were required to prove within 90 days that they are self supporting here, agents would spend their time ensuring that happens. Local law enforcement could easily verify work status from lists provided via our electronic systems. Abuse of individuals by individuals profiting from illegal entry would diminish if not end completely. The law would protect the innocent as it is meant to protect us all.

Welcoming immigrants could be the simple answer to the illegal immigration problem of all countries. A welcome mat says 'Come on in, the water's fine, opportunities abound and we are here to teach you how to become an American as quickly as you are able.' Let America resume its time honored tradition of welcoming newcomers and toss out the ideas of certain occupations, color or creed. That is truly un-American!

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