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State of California November 2, 2010 Election
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Why I am running for Governor

By Cassandra A. Lieurance

Candidate for Governor

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I am disappointed with my choices. Big money seems to buy elections these days and with the Supreme Court recently giving Corporations "individual" status I see our political system being corrupted beyond recognition. I take no campaign contributions, so I don't owe anyone anything.
What I am for:

I'm for regular people getting back into politics and getting career politicians out!

I'm for balancing the budget without cutting any more teachers!

I'm in favor of using our resources more wisely without raising taxes. We pay plenty of taxes, we simply are not efficient with our resources! We waste tons of money every year on redundancies.

I'm for raising revenues by fairly taxing the big oil Corporations that drill off of our cost with significant risk to our environment. They can't donate to me, and I won't cut them a tax deal!

I'm in favor of the Federal Government securing our borders instead of leaving California with the bill...

I'm for fighting the State workers unions and accomplishing pension reform. We can't afford to have retired state workers making 250K a year while some of our kids are going hungry and crammed into classrooms with thirty five other students.

I'm for prosecuting Banks for fraud committed in the mortgage industry, not bailing them out.

I'm in favor of decriminalizing nonviolent drug possession so that our Law Enforcement Officers can stop chasing down people smoking marijuana and go after violent criminals. This will save California money and put the gangs out of business. They won't have anything to sell that you can't buy at the store. Let's regulate and tax the drugs, some people are going to use them anyway.

I want to get rid of the three strikes law.

I'm against the death penalty. Mistakes get made and I don't want to mistakenly put any innocent people to death.

I'm in favor of fighting the prison workers unions who in my opinion have a vested interest in keeping our prison populations and recidivism rates high.

I'm in favor of California going out and recruiting businesses to move here and employ Californians and getting rid of the barriers to jobs that we have created due to over regulation of small businesses. Huge multinational Corporations don't get any more breaks!

Join me!

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