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Napa, Solano, Sonoma Counties, CA November 2, 2010 Election
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Trust a Proven Leader

By Doris Lynn Gentry

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 7

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Doris Gentry shares concrete examples of her leadership.
Napa, Solano & Sonoma Counties - Northern California's Rural, Farming & Ag Region
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  • Lower Taxes
  • Improved Education + 49th is not OK
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Empowering employers!
  • Protection & defense for the elderly!

Contact us: Doris Gentry + 707.257.7101 Candidate AD #7, CA State Assembly email Fax: 707.258.1249

Snail Mail: 1370 Trancas St #419, Napa CA 94558 FPPC # 1324506


Trust a Proven Producer

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Napa, California -- Are you willing to pay more taxes to the state? Are you excited about straightjacketing businesses and corporations of California even more than they already are? Are you thrilled that local stores and enterprises in your own cities are locking their doors, shutting down, and leaving town? Are you happy with rapidly-rising, double-digit unemployment? I hear that "NO!" Neither are we!

Californians could elect people to sustain current economy-killing policies; people for example, backed by big labor with muscles to promote their own self-interests and not the interests and needs of over-burdened taxpayers (you and I). We could ensure that the legislature is stocked with the `guys' who promise recovery and stimulus but enact bills that suffocate fiscally sane ways to end out-of-control spending. We could allow the smothering to go on.

On the other hand, the Gentry campaign offers a better plan. We need to elect people to office in this state who have proven they understand how to increase business productivity and who have created and produced real jobs in the private sector. People who have balanced budgets, brought greater returns for dollars invested and made businesses flourish, not languish. People like Doris Gentry.

Doris Gentry understands the key to job recovery in California. "We are going to lower the cost of doing business, when I'm elected. Voters in this district understand that viable jobs will result when existing and prospective companies and businesses find it easier to thrive in this great state."

Doris has pointed out over and over in her campaign for election to the CA Assembly District 7 seat that the regulations, tax increases, and crippling economic policies by this state's elected representatives are indeed, killing us financially.

See her video of two things she will do to fix the CA Budget: "Doris Gentry on YouTube + How to FIX the CA Budget Crisis!"

Gentry said, "Some of the prospective candidates pursuing office this November are intent on promoting more of the same. Beware! Do we want questionable purse-snatching schemes `enslaving' us even more? Heck, no!"

Doris Gentry's 30-second cartoon

Doris Gentry on Facebook!/electdoris

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Gentry has been active in foster parenting for 17 years, is President of the Napa County Family & Foster Parent Association, a member of the Napa Sunrise Rotary Club, Napa Chamber of Commerce, MENSA, Foster Care Advocates, Grace Church, AIPAC, American Screen Writers Association and serves on the board of the Foster Kids Fund. Doris also chairs the Napa Sunrise Rotary's 4th of July Parade Committee and Chaired the 22nd Annual Chocolate & Wine Gala for foster children. Jim & Doris have four children, six grandchildren, have parented over 100 foster children and love their dog Dotty, a pound rescue and delight. Doris has never been arrested or had a DUI, she is fingerprinted and listed on the live-scan data base which is checked regularly.

Doris Gentry's momentum has continued to build with overwhelming support that includes endorsements from: I-Caucus, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers, Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute, a personal endorsement from Jon Coupal President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers, Solano County Republican Central Committee; Sonoma County Republican Central Committee; Calistoga Mayor Jack Gingles; Suisun City Councilman Michael Hudson; Napa County Board Supervisor Mark Luce; Napa City Councilman Jim Krider; Former CA State President Republican Women Federated Marianne Haydon; Napa County Tea Party Organizer Pam Silleman; Solano County Tea Party Organizer Rod Ferragarmo; Solano County Supervisor Michael Reagan; Mayor of San Ramon Abram Wilson, numerous business owners and hundreds of citizens.

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