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Napa, Solano, Sonoma Counties, CA November 2, 2010 Election
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Platform of Positions

By Doris Lynn Gentry

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 7

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Lines up the positions that are important in California.
Napa, Solano & Sonoma Counties * Northern California's Rural, Farming & Ag Region
Plus, Award-Winning Vineyards, Wine Production & Wine Distribution Networks

Contact us: Doris Gentry + 707.257.7101 Candidate AD #7, CA State Assembly email Fax: 707.258.1249 Cut Government Spending

We must have concrete solutions + and I am offering them to you + these are real things that we CAN do the first year I am in office:
1. Budget - everyone says the budget cannot be completed on time or FOR LESS. I can. Budget On time + I will write legislation to mandate that failure to complete and institute a new budget on time would automatically make the previous year's budget the de facto budget for the current year with no additional spending items allowed!13 other states do this. Budget For LESS + we will write a budget every 2 years in the off-election year. Corporations, Cities and many other states do this!
2. Spending CAP + base spending on our state's Gross Domestic Product, GDP. We can have a rate that will lock spending tied to our production + wow + once again + sounding like 3rd grade math. Our state has income and we can make sure expenses do not exceed and in fact, are below. This will force us to have fiscal discipline and protect YOU the taxpayers from `runaway train' type programmatic spending that you have been witnessing these past 10 years.
3. Defend the 2/3's Requirement to pass a budget. If we lower the threshold to only 50% then raising taxes on WE THE PEOPLE will be fast and easy + no no no! This is a way for the state to tax us into permanent unemployment.
4. Cut fraud and waste!

  • CalTrans did a recent study and found that one division had 1,500 employees that were redundant or just not needed and that is only one division.
  • CA has much waste and fraud. When Steve Poisner first became the Ins Commissioner he went after fraudulent doctors in Orange County that were doing unnecessary surgery on the elderly and stealing from the Medi-Cal system. Several doctors went to prison and millions and millions were recovered as the result.
    5. Set up a TIP LINE + offer an anonymous line/text or email so that CA residents can report abuses of the system. Offer a reward for convictions. IRS does it + we should too!

Job Creation We have to put CA back to work so let's empower business!
1. Eliminate the Factory Tax + only 3 states tax manufacturing equipment, we are one of them. This tax is a major obstacle and it keeps jobs out of our state!
2. Eliminate the Small Business Start-up Tax + The $800 fee a new start-up faces deters start-up businesses + we need to stop this and NOW!
3. Eliminate State Tax on Capital Gains + CA has double taxation at its worst. Our treatment of capital gains is a major barrier to investment in new jobs. We should align with other states!
4. Promote Investments for the Agriculture Industry + Ag is vital to Ca's economy. Tax credits will stimulate investment and benefit all of California + we feed most of America and then tax our farm and ag producers like a Communist country.

Education We have some of the BEST teachers in the US. The poor quality of education offered to CA students is NOT about dumb teachers.
1. Administrations and social regulations tie the hands of teachers. We need 80% of education funds for THE CLASSROOM + currently only 60% goes there! Deplorable.
2. Grade schools + A + F + let parents know how their school is doing and allow them to move to better, higher performing campuses. When parents know of poor grades they will leave + underperforming schools will be forced to close or downsize to fit the reduced demand for their services.
3. Fast-track charter schools + where schools are closed, give parents an option to quickly convert to a charter school and make learning a priority instead of hanging onto a failing school system stuck in old-school style poor-performance.
4. Expand vouchers to use as scholarships for other schools.

Protection of Citizens & Elderly

1. Empower California's aging population

  • Insure adequate health care
  • Provide safe communities
  • Offer supportive in-home assistance and provide the funding for this so our Seniors can live a complete and dignified life.
    2. Crack-down on elder abuse and stiffen the fines as well as the incarceration + these are very bad people that prey on our community saints!
    3. Provide safe neighborhoods with adequate fire protection & police service by expanding identification of homes that have elderly and handicapped inside.

Snail Mail: 1370 Trancas St #419, Napa CA 94558 FPPC # 1324506

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