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Solano, Yolo County, CA November 2, 2010 Election
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Water, Agriculture and the State of our Environment

By Michelle Connor

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 8

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Michelle on the protection, storage and conservation of water and other environmental resources for a better future of California
Water issues in California are a combination of both state and regional problems. The protection, storage and conservation of water resources will be at the top of her agenda. Some possible resolutions include the increased use of dams that work with the environment, ground storage, incentive-based conservation, and desalinization. Michelle strongly believes that we need desalinization in Southern California to take the burden off Northern California's resources: the rivers, bays and estuaries. Desalinization would provide more water to the people of both Northern and Southern California. We need to construct dams wherever it is ecologically sound and respectful to the local population. Finally, we must work to restore and protect wetlands and marshes because they are vital to our environment. We also need better ground storage in the Central Valley to help with crops and provide water to the people that live in the Central Valley.

An integral part California's economy is agriculture; The Eighth Assembly District has had a grand legacy of being one of the premiere areas in California to buy fresh products from local growers. These local growers are a mix of organic, family and big business farms. Michelle has been conscious about buying her produce at these farms for a number of years now. From these interactions with the farmers Michelle has been made aware of the problems facing the agricultural community at large. As your representative in Sacramento, Michelle will work to ensure that farmers have the water they need. She will also protect the farming heritage of the district for the next generation by fighting for fully funding of the Williamson Act and a more common sense approach to the daily bureaucracy which farms are forced to deal with. Yolo and Solano Counties provide a beautiful blending of America and are a perfect microcosm of the diverse parts of our nation. The district contains urban landscapes such as West Sacramento and Fairfield, as well as the Suisun Marsh and prairie farms. Michelle believes that conservationism is the key to keeping our environment clean. Energy efficiency should not be overly mandated; rather there should be a push towards encouraging personal responsibly of the protection of our shared physical environment. Michelle opposes environmental mandates on the public and on businesses that only hurt our economy and fail to ease the environmental strain.

"Almost every summer of my childhood was spent on family road trips across the US, during which I got to experience the beauty and wonder of countless national parks and monuments. From this, I have been instilled with a sense of awe and appreciation for the natural world. I feel that Yolo and Solano Counties provide a perfect blending of all that is beautiful in America. I characterize myself as a conservationist. I believe that each of us should leave the environment in a better shape than we found it. Yet, at the same time, I understand the importance of protecting the ecosystem while keeping in mind the significance of human interests."

-Michelle P. Connor

California needs to begin using a wider variety of resources to meet our energy needs. Clean coal, natural gas, wind, solar and nuclear power can all be used to create clean sustainable energy in California. We all know it is time for California to step up and take the challenge to create cleaner and more affordable sources of energy. Michelle thinks that California can and must accept this challenge to become a world leader in energy efficiency. Instead of imposing mandates on the public and businesses she believes tax incentives should be used to reward those who conserve energy and buy environmentally friendly products. Michelle's environmental policy would encourage change in the way Californians consume energy and would help to reshape the way the environment is treated. It would also help revitalize our economy and help to create a better future for California.

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