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Santa Clara County, CA November 2, 2010 Election
Measure O
Appointing City Clerk and Treasurer
City of Campbell

Appointing City Clerk and Treasurer - Majority Approval Required

Pass: 6,622 / 57.25% Yes votes ...... 4,944 / 42.75% No votes

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Results as of Nov 23 2:45pm, 100.0% of Precincts Reporting (30/30)
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Shall the offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer by appointive?



Impartial Analysis from the city attorney
Every city is required by State Law to have a City Clerk and a City Treasurer. Currently, these positions are filled by election by the voters every four years in the City of Campbell. A yes vote on Measure O would allow the City Council or City Manager to appoint persons to fill these positions. Out of the fifteen cities in Santa Clara County, only two other cities fill their City Clerk position by election, and only one other city fills its City Treasurer position by election. If this measure is approved, the City Council would be able to establish professional criteria for these positions. The positions would then be appointed by the City Council, or by the City Manager if the Council authorized the Manager to make the appointment. The appointments would take effect upon the expiration of the officeholder's current term in December of 2012, or any earlier vacancy in the position.

The City Clerk has a number of responsibilities that are prescribed by State Law. These responsibilities include keeping records of Council proceedings and ordinances, acting as the custodian of the City Seal, serving as the City's elections' official for municipal elections, receiving claims against the City, and receiving the financial disclosure statements of the City's public officials. In addition, under current local practice, the City Clerk also is responsible for providing notices of council meetings, compiling the Council agenda packets, and serving as the City's primary records manager.

Under State Law, a City Treasurer is generally responsible for receiving, depositing, paying and accounting for City funds. However, in Campbell, essentially all of these functions have been assumed by the City's Finance Director, with the consent of the Treasurer. Investments are handled under the Council's oversight pursuant to a comprehensive investment policy adopted annually by the Council. Consequently, the City Treasurer's responsibilities are presently minimal.

Currently, the City Clerk and the City Treasurer must be residents of the City in order to qualify for election. If Measure O passes, the City Clerk or a City Treasurer would be able to live outside of the City. These positions could also be consolidated with other positions in the City to avoid duplication of functions. For example, the position of the City Treasurer could be combined with the position of Finance Director.

According to the City's Finance Department, the approval of Measure O would save the City approximately $14,000 per year in benefits and related expenses for the City Treasurer's position, while the cost for the City Clerk's position would likely remain substantially the same. However, there would also be a savings of at least $15,000 every four years in election costs from not having these positions on the ballot.

/s/ William R. Seligmann
Campbell City Attorney

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure O. If you desire a copy of the Resolution placing Measure O on the ballot, please call the elections official's office at (408) 866-2100 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you.

  Official Information

City of Campbell

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Tuesday, October 12 7:00 PM Saratoga Library, 13650 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga 95070 (co-sponsored with AAUW) Wednesday, October 13 7:00 PM Campbell Library, 77 Harrison Ave., Campbell 95008 (co-sponsored with AAUW)
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Arguments For Measure O
Vote YES on Measure O to ensure professional staff for critical City Clerk and City Treasurer positions.

When Campbell incorporated in 1952, the Clerk and Treasurer were established as elected positions, as was common at the time. All that was required is that they be a registered voter in Campbell. The jobs have evolved tremendously since then; now, only 1/3 of these two positions in the State are elected. In Santa Clara County, Campbell is one of only three cities that still have an elected Clerk, and one of two with an elected Treasurer.

Today, the Clerk is responsible for implementing critical and complex laws regarding elections, official documents, public records, open meetings, financial disclosures, and ethics. The position oversees a budget of $400,000. The Treasurer is responsible for cash/debt management and investing the City's funds.

Vote YES on O - the duties and responsibilities of the Clerk and Treasurer are too important to leave to chance. Experience must be the number one criteria. Measure O allows the City Council to set minimum qualifications for the Clerk and Treasurer positions, with screening of applicants.

Over the years, the responsibilities of the part-time Treasurer were delegated to the Finance Director with oversight by the City Council and an Investment Policy that's reviewed annually. Independent audits and financial reports provide checks and balances.

Vote YES on O - save money on unnecessary personnel and elections costs. An appointed Treasurer saves $14,000 every year; eliminating elections of both positions saves at least $15,000 every four years. With today's tight budgets, every dollar counts.

Please join us and vote YES on O - bring Campbell's staffing model up to date; ensure our future Clerks and Treasurers are professional and experienced.

For more on this issue, visit:

/s/ Anne Bybee
City Clerk, City of Campbell

/s/ Gerald E. Kennedy
Treasurer of City of Campbell

/s/ Evan Low
Mayor, City of Campbell

(No arguments against Measure O were submitted)

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