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Marin County, CA November 2, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Jennifer Rienks

Candidate for
Director; Marin Healthcare District

This information is provided by the candidate

Elected Officials

Charles Auerbach
Belvedere, Former Mayor

Amy Belser
Sausalito, Former Councilmember

Albert Boro
San Rafael, Mayor

Larry Bragman
Fairfax, Councilmember

Gregory Brockbank, JD
San Rafael, City Council

Paul Cohen
San Rafael, Former Councilmember

Damon Connelly
San Rafael, Councilmember

Phillip Ehrlich, JD
Sausalito, Former Mayor

Frank Egger,
Fairfax, Former Mayor

Gladys C Gilliland
San Rafael, Former School Bd. Pres.

Ford Greene
San Anselmo, Councilmember

Richard Kalish
Belvedere, Former Mayor

Jonathan Leone
Sausalito, Councilmember

Marc Levine
San Rafael, Councilmember

Phyllis Miller
Mill Valley, Former MHCD Bd Mbr

Cyr Miller
San Rafael, Councilmember

Ann Otter
Belvedere, Former Mayor

Lew Tremaine
Fairfax, Mayor

Steven Vanni
Fairfax, Former Mayor

David Weinsoff
Fairfax, Councilmember

Roy Wonder
San Francisco, Former Superior Court Judge

Healthcare Professionals
James Adams, MD
Gall Allen, RN
Richard Bimbaum, MD
Esther Blau, RN
Ed Boyce, MD
Peter Bretan, MD
Adam Cevey, RN
Cherifeis, RN
Cynthia Clark, MD
Carnelia Coleman, RN
Anne Cummings, MD
Edward Davis, MD
Ahiri Deatrich, RN
Ann M Del Tredici, MS RD CDE
Jeffery Dier, MD
Rena Durkin, RN
Georgianna Farren, MD
Anthony Fedrigo, MD
Gillian Fusblad, PA
Bart Gershbein, MD
Joseph P Gutstack, MD
Jastell Donahue, RN
Anna Maria Koniumalo, MD
Air Kopperoiner, MD
Fred Kretzchmar, MD
Lawrence Levy, MD
Jane Lindsay, MD
Pamela Meigs, RN
Rita Melkonian, MD
Jella Mell, RN
Sherry Mendenhall, RN
Eddie Mozen, MD
Brian Nagai, MD
Khih Nahbol, MD
Sylvia Narveez, RN
Mather Neill, MD
Harry Neuwirth, MD
Gisele Norris, DrPH
Jennifer Porter, RN
Stanley Poulos , MD
Debra Rawson, RN
Brian J Salmen, MD
Marsha Schipke, RN
Lori Sellleck, MD
Tim Sowerby, MD
Pam Sowerby, MD
Brian L Strunk, MD
Barbara Tracey, RN
Suy Visier, RN
Alexandra Wen, DC

Marin Women's Political Caucus
Alliance to Save our Hospital

Community Leaders and Concerned Citizens
Aref Ahmadia
Paul Apffel
Marianne Auerbach
Jean E Banning
Corey Barnes
Lisa Barry-Mathers
Esther Beirne
Dominic Benench
Patricia A Bilger
Robert L Bilger
Henri P Bot III
Phyllis Brinckerhoff
Dirck W Brinckerhoff, CAC Bd
Mary V Brody
Wendy Buchen
M. Sise Centrell
Spencer Cohen
Peter B. Collins
Joanne Courier
Stone Coxhead
Elaine M Crepeau
Arthur Cushing
Stephan Dogez
Jonathan Frieman
E. J. Gallagher
Shirley L Gallagher
Scott A Gerber
Larry Gettler
Babette Gettler
Lyman C Gilliland
Jim Geraghty
Susan Hetherington
Trish Hibben
Richard W Hill
Mary E Hill
Valeri Hood
Linda Holland
Richard Holland
Barbara Imrie
Berton Jacobson
Paul A Jensen
Doug Kerr
Daniel King
C. Valerie King
Ken King
Susan Kirsch
Fred Kisner
Kim Kisner
Eleanor Kitto
Albert J Koro
Peter Lacques
Arthur Leepa
Louis J Leoncini
Jeanne M Leoncini
Shirley C Levy
Michelle Lewis
Larry Luckham, Fire Commissioner
Lucile MacLeod
Andrew Marshall
John Mathews
Deborah Mazzolini
Sandra V McGee
John McStay
Whitney Merchant
Amanda Metcalf
Carole Mills
Ann T Morrison
Carol Perot
Tom Perot
Robert B Philipp
Joan Philipp
Richard Pohli
Nancy Porter
Gus Raney
Eric Raney
Chris Raney
Carol Raney
John S Scarborough
Cynthia Shaver
Zhenya Spake
Norman Solomon
Kerry Stoebner
Leland W Sweeney
Annie Laurie Sweeney
Barry Torranto
Phyllis Trieber
Randy Turbia
Mary Vella
Ed Vorous
David Ware
Lynne Wasley
Herb Weiner
Deke Welch
Mary Welch
Marilyn Williams
Louise Yost

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