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Los Angeles County, CA November 2, 2010 Election
Measure SS
Facilities Improvement
Pomona Unified School District

Parcel Tax - 2/3 Approval Required

Fail: 15,004 / 54.63% Yes votes ...... 12,462 / 45.37% No votes

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Results as of Nov 24 2:18pm, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (78/78)
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To maintain and improve academic programs including math, science, reading, history and writing; computer technology, music and arts; and retain highly qualified teachers; shall Pomona Unified School District be authorized to raise $4 million per year through a $96 parcel tax for four years (per voter pamphlet), provided there is an annual accounting of funds, senior exemptions, and all funds are spent on neighborhood schools and cannot be taken by the state and used elsewhere?

Impartial Analysis from Andrea Sheridan Ordin, County Counsel
Approval of Measure SS would authorize the Board of Education ("Board") of the Pomona Unified School District ("District") to levy a special parcel tax ("Tax") of $96 per year on each parcel of taxable real property that receives a separate property tax bill located within the District. For purposes of determining the tax, multifamily dwellings containing two (2) to four (4) units constitute two (2) parcels, and those containing five (5) or more units shall constitute five (5) parcels. The Tax would be levied commencing on July 1, 2011.

The Tax revenues shall only be applied for the purposes of preserving core academic programs, minimizing class size increases and layoffs of teachers and school employees, providing teacher development and training, updating computers and technology, protecting arts and music instruction, and reducing the impact of budget cuts.

All property that would otherwise be exempt from property taxes will also be exempt from the Tax. An exemption shall be available to persons who are 65 years or older and who own and occupy, as a principal residence, a parcel and apply to the District for such exemption under procedures established by the District or by law.

The proceeds of the Tax shall only be applied to the specific purposes identified in the Measure and shall be deposited into a special account for the proceeds of the Tax. An annual written report shall be made to the Board showing the amount of funds collected and expended from the proceeds of the Tax, and the status of any projects required or authorized to be funded from the Tax. The collection of the Tax is not intended to decrease or offset any state, or federal funding otherwise available to the District at any time during which the Tax may be levied. In the event that the Tax has such effect, the District shall reduce the Tax to an amount necessary to restore the decrease or offset of funding.

The Taxes levied under this Measure shall be collected by the Treasurer and Tax Collector at the same time and manner, and subject to the same penalties, as general ad valorem property taxes.

This Measure requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote for passage.

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Arguments For Measure SS
Measure SS will provide our schools with a guaranteed source of locally controlled funding for academic programs such as math, science, reading and writing, music, technology, and art. Additionally, this funding will help our District support student learning by retaining highly qualified and experienced teachers. By law, Measure SS funds can only be used to improve our neighborhood schools and cannot be taken by the State for other uses.

Measure SS will guarantee funding for our local schools and will allow Pomona Unified to continue to emphasize academic excellence in our classrooms, preserve art and music programs, and update classroom technology. It will maintain and improve core academics such as math, science, reading and writing.

Measure SS will minimize class size increases in all grades and help retain highly qualified and experienced teachers and other school employees.

Measure SS will fund computers and other classroom technology.

Measure SS also protects taxpayers by being limited to only four years. Funds can only be used only to improve our neighborhood schools and no funds can be spent on administrative salaries or consultants.

Measure SS provides for a senior citizens exemption.

By law, all Measure SS funds must be spent locally and cannot be taken by the State for other uses. In addition, annual spending audits are required to ensure funds are spent as promised.

Our local schools are our community's most important asset and number one priority. Measure SS deserves our support. Top quality teachers, strong academic programs and community support have kept our schools strong. Now, we need your support more than ever.

Please join us in working to uphold the quality of our schools and our community by voting YES ON MEASURE SS!

Retired Educator & Community Member

Retired Police Chief

Retired Teacher, Community Member

Parent, Community Member

Community Member

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