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Los Angeles County, CA November 2, 2010 Election
Measure R
South El Monte Services Protection Measure
City of South El Monte

Ordinance - Majority Approval Required

Pass: 1,573 / 61.64% Yes votes ...... 979 / 38.36% No votes

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Results as of Nov 24 2:18pm, 100.00% of Precincts Reporting (8/8)
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To offset severe state budget cuts and prevent drastic cuts to sheriffs' deputies patrols, pothole and street repairs, youth gang and drug prevention, after school programs, senior services, storm drain maintenance, graffiti removal, parks, recreation and general City services, shall an ordinance be adopted to enact a one-half cent transaction and use tax in the City of South El Monte, subject to annual independent audits, public expenditure reports and local use of all funds?

Impartial Analysis from QUINN M. BARROW
City Attorney
Measure R asks the voters to approve an ordinance that provides for an additional -cent tax on each dollar of taxable sales of goods in the City of South El Monte, and on the taxable storage, use or consumption in the City of goods purchased from a retailer. This is commonly known as a "sales tax," and is technically referred to as a "transactions and use tax." The tax revenues would be deposited into the City's general fund and could be used for general municipal governmental purposes, including police services, pothole and street repairs, youth gang and drug prevention, after school programs, senior services, storm drain maintenance, graffiti removal, parks, recreation and other general City services. The measure would not obligate the City to use the revenues of the proposed sales tax for any particular services, facilities or programs.

The -cent sales tax would be in addition to the current sales tax, and would be collected in the same manner as the existing sales tax. Presently, the combined State and local sales tax rate in South El Monte totals 9 cents per dollar. This measure would have the effect of increasing the total sales tax rate to 10 cents per dollar in South El Monte.

The proposed sales tax would be subject to an annual independent financial audit that reviews whether the tax is collected, managed and expended in accordance with law.

The City Council unanimously voted to place this sales tax measure on the ballot.

If approved by a majority of the voters, the sales tax would go into effect April 1,
2011. A full copy of the text of the sales tax ordinance is printed in these ballot materials.

A "YES" vote on Measure R will enact the sales tax ordinance to increase by -cent the sales tax rate in South El Monte. A "NO" vote on Measure R will result in the sales tax ordinance not being adopted.

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Arguments For Measure R
South El Monte residents, seniors, parents, public safety providers, small business owners, and community leaders URGE you to VOTE YES on Measure R to protect our community from devastating cuts that will impact our local quality of life for years to come.

South El Monte faces a serious city budget crisis. The City has done everything possible to control operational costs, but due to the worst recession since the Great Depression, City revenues have declined drastically. The City cannot control these trends, yet must address them to maintain city services.

Over the past two years, City leaders have cut $1.6 million from South El Monte's budget by eliminating staff (down 22%), delaying projects, reducing services and implementing strict cost controls. The State has taken an additional $2 million from the City to balance the State's budget. Now, there is nothing left to cut except basic services, including public safety.

Two choices remain: generate additional revenue or continue making deep cuts to City services.

Measure R will PREVENT extreme City services cuts.

Measure R will:

  • Maintain, sheriff's deputy, and 911 emergency response services
  • Keep anti-gang, anti-drug enforcement programs
  • Prevent cuts to seniors including free health screenings, transportation, and meals-on-wheels
  • Continue youth programs that keep kids away from crime, gangs and drugs
  • Maintain local parks
  • Repair local potholes and streets
  • Maintain storm drains, preventing toxic runoff

Measure R REQUIRES controls and accountability. Mandatory independent financial audits will ensure funds are spent properly. Changes cannot be made without a vote.

100% of Measure R funds will stay in South El Monte to provide essential city services so emergency responders and other city services are available to help when you need them. Measure R will provide stable local funding that the State can't take away.

Protect your investment in South El Monte.

Please VOTE YES on R.

Council Member/City of South El Monte/School Educator

Councilwoman/City of South El Monte/High School Counselor

Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff/29 Yr Resident

S.E.M. Little League Coach/Epiphany Board Member/45 Yr Resident

S.E.M Little League Coach/Planning Commissioner/40 Yr Res.

(No arguments against Measure R were submitted)

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