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Placer, Sacramento County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Chad Vander Veen

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 5; Republican Party

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California has been broken for a long time. Much of the blame for this troubling reality falls on the shoulders of our elected leaders. But we as citizens also share some responsibility since we keep electing career politicians who've become beholden to special interests. If we're ever going to fix our district and our state, we need to start electing people with fresh ideas and perspectives, people who are in touch with the struggles middle class families face everyday. We also need to elect candidates who put the best interests of their district and of the state ahead of the interests of a political party. This is why I am running for the State Assembly.

I am a moderate Republican and I reject the entrenched, divisive politics modern Republicans and Democrats have succumbed to today. I believe in growing jobs by growing businesses in our district and our state. I believe in putting a stop to tax hikes and drastically cutting spending in California. I believe in eliminating the countless, wasteful programs and practices of state government. I will offer new, reasonable ideas to balancing the state budget and righting a ship that has gone dangerously off course.

Fixing California is, in principal, not a difficult problem to solve. If we let people keep more of what they earn, if we encourage people to get off welfare roles instead of facilitating dependence on them, if we treat businesses as welcome additions instead of unwanted burdens, and if we break the stranglehold unions have on this state, California may yet again be the Golden State. But none of this will happen if we choose to elect the same old leaders who refuse to consider any ideas they didn't create. With your help, we can take the necessary steps to injecting a desperately needed breath of fresh air into the Legislature.

If you vote for me, I promise to take those steps and change this district and this state into a place we can once again be proud to call home.

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