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Placer, Sacramento County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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Issues and Positions

By Chad Vander Veen

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 5; Republican Party

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Keys to reign in spending

  • Set $150,000 as maximum salary any state employee can earn, including UC regents.

  • Move non-critical state employees to a 4-day work week modeled on the successful program in Utah.

  • Levy hefty fines + not jail + on non-violent drug offenders. Legalize, regulate and tax marijuana.

  • Begin the process of reforming the state employee pension system.

  • Conduct thorough audit to find and shutdown agencies that are wasteful or duplicate work.

Keys to grow businesses

  • Allow new businesses to defer state and property taxes for three years.

  • Cut taxes on businesses permanently.

  • Cap welfare for any able-bodied residents at two years and develop incentives for businesses that get Californians off welfare roles.

  • Allow any business six months to make changes before an ADA lawsuit can proceed and disbar lawyers who abuse ADA laws.

  • Invest in future infrastructure + wind and solar, electric car fuel stations, and intelligent transportation systems.

Keys to our future

  • Impose a $1 per month fee for all Southern California residents who use Northern California water. Revenue will go to modernizing our water infrastructure.

  • Minimize the size and role of the California Dept. of Education. Return education decisions to localities and parents. Eliminate the asinine zero-tolerance policies that force educators into stupid decision making. Encourage students to pursue academic careers in math, science and technology.

  • Stop funding any social welfare program that does not provide life-critical services and redirect that money into investing in California's infrastructure. We need to start building the schools, hospitals, roads and bridges of the future.

  • Continue to fund efforts to modernize and unify the state's technology infrastructure to minimize waste and improve efficiency.

  • Withhold money California pays to the federal government as long as federal immigration laws go unenforced.

Keys to Public Safety

  • Fix or abolish the death penalty. The limbo that exists now is an injustice to all.

  • Get the latest technology to our police officers to help them do their job.

  • End prison overcrowding by implementing stiff fines instead of jail time for minor, non-violent drug possession offenses.

  • Demand the federal government deport illegal immigrants housed in our prisons.

  • Make life imprisonment or the death penalty mandatory for violent sexual offenders who victimize children.

Keys to our District

  • Protect our water resources.

  • Invest in roads and investigate possibility of building new bridges over the American River.

  • Work with the City of Sacramento to develop a new entertainment and sports arena that does not use any public money.

  • Establish an easy-to-use, Web-based program that will allow citizens to see where every tax dollar and lobbying dollar is spent.

  • Target and eliminate the disincentives that discourage people from opening businesses.

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