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Riverside, San Diego County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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Candidate for
State Senator; District 36; Republican Party

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Supervisor Jeff Stone serves the 3rd Supervisorial District in Riverside County, representing over 500,000 constituents.

Jeff is a common sense conservative running for the California State Senate. Proud that he is not obligated to any Sacramento Special Interests, Jeff believes it's time to take a stand and reclaim California from the dysfunctional politicians at the state Capitol. His goal is to restore common sense, traditional values and conservative principles back to our state government.

Like President Ronald Reagan, Jeff believes that government is not the solution but instead it is usually the problem.

Appalled that the Legislature would burden families with more taxes, Jeff Stone in May 2009 mounted his own campaign against State Proposition 1A. Dubbed "No Way 1A", he invested over $35,000 to defeat the measure and was named a statewide co-chairman against the outrageous tax hike.

Jeff is a prominent leader in public safety issues and has been endorsed by the Riverside County Sheriff's Association since his days as a councilmember in Temecula.

Jeff supports the right of individuals to keep and bear arms to protect self, family and community, and like 36 other states that California should be a "shall-issue" concealed carry State.

He supports a strong national defense; he believes that our best defense starts with a secured international border. Jeff opposes illegal immigration and the huge financial burden it puts on taxpayers.

Jeff believes in individual liberty and also personal responsibility. He recognizes the sanctity of life, that life begins at conception and that abortion is wrong. Jeff and his wife Regina live in Temecula and have three sons and one daughter.

He was born in Los Angeles in 1956 and raised in Anaheim - a town with hundreds of young hard-working families from all walks of life. Like so many other struggling married couples, Jeff's father and mother lived very modestly in a 1,150 square foot, 3-bedroom home. Jeff, along with his younger sister Lori, attended local Anaheim public schools.

In 1981, now graduated from the University of Southern California with a Doctorate of Pharmacy, Jeff struck out on his own to build his career serving people as a Pharmacist and to start his family. He settled in the Temecula Valley, a peaceful family-focused region in Riverside County. In 1983, He opened his first of many successful neighborhood pharmacies, the Temecula Pharmacy.

In 1992, after a decade of success helping his patients live better through his passion as a Pharmacist, Jeff began to recognize the telltale signs of gang crime moving into his budding city.

He was determined to defend the quality of life he and so many others enjoyed in the Temecula Valley, so he stepped forward into the public arena.

Jeff confronted the local city council to act against the blight of gangs and graffiti, only to be ignored; so he campaigned for City Council and defeated the Mayor pro-tem.

Jeff Stone's accomplishments as a City Councilmember:

  • Created California's strictest anti-graffiti ordinance
  • Created first responder program, cutting 911 emergency response times in half
  • Created the first emergency vehicle automated GPS map system in California
  • Created Temecula's first Fallen Soldiers Veterans Memorial
  • Created Temecula's emergency reserve fund - still in existence today
  • Created a plan to attract businesses, returning new revenue to taxpayers through reduced taxes - $48 million returned to-date
  • Prompted City of Temecula endorsement of Prop. 22, the "Protection of Marriage Law" In 2004, Jeff ran for County Board of Supervisors, defeating the incumbent, and was re-elected in 2008.

Jeff Stone's accomplishments as a County Supervisor:

  • Created the county's emergency reserve fund
  • Streamlined the county's property assessment system to help financially distressed families keep their homes in this economic downturn
  • Created the county's new jail design, saving millions of dollars from the original proposal
  • Created the county's internet juvenile sexual predator interdiction program
  • Created a neighborhood picketing regulation in response to the harassment of Prop. 8 "Protection of Marriage Constitutional Amendment" supporters by gay marriage activists
  • Authored and passed a county resolution making it easier for law abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms for personal protection
  • Cut transportation mitigation fees by half in response to the downturn in the local economy to promote economic growth

Jeff Stone's public service recognition:

  • Distinguished Service Medal, 2009 + California National Guard Association
  • Riverside County Man of the Year, 2009 + Habitat for Humanity
  • Distinguished Leadership, Elected Official, 2008 + APA of California Inland Empire
  • Family Values Award, 2007 + Church of Latter Day Saints, Menifee Stake
  • Distinguished Citizen Good Scout of the Year, 2006 + Boy Scouts of America
  • Honorary Membership, 2006 + Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge
  • Leadership Award, 2005 + Inland Empire Economic Partnership
  • United States Selective Service Board, 1998 + Presidential Appointment
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, 1997 + Temecula Community Services Commission

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