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Los Angeles County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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Illegal Immigration

By John A. Smith

Candidate for United States Representative; District 39; American Independent Party

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Correcting the problem without using Taxpayer money.
I cannot blame people who attempt to come to America for a better life. We have a process in which Millions of people use to become Citizens of this great country. The problem is Illegal Immigration and being that this is covered under Congressional Review, I feel the need to address the problems.

Let us reason together, there are a finite number of resources within our borders. Those resources are not limited to the following: Jobs, Housing, Education, Water, Power, Gas, Food, etc. etc. etc. Congress has an obligation to the American Citizen to Protect the Citizens and their livelihood.

Basic supply and demand states that as demand for a product or service goes up, there will be a corollary increase in cost. As demand goes down, the price of those goods and services go down.

Now it's been estimated that currently there are 12,000,000 Illegal Aliens (up to 20 Million). Using the lower number lets look at how much of our countries resources a year are used.

Gasoline=5,868,000,000 @ 464 gallons per person Electricity=163,873,200,000 @ 13,656 kWh per person Water=394,200,000,000 @ 90 Gallons per person daily

The Price of Gasoline would come down as there would be an excess production and less demand, same with water and electricity. There would be no need for additional Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants as we would have a excess capacity, less demand, lower cost. This would also have the secondary benefit of reducing our demands on the environment for natural resources.

So how do we get 12,000,000 people to leave willingly, humanly and without costing the taxpayer millions of dollars?

C.O.A.L. + Cash Out and Leave

We pass ONE Bill, that simply states that from the signing into law of this bill, ALL Illegal Aliens (including expired visa's) will have 18 months to sell your possessions, close your bank accounts and travel back to your country of origin. All employers must check "E-verify" or some other means to determine eligibility. If you're caught illegally in the country after that time, you will have your possessions confiscated, sold at auction and the money used to deport you, and will never be able to enter the US again. If you leave before the 18 month point, you will be eligible for Visas or Citizenship processing.

This will stimulate the economy in several ways. Jobs for Americans and legal residents will be available to replace leaving workers. Low cost housing will be more readily available. Schools will be less crowded, cost will go down and education levels come up. Consumable cost will go down due to less demand. Transportation cost goes down and roads become less used.

You will see a short term increase in wages, as demand for employee's increase, which will increases the tax base. You might see a short term higher cost in some services, or people maintaining their own property. Within a relatively short term you will see prices stabilized.

After the 18 months, all Federal and Local Law enforcement will be used enforce our immigration laws, without using racial profiling. Should an officer not wish to participate in this program their resignation will be accepted without prejudice.

By Cashing Out and Leaving, they take with them enough money to start a new business or buy homes in their country of origin.

The horrors that Illegal Aliens accept to travel to this country is unbelievable; rape, murder, extortion, and slavery are all too common. Than to take advantage of them here, with suppressed wages, hiding out, fear, unhealthy living condition, is unconscionable. Ask yourself "How will their country of origin ever improve if we continue to take advantage of their most educated, motivated, and creative people here?"

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