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Los Angeles County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Carlos A. Rodriguez

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 28; Libertarian Party

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My idols and mentors are the Founding Fathers of this bold experiment called the United States, and I stake my life on their belief in limited government, and distrust of the same. Indeed, the sole functions of government should be to uphold the law, maintain order and provide for defense. Period. End of Story. As a life long student of government, I can most assuredly state that the Founders would not have agreed with so much of the bureaucracy and by default corruption, that exists today.

So many matters that the government has taken root of, and now control such as education, banking, health care, auto manufacturing, etc. were never intended to be provided for by the government and that is precisely the cause of the problems we are facing today.

You see folks, the free market is perhaps the most beautiful thing that nature ever intended because such imaginary realm sparks competition which fuels innovation and lowers prices. It is imaginary because what we have now, is massive government intrusion in the marketplace, through regulations & bail outs, which completely unbalances all of the above in a free flowing economy. How many times have we seen regulations that are sold as being good for the public eventually benefit only a handful of businesses/corporations? Which companies made out like thieves during these recent bailouts? We do not have capitalism in this country. We have what some call crony capitalism, or corporatism. Folks, we have got to wake up, they are stealing our country right from under us, and turning us all into economic slaves...

Let us turn this boat around. Help me restore the vision of our Founding Fathers...

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