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Los Angeles County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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Supporting Our Troops By Bringing Them Home

By Carlos A. Rodriguez

Candidate for United States Representative; District 28; Libertarian Party

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Our men & women are dying to protect corporate interests. Time to focus our military on domestic issues and mind our own business!
I believe the principal cause of terrorism towards Americans today is the presence of our military troops in the Middle East. We need to desist immediately from these flawed self aggrandizing notions of nation building and of bringing democracy to other regions of the world.

How would any of us feel if there was a foreign army occupying our streets? Who wouldn't become a terrorist or a freedom fighter, under those conditions?

Those who orchestrated 9/11 and other terrorist attacks MUST be brought to justice, because violence, especially against civilians, is never excusable. But we must realize that we are at war with an organization, Al Quaeda (and other related groups), NOT terrorism.

Terrorism is simply the tactic they employ. A war on terrorism is oxymoronic for what does war bring if not terrror?

If we are serious about supporting our men & women in the armed services, we need to begin by bringing them home and advocating a policy of non interventionism.

With respect to Iraq:

Whatever we went there to do, good or bad, is done. My understanding is that there are three main factions. Each faction should elect their representatives, and then develop a coalition government with the other two that ensures equal treatment under the law for everyone. WE THEN LEAVE...

With respect to Afghanistan:


Afghanistan could not be conquered by Alexander the Great nor the Soviet Union, and both were much closer geographically than the United States. Given its uncompromising terrain and obscene lack of infrastructure, there is simply no way to ensure a favorable resolution to the present conflict without a permanent US presence in that area. And I am not willing to commit U.S. soldiers to that endeavor.

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