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My Inform, Expose, and Demand Water Plan

By Serafin Quintanar

Candidate for United States Representative; District 20; Republican Party

This information is provided by the candidate
I have a specific plan that I will implement in Congress to try to get the water turned back on in our valley. The plan will work as follows:
Inform + after careful research and collaboration with congressional colleagues, prepare a short simple, easy-to-understand video documentary explaining the water problem and how and why it is a National Security issue. Prepare a printed report to go along with the video and hand deliver a package with a cover letter, the DVD, and the report to each of the 535 members of Congress. Inform the members of the Congress that we expect to have a position from each one of them within 30 days in regards to the issue.

Expose + a website will be prepared that exposes each of the congressmen's position on the issue. Each congressman will have his name, contact information, and position listed on the website. Any congressman who did not respond will be exposed as well.

Demand + demand that the congress bring a bill to a vote in the house. At any point in the process, when the bill is prevented from moving forward, the specific congressman who is stopping the bill from moving forward will receive a formal demand from our coalition to stop hindering the bill (he will be named). If the congressman does not move the bill forward, a targeted marketing campaign will be run in his district informing his constituents of the ineptitude of their congressman. The ads will be prepared in advance (TV, radio, newspaper, and billboard) and will be sent to the Congressman's office along with a final demand to stop hindering the bill or the marketing campaign against him will begin immediately.

Water Crisis in California's Central Valley

The legitimate needs of the people must always take priority over animals. The Endangered Species Act allows for exemptions when people are adversely affected by proposed protection of animals, such as the Delta Smelt. The current administration refuses to take human needs into account when it decides how much water will flow to the valley or out to sea.

In the short term, we need an immediate waiver from the flawed and fraudulent biological opinions so that water can be delivered to the farmers that have already bought and paid for it.

In the long term, we need to repeal unconstitutional restrictions on liberty and property like the Endangered Species Act and proposals like the Clean Waters Restoration Act that would place all bodies of water, including ground water, under federal jurisdiction without the need to hide behind the Endangered Species Act.

The renewed flow of water to the valley will restore tens of thousand of Ag jobs and restart the region's economic engine.

Additionally, out nation's security depends on a safe and reliable domestic supply of quality food. With our valley's fertile fields fallowed, America's feedom and security is jeopardized.

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