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Orange County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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United States Representative; District 47; Republican Party

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The Tan Nguyen Story

The American Dream was turned into the American Nightmare when one corrupt politician, and many mindless ones fell all over themselves in a stampede to be politically correct.

The year was 2006. Tan Nguyen (pronounced win) had captured the Republican nomination for Congress in California's 47th District. Running a passionate self funded campaign, the 32 year old novice was doing what no one thought possible, he was taking on the most powerful Latina Congresswoman in the US House of Representatives.

Tan, a Vietnamese immigrant and former boat person, started his residence in America working alongside his parents at the age of eight as farm workers in Gilroy California. Tan worked his way through school and ended up a successful businessman.

Tan was smitten by the idea that in America nothing was impossible, and politics was the vehicle that could be used to make the world a better place.

Tan's opponent, Congresswoman "X" (then a 10-year Congresswoman) had managed to retain her seat via a coalition of Hispanics and Vietnamese. Congresswoman "X" was a frequent guest on TV news shows such as Face the Nation whenever the Latino perspective was desired on a particular issue. Tan noted that for the 10 years Congresswoman "X" had then been in Congress, there was no improvement to his district. Tan also noted that Congresswoman "X" was very successful in raising lots of money in campaign contributions, even though she hadn't had a serious challenge since getting elected. It was a mystery to Tan where all the money went as very little was ever spent campaigning.

Tan presented a campaign based on issues, which were important to the community. These issues included Illegal Immigration, a Balanced Budget and Less Government Waste. Tan also presented an independent message which included, programs to aid the elderly and to provide incentives to keep American jobs in America.

Tan also made Political Corruption a main issue, and exposed the fact that Congresswoman "X", while seated on the powerful Armed Services Committee accepted campaign contributions from would be Defense contractors. Some of the same folks who contributed to jailed Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham also contributed to Congresswoman "X". Congresswoman "X" and her sister, along with Congressman Jefferson (convicted on November 13, 2009 and sentenced to serve 13 years, after authorities found 90k in his refrigerator) were the ONLY REPRESENTATIVES WHO ACCEPTED MONEY from Vernon Jackson (who pled guilty to bribing a Congressman and is no in prison).

Tan's political brochures were scathing. Little by little, Tan began to gain ground.

On September 20, 2006, a poll conducted by the polling company sanctioned by the National Republican Party was released which showed Tan had pulled ahead of Congresswoman "X".

Congresswoman "X" who had a history of being accused of getting illegal aliens to vote, was believed to be mobilizing illegal voters.

Tan met with the an Election worker who told Tan that many people had registered to vote with Caucasian names such as "Tom Smith" who spoke no English and could only speak Spanish. Tan then met with the Registrar of Voters who explained there was little which could be done to prevent illegal aliens from voting.

Some of Tan's supporters met and decided to send out on their own a warning letter in Spanish to those who were registered to vote but were born in a foreign country. The letter stated, "If you are a citizen you should vote, but if you are a green card holder or illegal, it is a crime to vote."

The letter went out.

When Congresswoman "X" received a copy of the letter she immediately went to the California Attorney General, her political ally and friend, claiming it was an anti Latino letter. California Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, met PRIVATELY with Congresswoman "X" and then announced there would be an "accelerated investigation" and that "arrests would be made".

The Governor announced (even though he hadn't read the actual letter) that whoever wrote the letter should be charged with a hate crime.

The California Attorney General called the county Republican Chairman to urge him not to support Tan because Tan was involved in a "Latino Intimidation letter". The Republican Party then repudiated Tan.

On Thursday October 19, 2006 Tan voluntarily met with the chief Assistant State Attorney General, explained that he wasn't involved with the letter, but provided a copy of the original letter in English which he had obtained and WHICH INTIMIDATED NO ONE.

By now the story of an "intimidation letter" had made national news.

Tan called a news conference for the next day at 2PM so that he could present the facts to the world.

A large contingent of television and print media gathered in front of Tan's office at the appointed time. Just before the news conference began, State Police appeared with a search warrant (they had obtained the day before), and demanded entry into Tan's office. The TV crews filmed them as they raided Tan's office and carted off all his computers, his mailing lists, and even some election signs. Simultaneously Tan's home was also raided.

That evening the raid on Tan's office was the lead news story across California, and was featured on national news as well. Everyone who watched TV that night figured Tan was a criminal... or why else would the police have raided his office?

Some supporters were shocked at the Police. Some folks left flowers in front of Tan's locked offices.

Two days later Tan finally had his news conference. However, despite calls for him to withdraw from the race from just about everybody, Tan fired out, "I'M INNOCENT AND THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I AM GOING TO WITHDRAW!"

Tan didn't quit. Instead he fought back. He issued a brochure explaining that the whole thing was a dirty trick. The California Attorney General took the unprecedented step of answering the brochure!

A song was written to the tune of Stand By Your Man, called STAND BY OUR TAN. Tan put the song, the lyrics, as well as his speeches and brochures on his website .

A Demonstration was held by Tan's supporters

Tan kept campaigning. When the dust had settled, 38% of the Voters ignored the Governor, The Secretary of State, The Attorney General, the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the news media and they voted for Tan.

No charges were ever filed by the State.

No arrests were ever made.

Five months after the State Attorney General's office cleared Tan, Congresswoman "X" introduced legislation (H.R. 1281) to retroactively declare that Tan had sent out an "intimidation letter." At first, the bill sailed through the House unopposed. But, when Tan contacted the Senate with information about what REALLY happened, the Senate pulled the bill. Congresswoman "X" has called for investigations and prosecution of Tan, her opponent. The House Ethics Committee is currently investigating Congresswoman "X" on unrelated issues.


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