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Fresno, Kern, Kings Counties, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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By Richard Lake, CPA

Candidate for United States Representative; District 20; Republican Party

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The crippling effect of over regulation of businesses and the crumbling of our home values, along with increasing government has destroyed our economy. We need to bring reduced regulations and tax reductions to stimulate businesses. We need recovery to homeowners who have lost home value, but are still paying the same mortgages. We need to bring down the size of government and lessen the pork barreling that is benefiting the friends of those in control of Washington.
1.California businesses spend 5 times the state budget complying with federal, state, and local regulations. This is money better spent in hiring and business improvement that would bring about more jobs. Washington is forcing companies to either reduce or move out of the country so that they can do their role, provide jobs and make their owners a profit.

2.The investment in real estate represents 3 times the investment in Wall Street. Homeowners have lost unrecovered value that is being ignored by Washington, banks and Wall Street received bailouts, while homeowners have been abandoned. On top of that President Obama is threatening to take away the mortgage deduction, further destroying our investment in our homes. I have a recovery plan for homeowners that I will reveal during the election.

3.The federal government is growing at a rate that is not sustainable. Washington is spending money that they don't have, expecting us, our children and grandchildren to pay for it, while failing to provide any value to their constituents. Where are the infrastructure improvements? Where are the private sector jobs? Federal employees are getting raises, while we can't find jobs. The stimulus to the economy happens when people have money to spend, without fear that the government is going to come knocking on their door, demanding their last dollar.

4.For the first time in history, foreign countries hold more of America's debt then do Americans. This is a serious security threat. How can we call on China to be responsible about human rights, when they own us? We must bring Washington under control.

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