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Economy and Jobs

By Yoriko Kishimoto

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 21; Democratic Party

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California must become the global foundry for the green economy, the creative economy.
Jobs and the Economy

With the highest unemployment rate on record since WWII and the fourth highest rate of any state, it is clear that California is facing the worst economic climate in a generation. And here in the Peninsula, conditions are no better. In Santa Clara County alone, there is a 12% jobless rate, eclipsing the national average.

Green technology is one of the most promising engines for job growth. As the leader in green patents and venture capital for green startup companies, California, and specifically the Peninsula, must become THE global leader in the clean and green tech revolution. We must move aggressively to create new "green-collar jobs" that will be the focus of the Peninsula for the next generation. If we fail to lead in the green economy, other states like Texas or North Carolina + or countries like China or India + will draw away jobs, capital, and opportunities.

As a global competitiveness expert who earned her MBA at Stanford University, and a management consultant to technology entrepreneurs, Yoriko knows that here on the Peninsula, we have the tools necessary to become the leader in the clean-tech revolution. She understands that we need a bold, knowledgeable leader who will be the voice of reason in crafting the policies and partnerships necessary not only to create thousands of new jobs, but to also to ensure a healthier, more sustainable environment.

Building a Green Economy

As a Palo Alto City Councilmember and Mayor, Yoriko helped establish a comprehensive climate action plan and worked with neighboring cities and Stanford University to initiate and promote green transportation, energy, zero waste and water initiatives. Yoriko knows that by continuing to promote environmentally and socially responsible initiatives, we reduce the long-term costs of doing business, we stay at the leading edge in providing technologies and services to the world, and we create jobs.

Fiber Network

Yoriko was a champion for building the Fiber to the Premise program, a peer-to-peer network with open access and net neutrality. It would be the "highway" to enable a wide variety of new services and businesses as we make the final transition from the industrial revolution to a knowledge-based creative economy.

Global Competitive Expert

Yoriko co-authored a groundbreaking book on America's strength as an open economy during a time of great change and founded an international business-consulting firm to help companies on both sides of the Pacific understand and thrive in a global economy. Human capital is greatest resource we have, and our open society and economy are the best in the world to leverage human ingenuity into improved quality of life through a focus on education, innovation, and productivity.

Training the Workforce for the New Economy

The National Resources Defense Council found that 190,000 new jobs could be created just from improvements to vehicle fuel economy alone. And if we deploy the carbon allowance revenues to train workers for the new jobs we will be well on our way to creating an entirely new workforce. The opportunities are there it is just up to us to make the important policy decisions to create incentives to companies to re-tool and re-invest here in our region. The Tesla/Toyota deal to re-use the NUMMI site and workers is a great recent example.

Yoriko on the Economy

California must be the global foundry of jobs for the new economy. A world-class education system, platforms of innovation in every sector of our lives, and effective coalition building across government, schools, businesses, and labor are key. Instead of spending our dollars to pay for oil to be shipped from overseas, our money is reinvested into local research and development, product and service development, and advanced manufacturing and customer service here in California. Amory Lovins said it best: "We must lay off kilowatt-hours (kwh) so we can retain our workers".

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