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Orange, San Diego County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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HIGHEST PRIORITY --Increase Employment/Business Development Platform

By Judy Jones

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 73; Democratic Party

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Californians are facing tough economic times and it will be my first prioirty when elected to addess this issue as many ways as possible.
California needs to put people back to work while addressing our environmental and infrastructure needs in renewable energy sources, mass transportation systems, and rebuilding our water systems. We already did get federal funding towards our high speed rail, and we should continue applying for more federal recovery dollars. As we address our environmental clean air targets, we need to build more solar and wind systems. This also requires expanding our power grid. Mass transportation is needed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I strongly support the high speed rail project. Many aspects of the California infrastructure are in need of repair, but the water systems including levees and the canals transporting water around the state need immediate attention to survive the earthquakes that will come and to reduce the amount of water we lose due to aging pipes!

California should investigate covering our water canals with solar panels. It's space already being used and won't require any new land purchase. It would also shade the water, reducing evaporation. And, we'll be there working on these canals anyhow.

My business development priorities include:

  • Create green techn enterprenuerial centers within my district.
  • Establish corporate meeting centers within my district, which is the half-way point between Los Angeles and San Diego. My distric is a perfect meeting spot for companies with offices in both places or for companies from both placew working together.
  • Reduce worker compensation rates and increase incentives for businesses to incorporate and invest in the State of California.
  • Create incentives for those innovators in the alternative fuel field with an emphasis on creating environmentally sound jobs.
  • Implement health care tax credits for small businesses.
  • Ensure that all government projects be contracted as much as possible with local businesses operating to better support the local job market and economy.
  • Oppose outsourcing of public and private sector jobs and the privatization of necessary California government services.
  • Promote low interest rate loans to small businesses for the purpose of launching a new business or expanding an existing one.

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