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Supportive Comments about Maggie Campbell Candidate for State Assembly

By Maggie Campbell

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 36; Democratic Party

This information is provided by the candidate
"It is with honor and heartfelt support that I recommend her (Maggie Campbell) for California State Assembly 36th District..."
"I have endorsed Maggie in her race for the 36 AD. She is a candidate running in the traditionally red district that include Lancaster and the Antelope Valley. She could use all of our support -- and sending a campaign contribution couldn't hurt either. I have sent her a... an "early contribution" and urge you all to do the same. Early contributions do really mean the most in an uphill battle like the one Maggie is waging." ~ Stephen Gale, Chair, Sonoma County Democratic Party


"I believe in you Maggie!" It is with honor and heartfelt support that I recommend her for California State Assembly 36th District all the way from Atlanta, GA. As a California native, born and raised, I understand the need to have a person working on our behalf in the political arena that can be trusted, a person that has integrity, character and commitment, who's contributions cannot be ignored. I thoroughly believe that Maggie Campbell is just that person and her "Do the Right Thing" attitude cannot be compromised.

In this day and age we need our political leaders to embrace Maggie Campbell's theme of "Putting Families First" and all that it encompasses financially, medically and emotionally. I believe that Maggie will fight for higher paying jobs allowing our families do more than just barely survive. I believe that Maggie will fight for affordable home ownership and affordable foreclosure solutions. I believe that Maggie will fight to make sure our communities are a safer place and that our children are protected from predators. I believe that Maggie will fight for our educational system. I believe that Maggie will fight to improve veterans and senior citizens services. I believe that Maggie will fight for the people and the cause of "Putting Families First" which strengthen our nation and our democracy. I believe in Maggie Campbell!

Maggie Campbell cannot do what needs to be done without your support and my support, which is vital to our success and the reason I write this letter of endorsement. Please take this opportunity and donate today. ~ Dana A. Dudley


"Maggie Campbell is Good for the Antelope Valley! It's time to put a Democrat in office. The Antelope and Apple Valleys have been under represented in Sacramento for too many years. In a democratically controlled Assembly our representatives have consistently failed to bring any money back into our district. This has resulted in 16% unemployment among whites and 22% among minorities.

Now is the time for change. Now is the time for true representation. Now is the time for Maggie Campbell. With your donation no matter how small, you can make a difference. Please give what you can. This is truly an investment in your own future. Thank you." ~ Glenn Cazenave, EasyReallyNetwork


"... we're praying for your campaign and would love to support your efforts with the State Assembly! - Christian Realtors


Maggie Campbell Campaign Train made an appearance today as Mrs. Campbell delivered an outstanding campaign speech, stealing the show! The Train sounded it horns far in the distance as it rolled into the station leaving the supporters in ahhhhh! Its horns were loud & clear as it made its way to the Grand Opening of the Antelope Valley Campaign Headquarters and as it left the Station toward its next destination. It was Beautiful! Campaign Supporters


". . . Are We Putting Families First?" Shortly following the November, 2008 election, Maggie Campbell announced her intention to run again for the California State Assembly 36th District. Her website announces the grand opening of her Antelope Valley Headquarters on September 26, 2009. Her campaign theme, "Putting Families First" speaks directly to what is missing in our current representative, Steve Knight. But what does "Putting Families First" actually mean? A visit to her campaign website offers a simple illustration:

1. Advancing legislation to promote health, education,
safety for children;
2. Strengthen our region in the areas of green and higher
paying jobs;
3. Working to keep a balanced budget at the State Capitol;
4. Advancing legislation that will promote and implement
renewable energy;
5. Keeping dangerous criminals behind bars;
6. Improving veterans and senior citizens services;
7. Restoring home ownership pride in our communities and
develop foreclosure solutions.

If that's not putting families first, then what is. A further perusal of her website includes Community Events, Volunteers, Veterans Affairs, Safety for Children, and on and on. In contrast to what we've seen from our current assemblyman Steve Knight, Mrs. Campbell seems truly in touch with what our community needs and has sought, unsuccessfully, in choosing its representatives. - Paul O. Scott, Region 11 Director CDP"


America is in need of some assistance. Supporting Maggie Campbell will be an asset for District 36. Vote for Maggie. - Penny Sherwood


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