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State of California June 8, 2010 Election
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Candidate for
State Board of Equalization; District 2; Democratic Party

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Attention! California Taxpayers, Paul, without reservation, today, tomorrow, and the near future will absolutely support " tax rebates, exemptions, and credits" for the economic growth benefits for Business owners; especially, be supportive of the current and future strengthening of Proposition 13 Law's protection for Homeowners' benefit!

Paul Vincent Avila is not just a proven patriot of American values but he also a Native Californian from an old established farming family business, local food retail, automotive & truck repair services,labor contracting, and transportation services businesses. His family are devout God fearing christians;whose invested roots and work ethics recognizes the importance and the relative appreciation for rich soil, sun, water, and its by-product sweat from hardwork that eventually yields fruitful crop.

Paul was born in Oxnard, a coastal township in Ventura County. Ventura County area: Its social domestic/political, and agricultural environment are much like San Joaquin, Fresno, and Kern counties. An easy going, and hard working ethics, and conservative nature. He attended and graduated from local elementary to middle parochial Catholic schools. He attended a college Preparatory Catholic high school with other notable farming family members like: Borchards,
McGraths, Friedrichs, Millers, Flynns, Robles, Escamillas, Herreras, Zavalas, and many others. He graduated from Santa Clara High School(Alumnus). That past Inter-relationships provided him with his present family values, shaped his character,instilled his christian beliefs(Pro life ). He acquired humane and courageous qualities, and people skills that are reflected in his applied appreciation and compassion for humanity.

In 1968, When the war was at its peak that continued to ravage attitdues,outcried for finality and a beckoned call for reinforcement to arms in the Far East of Viet Nam, a youthful Paul volunteered to serve and strife for the protection ideals of freedom and democracy. His conviction and patriotism came at high price. He witnessed many many inadvertent death sacrifices of dear friends. His reluctant recall of battlefield memories while being assigned to Air-Mobile Riverine Task Force of 4/47, 9th Infantry Division, United States Army. He was awarded an Infantry Badge, Air medal, Bronze Star and Army Commendation w/V devise medals for Valor among other National defense and campaign service medals citations. But he does not share this to be boastful, instead to underscore the journey of his developoment towards maturity, wisdom,and his demonstrated convictions. Only another tried and battlefied seasoned veteran would understand his shared emotional memories and its meaning in retrospection. He supports the rights to bear arms! Perhaps,that is why he is worthy of consideration for your vote?

After training and debriefing assignment at Scoffield Barracks in Hawaii, he later discharged from the military service in 1970.

In 1973, He interviewed by writing a one page self-profile's and perspective letter, with a State Human Resource Development Agency ( as it was called then). He was hired and began his career with the Professional Commercial Office located inside the old Fireman's Insurance Building on the 10th floor,located between 7th and Vermont Ave in Los Angeles. That specialization serviced the needs of graduates students from Universities like USC, Stanford, UCLA, and other notable universities. For 23 years ( 5 different field offices ) he was rewarded in a wealth of human, labor, government Codes, and unemployment insurance codes information ( monetary and non- monetary decisons). The accomplihments and experiences superseded monetary and imagination rewards-until his retirement in 1996.

During 1977-1980, Paul rose in leadership by being elected to California State Employees Association's (CSEA's) Job Steward, Local chapter President, and progressed to District President, that represented 33,000 membership.

In the late 1979's he met a colleague counselor, friend, soulmate, and married his present wife Maryanne Margaret (Dunn) Avila. They raised 4 sons and 1 daughter,they, then produced numerous grandchildren.

During 1990 through 1995, Paul was appointed to the Governor's Special State Project as a State Job Specialist (1 of 4 positions statewide) to the California Department of Correction, Parole Community Service. Division. Task was to train and job development for safely well screened State unemployed Parolees. He carried a caseload of high volume parolee clients.

In 1993, at a local School board meeting, he witnessed an unforgiveable and shameful act of injustice toward a single mother and child that pleaded for assistance and fell on deaf ears and uncaring demeanor. One day later, last day for filing deadline to November's election, he ran for Ontario-Montclair School District (2nd largest school District in State); He was elected with a sizeable landslide vote without spending a penny, without OMTA & CSEA's union,local PTA groups, city council, and other notable endorsements that his opponent possessed. He became the effective voice for reform for the parents and children. He was re-elected 3 times since 1993.

In 1999, he applied and was selected by a panel of Superior judges as a member of a 19 Grand Jury membership of San Bernardino County Grand Jury. His peers elected him as Secretary of Grand Jury.

In 2002 he was confirmed and awarded his Bachelor degree in English/Creative Writing after hard work and sleepless nights from the California State University San Bernardino (Alumnus). This degree is very special to him. He is the first in his family to have earned High School Diploma and now a Bachelor degree. Unfortunately, his late father whom was a heavy-duty farming-Crane-equipment mechancic did not live to realize that mutual dream. Unfortunately, his father was illiterate ( he was embarrassed by it) , but he was a whiz at mechancial projects. Many years later near the end of his life, he was diagnosed having dyslexia as an abnormal condition, a vision barrier against learning to read and spell.

In the late 1979, Paul and Maryanne bought a small farm and settled in Ontario. Over the years in this bustling and growing community of Ontario has nearly grown to 200,000 population with its own International Airport, Covention Center, and Sports Arena. He has been a catalyst for reform and his contributions have reflected responsibility in the various held positions noted by its peers from Chamber of Commerce, church, and varied organizations. He sincerely believes that his collective experiences have prepared him for this office he is destined to humbly win: "Member, State Board of Equalization 2nd District".

He has always been an advocate for equity, justice and what is right! He is not a professional politician seeking musical career like chair movements until the next opportnity arises. In this case, once he completes his term of office ( when elected) he will retire and return to private life. He is and has been the voice for the voiceless. He promises not to betray your trust when being overwhelmed and pressured by partisan hidden mandates and influences. Please be cautious and cynical when faced with seemingly partisan's persuasive and misleading endorsements from any opponent seeking to sway your vote.

This June 8th, vote for an independent voice that will protect taxpayers' interest against the burden of any added taxes. Vote for Paul, who is not afraid to fight for what is right and knows first hand the burden of overtaxation on home ownership, and knows what it is like to endeavor to labor to earn a living. Most importantly, he doesn't believe that ordinary California taxpayers are inherent taxcheaters! California taxpayers suffer from an enormous amount levied taxes, you don't need more, instead we need to eliminate sale taxes on consumer products and services Like the State of Oregon!!

Taxpayers deserve every consideration from their elected Servants. They must be reminded without your taxpayer's democratic vote, they cease to exist! Regardless, of his partisan registration, vote for a proven Independent voice that knows no boundaries in supporting and fighting for all taxpayer's rights and their homeowners'protection!

(For supportive campaign contributions) Committee: Paul Vincent Avila for State Board of Equalization 2nd District; 2010. ( I.D.1325426 ) 2107 So. Palmetto Avenue; Ontario Ca. 91762 Tel: (909) 984-6057 E-mail:

Paul Vincent Avila

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