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San Mateo County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for April Vargas

Candidate for
Supervisor; County of San Mateo; District 3

This information is provided by the candidate

For a complete list of the candidates and measures that I support on the June 8 ballot, please visit:

Here are the organizations, elected officials and community leaders who endorse me:

San Mateo County Democratic Party
Sierra Club
San Mateo County Democracy for America
San Mateo County League for Coastside Protection
San Mateo Young Democrats
Pete McCloskey, Former Congressmember
Michael Barber,Burlingame School Board Trustee
Maurice Goodman, Board Member of South San Francisco Unified School District
Perry Bautista, Board Member of Westborough Water Dist
Dorothy Bender, Former Board Member of Committee for Green Foothills
James Benjamin, Former Half Moon Bay Planning Commissioner
David Bomberger, Former Mayor of Belmont
Mary Jo Borak, Former Mayor of Menlo Park
Scott Boyd, Board Member of Montara Water and Sanitary Dist
Craig Britton, Former General Manager of Midpeninsula Open Space District
Samuel Casillas, Member GGNRA Board Liason
Matthew Clark, Board Member of Granada Sanitary Dist
Andrew Cohen, Menlo Park City Councilmember
Paul Collacchi, Former Mayor of Menlo Park
Jed Cyr, Director of Midpeninsula Open Space Dist
Mary Davey, Director of Midpeninsula Open Space Dist
Peter Drekmeier, Former Palo Alto Mayor
Shirley Drye, Pacifica Open Space Committee Volunteer of the Year
Malcolm Dudley, Former Mayor of Atherton
Sandy Emerson, Former Member of Midcoast Community Council
Gael Erickson, Board Member of Granada Sanitary Dist
A. Peter Evans, East Palo Alto Councilmember
Kelly Fergusson, Menlo Park City Councilmember
Sofia Freer, Former Half Moon Bay Planning Commissioner
Jim Grady, Former Mayor of Half Moon Bay
Nonette Hanko, Director of Midpeninsula Open Space Dist
Jim Harvey, Board Member of Montara Water and Sanitary Dist
Larry Hassett, Director of Midpeninsula Open Space Dist
Billy James, Former Redwood City Library Commissioner
Lisa Ketcham, President of Pillar Ridge Homeowners Association
Karen Kidwell, Former Board Member of Committee for Green Foothills
Barbara Kossy, Former Vice President of Resource Conservation District
Chuck Kozak, Former Member of Midcoast Community Council
Deborah Lardie, Chair, Midcoast Community Council
Wayne Lee, Millbrae Planning Commissioner
Ric Lohman, Board Member of Granada Sanitary Dist
Nancy Lund, Portola Valley Town Historian
Ken S. Lundie, San Mateo County Harbor Commissioner
Austin Mader-Clark, Member of Transportation Authority CAC
Dave Mandelkern, Trustee of San Mateo County Community College Dist
Eileen Manning-Villar, Board Member of Pacifica School District
John Moseley, Cabrillo Unified School Dist Trustee
Dr. Mohammed Nadeem, Santa Clara County Civil Service Commissioner
Ken Nitz, Former Director of Midpeninsula Regional Open Space
Ralph Nobles, Former San Mateo County Planning Commissioner
Brigid O'Farrell, President of Coastside Democrats
Gina Papan, Millbrae City Councilmember
Paul Perkovic, Board Member of Montara Water and Sanitary
Dave Pine, Trustee of San Mateo Union High School Dist
Fran Pollard, Former Board Member of Granada Sanitary Dist
Bob Ptacek, Board Member of Montara Water and Sanitary Dist
Virginia Medrano Rosales, Student Trustee of San Mateo County Community College
Cindy Rubin, Former Board Member of Committee for Green Foothills
Deborah Ruddock, Former Mayor of Half Moon Bay
Steve Schmidt, Former Mayor of Menlo Park
Betty Schultz, Former Member of Governing Board, Jefferson Union SD
Leni Schultz, Former Board Member of Granada Sanitary Dist
Jeff Segall, Former Board Member of Committee for Green Foothills
Jon Silver, Former Mayor of Portola Valley
Kathryn Slater-Carter, Board Member of Montara Water and Sanitary
David Smernoff, Board Member of Los Trancos County Water Dist
Lisa Steel, San Mateo County Arts Commissioner, Dist 5
Antoinette Stein, Former Menlo Park Planning Commissioner
Laura Stein, Former Board Member of Granada Sanitary Dist
Mark Stone, Santa Cruz County Supervisor
Chris Thollaug, Former Board Member of Montara Water and Sanitary
Tom Uridel, Board Member of Los Trancos County Water Dist
Mark Weinberger, Former Member of Governing Board, Jefferson Elementary
Gertrude Wilks, Former East Palo Alto Mayor
Christine Wozniak, Mayor of Belmont
George Zimmerman, Member and Former Chair of Transportation Authority
John Aiello, Pacifica
Mike Albertin, San Bruno
Gary Allen, La Honda
Kevin Andersen, Belmont
Nancy Arbuckle, Redwood City
Felicia Aron, Burlingame
Tony Attard, Brisbane
Jacob Averbuck, Menlo Park
Mike Aydelott, San Carlos
Rick Baggetta, Belmont
JoAnne Bailey, Educator, Menlo Park
Ken Bailey, San Carlos
Linda Bailey, San Carlos
Larry Baker, Moss Beach
Eve Baldwin, Half Moon Bay
Terry Baldwin, Half Moon Bay
Don Baldwin, Montara
Chris Balme, Redwood City
Catherine Barber, Belmont
Christopher Barrow, San Mateo
Robert Barrows, San Mateo
Sara Bassler, San Francisco
Bill Bechtell, Montara
Christina Bechtold, Half Moon Bay
Bryan Beck, Redwood City
David Beck, Montara
Harriete Estel Berman, San Mateo
Michael Beutler, Daly City
Pamela Alexander Beutler, Daly City
Nancy Blachman, Burlingame
Jim Blanchar, El Granada
Steve Blank, Menlo Park
Adrian Brandt, Redwood City
Karen Brasher, Half Moon Bay
Todd Bray, Pacifica
Bob Breen, Montara
Joe Brennan, Moss Beach
Mark Brickman, San Mateo
Kathleen A. Bristol, Moss Beach
Loretta Brooks, South San Francisco
Arthur Broughton, Moss Beach
Paula Broughton, Moss Beach
Allan F. Brown, Portola Valley
Allen Brown, Montara
Jean Brown, San Mateo
Denise Brown, Menlo Park
Dr. Morris Brown, Menlo Park
Joanne Bruggemann, Redwood City
Julie Buelteman, Montara
Robert Buelteman, Montara
Matt Burrows, San Carlos
Phyllis Butler, Menlo Park
Walter Butler, San Mateo
Andrew Byrnes, Redwood City
Nancy Calibo, San Mateo
Dr. Andy Calman, Montara
Marie Camenzind, San Carlos
Maria Cardenas, Redwood City
Rob Carey, Montara
Elizabeth Carlson, Burlingame
Charlene Carpentier, Redwood City
Elaine Carrington, Half Moon Bay
Larry Carrington, Half Moon Bay
Ed Carter, Montara
George Cattermole, San Gregorio
Scott Chain, Pacifica
Leah Cohen, San Mateo
Marsha Cohen, Redwood City
Suzanne Cokenias, El Granada
Tom Cokenias, El Granada
Bill Collins, Pacifica
Lorie Coon, Redwood City
Ann Cooney, Pacifica
Dr. Norman Coplon, Portola Valley
Sandra Coplon, Portola Valley
Carol Cross, Redwood City
Carolyn Curtis, Palo Alto
Betti D'Acquisto, Montara
Doris Dahlgren, Palo Alto
Marie Davis, Foster City
Maureen Davis, Millbrae
Anne De Carli, Menlo Park
Richard Deatley, Piedmont
Gary Deghi, Half Moon Bay
Corrine Derringer, Atherton
Christine Dicker, Half Moon Bay
John Dicker, Half Moon Bay
Rob Dickinson, Redwood City
Mary Ann Dillahunty, El Granada
Cathy Dolan, San Carlos
Carol Dorshkind, Redwood City
Larry Dorshkind, Redwood City
Maureen Draper, Cupertino
Paul Draper, Cupertino
Gladwyn D'Souza, Belmont
Tim Duf, Pacifica
Kaia Eakin, Redwood City
Roy Earnest, Pacifica
Tom Edminster, Educator, Pacifica
O'Toole Ellyn, San Mateo
Susan Emerick, Redwood Shores
Judi Engel, Half Moon Bay
Ashleigh Evans, San Mateo
Mary Harris Evans, San Carlos
Claude Ezran, Palo Alto
Carl Feldman, Menlo Park
Claire Felong, Redwood City
Katie Ferrick, Menlo Park
Deirdre Finnegan, Pacifica
Pamela Fisher, Half Moon Bay
Rob Flint, Woodside
Dr. Katherine Forrest, Portola Valley
Ann Forrister, Montara
Sophie Fox, San Carlos
Rod Fraser, Redwood City
R. Jerry Frayne, Daly City
Stephan Freer, Half Moon Bay
Holly Fulghum-Nutters, Educator, Pacifica
Brett Garrett, Redwood City
Ellen Gartside, Half Moon Bay
Shirley Gaston, San Mateo
Richard Gates, Moss Beach
Michael Gavin, Woodside
Roberta Gelt, Half Moon Bay
Michael Gerber, San Bruno
Gail Ghose, San Carlos
Cathy Gill, Daly City
Pat Giorni, Burlingame
TJ Glauthier, Moss Beach
Ernie Goitein, Atherton
Chris Golde, Redwood City
Rick Goldon, South San Francisco
Jerry Gomez, Pacifica
Nancy Goodban, Redwood City
Bonita Gordon, San Mateo
Arthur Deane Gough, Brisbane
Rita Gough, Brisbane
Mary Graves, Redwood City
Matthew Greenberg, Redwood City
Stephanie Griffin, East Palo Alto
Hank Haight, Half Moon Bay
Margaret Haight, Half Moon Bay
Bruce Hamilton, Half Moon Bay
Judy Hanson, Redwood City
Hertha Harrington, Woodside
Holly Bride Hayashida, San Mateo
Mark Haynes, San Francisco
Carole Haythornewhite, Redwood City
Jerry Hearn, Portola Valley
Raymond Hoche-Mong, Montara
Carroll Ann Hodges, Woodside
Arthur Hofmayer, Montara
Patricia Hooper, Portola Valley
Risa Horowitz, Belmont
Lanah Hotchkiss, Redwood City
Bill Huber, Moss Beach
Kelly Huber, Moss Beach
Rick Hunter, Redwood City
Perla Ibarrientos, Daly City
Diane Ingalls, South San Francisco
Jane K. Jackson, Foster City
Carol Jacobs, Portola Valley
Marta Jacobsen, Half Moon Bay
Joel Jensen, Redwood City
Mae Jesena, San Bruno
Reena Johar, Redwood City
Brielle Johnck, Menlo Park
Jay Johnson, Half Moon Bay
Joel Jones, San Mateo
Thomas Jordan, Palo Alto
Tom Judge, Montara
Dr. Sandra Kahn, San Mateo
Andrew Kane, Moss Beach
Patrick Kane, Moss Beach
Kathleen Kane, Moss Beach
Corinne Kason, Redwood City
Bill Kavanaugh, Half Moon Bay
Ted Kaye, Moss Beach
Mary Keitelman, Pacifica
Barbara Kelly, Pacifica
Mike Kerhin, Redwood City
Dana Kimsey, Half Moon Bay
Mike Kimsey, Half Moon Bay
Ken King, Half Moon Bay
Marty Kingshill, El Granada
Jane Kingston, Half Moon Bay
Nissa Kreidler, South San Francisco
Nancy Krop, Redwood City
Michael Kubiak, Redwood City
Peter La Tourrette, Los Altos
Sue La Tourrette, Los Altos
David Lamphier, San Mateo
Jan Lamphier, San Mateo
Melissa Lane, Half Moon Bay
Susan Lang, Woodside
James Langdell, San Mateo
Ed Larenas, Moss Beach
Janet Larson, Atherton
Mary Larenas, Moss Beach
Ralph Larson, Pacifica
Sandy Larson, Pacifica
Elizabeth Lasensky, Menlo Park
Dr. Bob Lash, Redwood City
Wendie Bernstein Lash, Redwood City
Gerald Laster, Half Moon Bay
Howard Lau, Menlo Park
Jered Lawson, Pescadero
Evangeline Leash, Belmont
Linda Lee, Moss Beach
Robert Levenson, Woodside
Debbie Lim, Millbrae
Lorna Lindsay, Pescadero
Ben Lindsey, Belmont
Chuck Lintell, Montara
Beverly Lipman, Portola Valley
Lynn Loar, El Granada
Greg Loew, Atherton
Barbara Lohman, Educator, Half Moon Bay
Tina Long, South San Francisco
Chantell Lorenz, Half Moon Bay
John Lynch, Half Moon Bay
Jule Lynch, Half Moon Bay
Peggie MacLeod, Woodside
Margaret MacNiven, La Honda
Karen Maki, Menlo Park
Judith Dempsey Malear, Half Moon Bay
Jolene Malfatti, South San Francisco
Rosemary Malvey, Half Moon Bay
Ann Mangold, Educator, El Granada
Keith Mangold, El Granada
Steve Marchick, Redwood City
Tim Martin, Woodside
Don Mayall, Palo Alto
Marsha Mayer, Millbrae
Olive Mayer, Woodside
Jack McCarthy, Moss Beach
Dave McClure, San Carlos
Kacy McClure, Atherton
Sally McClure, San Carlos
Trish McGrath, Montara
Suzi McKee, San Carlos
Clark McKowen, San Mateo
Patricia McKowen, Moss Beach
Ruth McKowen, San Mateo
Laurie McMahon, El Granada
Evelyn Meier, Redwood City
Gina Mello, Pacifica
Christine Mendonca, Moss Beach
Lenny Mendonca, Moss Beach
Rebecca Mendonca, Moss Beach
Peggy Merz, Portola Valley
Tony Merz, Portola Valley
Anne Miltimore, Redwood Shores
Frank Montoro, San Mateo
Jann Morris, Moss Beach
Debbie Mytels, Palo Alto
Clark Natwick, Pacifica
Bill Newell, Redwood City
Dr. Thomas Newman, San Carlos
Dot Norris, Moss Beach
Michael Norton, San Bruno
Valerie Oblath, San Mateo
Bonny O'Daniels, Montara
Jeff Olson, Montara
Martha S. Page, Woodside
Robert Page, Woodside
Pam Patek, La Honda
Dennis Paull, Half Moon Bay
Connee Peters, San Mateo
Ellen Pettersen, Moss Beach
Susan Pfeifer, San Francisco
Lamont Phemister, San Mateo
Betty Pollack, San Carlos
Jonelle Preisser, Redwood City
Diana Purucker, Educator, Montara
Joan Putz, Pacifica
Cindy Quontamatteo, Redwood City
Mark Quontamatteo, Redwood City
Diana Reddy, Redwood City
James Rey, Half Moon Bay
Melissa Rey, Half Moon Bay
Susan Richards, Montara
Tom Richards, Montara
Lennie Roberts, Portola Valley
Debra Robins, Montara
Jessica Rose, Half Moon Bay
Dr. Cindy Russell, Portola Valley
Katie Sanborn El Granada
Frank Saunders, Foster City
Robert Sayre, El Granada
Del Schembari, Brisbane
Rosemary Schmele, Palo Alto
Christin Schmidt, Redwood City
Marilyn Schneider, San Bruno
Marcyl Seidscher, San Mateo
Susan Danielson Senning, Foster City
Michal Settles, Educator, Half Moon Bay
Maxine Seward, Educator, Burlingame
Mark Seward, Burlingame
Judith Shmueli, Foster City
Dolores Silva, Montara
Wally Simonson, Pacifica
Ann Sklute, Half Moon Bay
Bern Smith, El Granada
Jules Sofer, Half Moon Bay
Nancy Solomon, Redwood City
Hurst Sommer, Foster City
Noreen Sommer, Foster City
Diane Gandee Sorbi, Redwood City
Dan Sorrentino, Brisbane
Kathy Soulard, Redwood City
Mark Soulard, Redwood City
Madeleine Soussette, Half Moon Bay
Ellen Spector, Redwood City
Gail Sredanovic, Educator, Menlo Park
Jan Stegmaier, Montara
Mark Stegmaier, Montara
Judith Steiner, Palo Alto
Suzanne Stephanik, Montara
Cynthia Stern, Montara
Dorris Stewart, Foster City
Ginny Stewart, Foster City
Georgia Stigall, La Honda
Terry Stoker, Woodside
Kevin Stokes, Montara
Wendy Stokes, Montara
Tim Sullivan, Half Moon Bay
Terry Sweeney, El Granada
Roger Taylor, El Granada
Julia Thollaug, Montara
Celia Thompson Taupin, Los Gatos
Jan Tiura, Moss Beach
Erin Tormey, Half Moon Bay
Jerry Torrance, Portola Valley
Elizabeth Travers, Redwood City
Andy Trotter, Redwood City
Lynne Trulio, Redwood City
Terry Trumbull, Palo Alto
Brent Turner, Half Moon Bay
Mary Twieg, Burlingame
Nusy Uridel, Portola Valley
Holly Van Houten, Redwood City
Connie Vincent, Educator, Menlo Park
Kathleen R. Wade, Educator, Redwood City
Gary Warhaftig, Montara
Jackie Watkins, Redwood City
Jean Wilson, East Palo Alto
Jeffrey Wolf, Half Moon Bay
Boris Wolper, Menlo Park
Marilyn Wolper, Menlo Park
Deb Wong, Moss Beach
Michael Wong, Moss Beach
Rosamonde Wood, Belmont
Ciddy Wordell, Los Altos
Barbara Wright, El Granada
Nancy Yarbrough, San Mateo
Christine Zachos, San Mateo
Frances Zachos, San Mateo

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