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San Diego County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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What to learn from San Diego's Taxi Cab Travesty

By Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski

Candidate for Member, Democratic Party Party County Central Committee; County of San Diego; State Assembly District 76

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The private sector's inability to help the elderly and needy. Why our local government must foster more public transportation alternatives.
Many residents throughout the City of San Diego are being mistreated in having to wait up to an hour or more for taxi service to return home from shopping. These short fares do not prove lucrative for some private transportation companies. Isn't the free market wonderful?

Few, if any San Diego Political Leaders are bound in conscience to voice opposition over this moral travesty. The public at large does not demand justice for these downtrodden folks but have the gall to cry and moan over the possible loss of their beloved symbol, The Mount Soledad Cross. You cannot have it both ways, folks. This is why in all likelihood, populist candidate Donna Frye will become the next Mayor of The City of San Diego. Donna has the emotional intelligence to correct this social wrong with purpose and dignity.

It can be argued that to some extent the United States falls behind with respect to the rights of the disabled. In a philosophical sense, our obsession with the free market and organized religion would seem to facilitate the plight of those struck down by impairment. But not so, we breed our own malady. My eighty-one year old disabled father, a WWII veteran no less, has waited over an hour for a cab to return home from shopping. Why does our Federal Government have the will to spend over 200 billion dollars on increasing tensions and bloodshed throughout the world and not the moral courage to back up our obsession of freedom, democracy and free markets where it really matters? The cost of freedom is not being met with respect to the disabled. Why have we no shame in America? Why are we ironically creating a generation of disabled in Iraq and elsewhere in the name of our idiotic notion of freedom? Why do these transportation companies get away with impunity?

The American Ideal of individualism and free enterprise has sowed our seeds of individual hypocrisy and greed. And while our great armies burn the world in the name of Christ and Democracy, we ourselves are engulfed in a living hell. The American implosion is near. The signs are clear and foreboding. A Nation that values a luxury car while at the same time attending Sunday Church Services ought to self examine their priorities.

But of course, we in America will passionately defend our freedom and this freedom is worthless unless our behavior is predicated on seeing justice from without. Let us sincerely care for those in need in order to validate our case for freedom throughout the world.

Daniel J. Smiechowski Daniel is a former public school teacher in San Diego, California where he currently resides. He is considered an overall bon vivant having written on topics as diverse as politics, bicycle racing, French Culture, philosophy and social issues. He has completed over one hundred triathlons worldwide and has visited France eighteen times at last count. He attended the University of France, "Sorbonne" and graduated from San Diego State University. He has run for public office seven times.....

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