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San Diego County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
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Supporting a Federal Department of Peace

By Daniel "Danny" Smiechowski

Candidate for Member, Democratic Party Party County Central Committee; County of San Diego; State Assembly District 76

This information is provided by the candidate
San Diego and our vital interests were at stake in the past Mayoral Election. The political philosophy of one candidate ought to be analyzed by concerned voters.
Several years ago at the University of California San Diego during a public debate for Mayor, a telling sign emerged with regard to the political philosophy of Candidate Jerry Sanders. When posed a question regarding The City of San Diego supporting a Federal Department of Peace, Mr.Sanders appeared uncomfortable and avoided a clear cut yes answer.

This non violent proposal would strengthen ties with both our allies and adversaries throughout the world. That is, if we believe that peace and not violence is our strength. There is currently both a House Resolution and Companion Bill in The Upper Chamber promoting such a Department within our Federal Government.

Why is it that the very mention of a Department of Peace evokes images of unpatriotic and left leaning radicals? Do we not pride ourselves in our so-called peaceful society? Why do Democratic Politicians espouse nonviolence through federal mandates while their colleagues on the right leave it to the individual? We do not allow carcinogens in our water supply by appealing to singular individuals but rather consider the welfare of our Nation as a whole.

Speaking of America, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would be run out of town on a rail for refusing to support a Federal Department of Peace. Are the millions of Conservative Catholics and other religious devotees asleep in their pews or do they truly believe in the teachings of Christ? Not long ago, it was the late Pope John Paul II who had admonished President Bush not to invade Iraq but rather strive for peace. Is this why we Americans have so quickly forgotten the work of Mother Theresa and The Holy Pontiff himself.

I believe that Mr. Sanders was fearful of supporting such a measure on grounds based in political-philosophy The GOP, at least for several generations has viewed the work of peacemakers as being strangely subversive to America's vital interests. There exist many San Diegans who share this twisted view of peace not being patriotic. Maybe it stems from the fact that the United States has not won a major world conflict since WWII. They are for the most part, a belligerent group of flag wavers concealed as always calm and in control.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Raining bombs on a sovereign non culpable third world country is no ones idea of control except maybe a bull in a china shop. These folks fail to recognize why a Badger fights ferociously when cornered. Maybe if Mr. Sanders examined his own human condition coupled with a grain of philosophical self examination, he would then see the rainbow of peace across our great nation.

Our City Fathers would do us all a favor, as did many municipalities in our great land , by endorsing the concept of a Federal Department of Peace. But, I am afraid this is too much to ask of leaders paralyzed by fear of the badger. Ironically, San Diego's Military has the most to gain from such proposal. Is there a better deterrent to unnecessary war than peace?

Daniel J. Smiechowski----

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