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Santa Clara County, CA June 8, 2010 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Julia Alloggiamento

Candidate for
Judge - Superior Court; County of Santa Clara; Office 19

This information is provided by the candidate


  • The Honorable Philip Pennypacker
Presiding Judge Criminal Courts
Past President Santa Clara County Bar Association
  • The Honorable Patrick Tondreau
Presiding Judge of the Juvenile Court
Past President Santa Clara County Bar Association
  • The Honorable Hector Ramon
  • The Honorable Griffin Bonini
  • The Honorable Jerome Brock
  • The Honorable Ron Del Pozzo
  • The Honorable Teresa Guerrero-Daley
  • The Honorable Michelle McKay-McCoy
  • The Honorable Katherine Lucero
  • The Honorable Robert Foley (ret.)
  • The Honorable Gilbert Brown
  • The Honorable Socrates Peter Manoukian
  • The Honorable Margaret Johnson
  • The Honorable Joseph Huber
  • The Honorable Erica Yew
  • The Honorable Kenneth Shapero
  • The Honorable Kenneth Barnum
  • The Honorable Linda Condron
  • The Honorable Jesus Valencia
  • The Honorable Sharon Chatman
  • The Honorable Paul Bernal
  • The Honorable Alfonso Fernandez
  • The Honorable Joyce Allegro
  • The Honorable Rene Navarro
  • The Honorable Jerome Nadler
  • The Honorable Ralph Brogdon (ret.)
  • The Honorable James Emerson (ret.)
  • The Honorable Diane Ritchie
  • The Honorable Paul Cole
  • The Honorable Richard Vlavianos, San Joaquin County Superior Court
  • The Honorable Gary Nadler, Presiding Judge of Sonoma County Superior Court
  • The Honorable Mark Hood, Monterey County Superior Court
  • The Honorable Stuart Hing, Alameda County Superior Court
  • The Honorable Deborah Ryan, Commissioner Santa Clara Superior Court

  • Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)
  • Santa Clara County Deputy Sheriffs Association
  • San Jose Police Officers Association
  • Mountain View Police Officers Association
  • Los Gatos Police Officers Association
  • Santa Clara Police Officers Association
  • Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety Officer Association
  • Morgan Hill Police Officers Association
  • National Latino Peace Officers Association, California State
  • Hispanic Prosecutors Association of Silicon Valley

  • Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Stephen Lodge, Chief of Police, Santa Clara
  • George Kennedy, Former District Attorney
  • Leo Himmelsbach, Former District Attorney
  • Charles Gillingham, Santa Clara County Sheriff (ret.)
  • Jim Beall, Assemblymember, California State Assembly
  • Paul Fong, Assemblymember, California State Assembly
  • Ken Yeager, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
  • George Shirakawa, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
  • Sam Liccardo, San Jose City Council
  • Ash Kalra, San Jose City Council
  • Kansen Chu, San Jose City Council
  • Madison Nguyen, San Jose City Council
  • Nancy Pyle, San Jose City Council
  • Evan D. Low, Mayor of Campbell
  • Henry C. Manayan, Esq., Former Mayor, City of Milpitas
  • Gilbert Wong, Vice Mayor of Cupertino
  • Susan Hammer, Former Mayor, City of San Jose
  • Jose Esteves, Former Mayor, City of Milpitas

  • South Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO

  • Santa Clara County Bar Association
  • Asian Pacific Bar Association of Silicon Valley
  • Vietnamese Bar Association of Northern California

  • Phil Hammer, Past President, Santa Clara Co. Bar Association
  • Lisa Herrick, Past President, Santa Clara Co. Bar Association
  • Chris Arriola, Past President, Santa Clara Co. Bar Association
  • Sam Polverino, Past President, Santa Clara Co. Bar Association

  • Marc Buller
  • Rolanda Pierre-Dixon
  • Al Weger (Asst. District Attorney, ret.)
  • Johnene Stebbins
  • Chuck Gillingham
  • Clarissa Hamilton
  • Michelle LaForce
  • Allison Filo
  • Pinaki Chakrovorty
  • Amir Alem
  • Lance Daugherty
  • Aleleh Kianerci
  • Javier Alcala
  • Pinaki Chakravorty
  • Sam Giammona
  • David Angel
  • Steve Lowney
  • Peter Waite
  • Emann Chan
  • Dan Okonkwo
  • Laura Aizpuru-Sutton
  • Charlie Huang
  • Cody Jones
  • Jim Demertzis
  • David Ezgar
  • Mike Vidmar
  • Laura Aizpuru-Sutton
  • Rick Gardner
  • Cindy Cole
  • Michael Lee
  • Johnny Gogo
  • Jim Sibley
  • Tim McInerny
  • Angela Alvarado
  • Ray Hernandez
  • Rob Baker
  • Angela Alvarado
  • David Pandoori
  • Thanh Nguyen
  • Jeff Attebury
  • Cody Jones
  • Paul Colin
  • Ann A.P. Nguyen
  • Michael Armstrong
  • James McManis
  • Steven Clark
  • Christopher Schumb
  • Berndt Ingo Brauer
  • Stuart Kirchick
  • Ron Berki
  • Patricia Fox
  • Allen C. Speare
  • Christian Picone
  • Cameron Bowman
  • Steve Nakano
  • Jeffrey D. Janoff
  • Albie Jachimowicz
  • Carolyn Nedley
  • Marc Pernick
  • Anna Erickson-White
  • Jim Snell
  • Eric Geffon
  • Alan Lagod
  • Matt Hult
  • Patrick Gibbs
  • Michael Rossi
  • Lizanne Reynolds
  • Daisy Nishigaya
  • Nisreen Baroudi
  • Andrea Flint
  • Patrick Hoopes
  • Lori Stewart
  • JJ Kapp
  • Sheylena Brown
  • Malorie Street
  • Andres Del Alcazar
  • Penny Preovolos
  • Jaime Leanos

  • Ric Abeyta, Chief of Police (ret'd) San Jose State University Police Department
  • Jesse Toscano, Chief of Police, SJUSD
  • Jose Salcido, Lt. Sheriff's Office (ret'd)
  • Captain Ernesto Alcantar, SJPD
  • Lt. Noe Longoria, Past President, National Latino Peace Officers Assn.
  • Lt. Robert Reinhardt, SJDP
  • Lt. Francisco Aviles, SJPD, Community Services Division Commander
  • Lt. Gilbert Torres, SJPD (ret'd)
  • Lt. Rich Saito, SJPD (ret'd)
  • Sgt. Manny Ramirez, Jr. SJPD
  • Sgt. Deborah Manion, SJPD
  • Sgt. Lamont Cusseaux, SJPD
  • Ofc. Annie Nguyen, SJPD
  • Ofc. Rebecca Marquez, SJPD
  • Ofc. Catherine Unger, SJPD
  • Ofc. Eric Hove, SJPD
  • Ofc. Raul Peralez
  • Detective Saul Duran, SJPD
  • Gabby Seagrave, Santa Clara Police Dept.
  • Ofc. Rich Bullerjahn, Palo Alto Police Dept.
  • Ofc. Melda Christmas, Palo Alto Police Dept.
  • Ofc. James Davis, Sunnyvale DPS
  • Ofc. Sam Wonnell, Los Gatos PD
  • Sandra Avila, Crime Prevention Specialist, SJPD
  • Rey Cedeno, Crime Prevention Specialist, SJPD
  • Tom Brewer, Chief of Investigations, District Attorney's Office
  • Tricia O'Neill, District Attorney Investigator
  • Todd Almason, District Attorney Investigator
  • Desiree Salguero, District Attorney Investigator

  • Joe Viramontez, Fire Captain, Santa Clara Fire Department
  • Eric Emmanuels, Fire Investigator, City of Milpitas

  • Ralph ("Bud") Fry, Co-Author of Parent Project
  • Dr. Roger Morgan, Co-Author of Parent Project
  • Cora Tomalinas, Community Activist
  • Dan Moser, Acting Superintendent ESUHSD
  • Eddie Garcia, ESUHSD, President of School Board
  • Khoa Nguyen, Vice President Franklin-McKinley School Board
  • Alan Garofalo, Associate Superintendent of Student Services, ESUHSD
  • Elias Chamorro, Former Director ESUHSD, Foothill College
  • George Sanchez, Franklin-McKinley School Board
  • Pastor Tony Ortiz, California Youth Outreach
  • Maria Quezada, Director, California Ass'n. of Bilingual Education
  • Hugh J. Donagher, III, Director Parks and Recreation, City of Mountainview
  • Elizabeth Bliss, Manager, Parent Involvement SJUSD
  • Rosa Nieto, Principal San Jose Community School, SJUSD
  • Maria Arias Evans, Principal, Washington Elementary School
  • Elsie Aranda, President East Valley 680 Neighborhood Coalition
  • Al Garces, East Side Union High School District
  • Mai Doan, East Side Union High School District liaison
  • Paula Israel, Central Coast Occupational Center
  • Raul Perez, STAND program
  • Dr. James Bennett, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Santa Clara University
  • Larry B. Hidalgo, Past President Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce, Santa Clara County
  • Arthur Low, O.D., F.A.A.O., President, Campbell Chamber of Commerce
  • Ray Maglalang, Commissioner, Santa Clara County Water District Flood Control and Watershed Committee
  • Daniel T. Nguyen, MS, Commissioner, Cupertino Public Safety Commission

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