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Hamilton County, OH May 4, 2010 Election
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Role of State Central Committee

By Joanne S. Kemmerer

Candidate for Republican Woman; State Central Committee; Senate District 9

This information is provided by the candidate
The SCC should promote candidates who subscribe to the Republican Party Platform. The SCC should not endorse itself. The Ohio Republican Party is currently sending out mailers which claim to have 'endorsed' candidates for the SCC, when in fact there was no vote taken to endorse candidates for the Republican State Central Committee.
The function of the State Central Committee is to encourage candidates to run for state office who adhere to the conservative principles of the Republican Party platform, i.e. pro-life, limited government, balanced budget, lower taxes, gun rights.

The SCC should not be 'engineering' behind the scenes who runs for what office in the pre-primary season. For example, a few months ago, there were two candidates running for the Republican nomination for Attorney General. The SCC 'persuaded' one to run for State Auditor, which has resulted in two conservative candidates running against each other and no choice in the Atty. Gen. slot.

As a candidate with limited funds for a non-paying job, I cannot send out thousands of postcards to counteract the ORP funding of my opponent's mailers. Also, the mailers falsely claim that candidates for the SCC have been endorsed by the Ohio Republican Party (Republican State Central Committee). If that had happened, which it did not, it would mean that the SCC endorsed itself!

Because of the above, I have chosen to take the time and energy to run for this non-paying job which requires driving up to Columbus about four times a year. If you vote for me, I promise not to be a rubber stamp. I promise to attend the meetings! And I promise to insist on endorsing candidates who are not RINOS (Republican in Name Only).

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