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Alameda County, CA February 2, 2010 Election
Measure B
Alameda Point Development Initiative
City of Alameda

Initiative Measure - Majority Approval Required
Official Final Results

Fail: 2,361 / 14.6% Yes votes ...... 13,797 / 85.4% No votes

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Shall the City Charter Amendment, and ordinance proposing General Plan Amendments, Zoning Map and Text Amendment and Development Agreement, regarding development of Alameda Point be adopted?

The City of Alameda Summary of the Initiative including an Executive Summary

Impartial Analysis from City Attorney Teresa L. Highsmith

If adopted, the Alameda Point Development Initiative ("Initiative") would amend the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Map to rezone 918 acres of uplands and 166 acres of submerged lands currently designated as Intermediate Industrial (Manufacturing) and Special Government Combining District (M-1-G) to a new zoning designation: Alameda Point Specific Plan District (APSP). The Initiative also would amend the City Charter to exempt Alameda Point from the density restriction known as "Measure A."
The General Plan and Zoning amendments would allow up to 4,346 new housing units, 186 existing low-cost housing units, re-use of existing buildings for 309 housing units, 350,000 square feet of retail space and 3,182,000 square feet of commercial uses, with up to 500,000 square feet in existing buildings. Up to 260,000 square feet may be developed for civic uses, with 600 boat slips, and 145 acres of open space. The Initiative requires at least 15% of housing units be affordable to people with low and moderate incomes. The Initiative provides the City shall provide incentives or concessions when required under state density bonus law.
The Initiative proposes a Development Agreement ("DA") that would obligate a person or persons with a legal or equitable interest in Alameda Point (each a "Developer") to fund, in an amount not to exceed $200 million, construction of: parks and open space, ferry terminal and transit hub, improvements to the seaplane lagoon frontage, fire station improvements, branch library, bay trail extension, a regional sports complex, and on-site and off-site traffic and transit improvements. These obligations are contingent on the City forming a community facilities district for project revenue, and the City's redevelopment agency applying all tax increment to the project, with specified exceptions. The total property tax burden is limited to two percent. The DA vests a Developer with the right to use the property as specified in the Initiative.Aseparate agreement with the redevelopment agency must be negotiated for conveyance of land and phasing and financing requirements. The project must undergo environmental review.
The DA would exempt the project from some fees the City typically imposes for development. A Developer must cooperate in good faith to ensure development of Alameda Point has no negative financial impact on the City budget.
The DA would be effective for 25 years and could be extended by any delay in property transfer, or if a Developer is prohibited from building by a governmental authority investigating or remediating prior contamination. Future City approvals would be required for land subdivision, building construction, use permits, and design. The Initiative would have no effect if the Navy transfers the land to anyone other than the City's base reuse authority. A Developer can sell its rights and obligations under the DA without City consent.
The Initiative could be amended by voters, or the City Council on application by a Developer, provided the amendments do not reduce public benefits required from a Developer or increase the amount of residential units or commercial space.

City Attorney

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure B. If you desire a copy of the ordinance, please call the City Clerk's Office at 510-747-4800 and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you. You may also access the full text of the measure at the following website address:

  Nonpartisan Information

League of Women Voters of Alameda Pros and Cons

Pro and Con Initiative Presentation
presented by the League of Women Voters of Alameda
Pat Keliher of SunCal will present the arguments for
Dave Needle of Protect the Point will give arguments for voting no.
January 7, 2010 at 7:30 pm
Alameda Main Library
1550 Oak Street
News and Analysis

Alameda Journal

SunCal submits revised plan for Alameda Point

Alameda Sun

Measure B Questions for Opponents and Proponents

Measure B Questions for Opponents and Proponents

Voters get Earful on Measure B

Taking Apart Measure B, Part 3

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East Bay Express

Developer Losing Support for Initiative
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Arguments For Measure B Arguments Against Measure B

The Naval Air Station at the western end of Alameda permanently closed more than 12 years ago. Since then, many plans have been developed, but little progress has been made to transform the base into a safe and productive part of our city.
Costs to maintain the crumbling infrastructure and decaying buildings at Alameda Point continue to grow, making it a burden on the City of Alameda and Alameda taxpayers. After decades of military use, the Navy is cleaning up the contaminated soil and groundwater; however, the site's aging buildings are contaminated, and the roads, sewers and utilities need to be replaced.
Now, there is a unique opportunity to further clean up Alameda Point and make it a vibrant part of our community, without cost to current Alameda taxpayers.
World-renowned planners, with input from citizens of Alameda over many years and through dozens of public workshops and community meetings, have developed a plan to create a green, sustainable, transit-oriented development at Alameda Point. If approved, the plan will:

  • Remove decayed buildings and further clean up the toxic waste
  • Improve public access to water and create bayside walking and biking trails
  • Provide 145 acres of parks and open space
  • Preserve historic structures
  • Build a new ferry terminal
  • Bring new businesses and jobs to Alameda
  • Build recreational and sports facilities
  • Build a new library, fire station and school

This plan will NOT cost existing taxpayers. In fact, the City requires that the plan must pay for itself.
The plan to revitalize Alameda Point is supported by community and business leaders, environmentalists, seniors and residents. Please visit for more information.
Now it's up to you to help make this plan a reality and decide Alameda's future. Vote YES on B.
s/Doug Siden
President, East Bay Regional Park District
s/Helen Sause
President, HOMES Housing Opportunities Make Economic
s/Christopher Seiwald
Local Business Owner
s/Ron Matthews
President, Alameda Little League & Babe Ruth and Alameda High School Athletic Boosters
s/Honora Murphy
Alameda Library Supporter; 45 year Alameda resident

Rebuttal to Arguments For

Promises and pretty pictures will not develop Alameda Point.

SunCal has more than 27 bankruptcies throughout the Southwest, plus numerous projects that remain undeveloped. Oakland residents sued because Oak Knoll became a public safety hazard. We cannot let this happen to Alameda.
Measure B was written by SunCal and benefits the developer. Once passed, it's LAW!
Measure B creates traffic from a potential 11,000 new residents without sufficient funding for managing traffic.
This is NOT our last chance to redevelop Alameda Point.
Defeat Measure B and our community will move forward to develop Alameda Point in a manner that includes funded infrastructure, sports facilities, open space, schools, libraries and a full range of housing opportunities for every segment of our community. We can do this without giving millions of public dollars in a deal which only benefits the developer, not our community.
Ignore the false promises of SunCal:

  • There's no guarantee that any additional agreements will be legally enforceable, or protect our city should this Initiative pass.
  • This is a one-sided Initiative that gives the developer 100% control of the project development with NO requirement to fulfill their financial commitments.
  • The Initiative doesn't guarantee funding for or construction of a single public school at Alameda Point.
  • Developer's shortfall of nearly $500 million in funding for public benefits will result in a failure to deliver promised benefits.

Don't let this slick million-dollar campaign buy your vote.
Please join with theAlameda community and us by voting NO on Measure B.
For more FACTS visit
s/Frank Matarrese
City of Alameda Councilmember
s/Kevin R. Kearney
City of Alameda Auditor
s/Tracy Jensen
Alameda Unified School District Board Member
s/Trish Spencer
Alameda Unified School District Board Member
s/Ashley Jones
Past Teacher/Coach

Like many fellow Alamedans, we want to see Alameda Point developed so this historic area can be revitalized to benefit the entire city again. Therefore, we do support a smart, economic development. However, the SunCal proposed development is wrong for the future of Alameda and for all taxpayers. Here's why:
Measure B is a developer-sponsored measure, by SunCal, that is one-sided. It circumvents City planning processes and gives the developer complete control of Alameda Point.
If passed, Measure B guarantees the developer the following rights:
Loses $51 million in fees for our City that would ordinarily be collected from the Developer for basic infrastructure.
Diverts nearly $12 million in yearly lease revenue from our City to the Developer.
Locks in a short fall for public improvements and benefits by $175 million.
Guarantees SunCal can sell Alameda Point to any developer - immediately with no say from voters or the City.
Leaves the door open for neglect and blight with no actual development required.
Freezes the Developer's already insufficient funding at today's dollar value for the next twenty-five years.
Approves this development without crucial information on environmental mitigation, design or costs until after this election.
Risks raising other taxes and fee when Alameda Point's costs exceed the 2% cap.
Exposes the City of Alameda to potential costly lawsuits.

WE CANNOT AFFORD A PLAN that will leave our City and its taxpayers responsible for millions of dollars if Alameda Point development fails.
WE CANNOT AFFORD TO GIVE total control and complete oversight of Alameda Point to any developer.
WE CANNOT AFFORD TO FUND any portion of the critical infrastructure and promised public benefits with your tax dollars.
s/Beverly Johnson
Mayor, City of Alameda
s/Doug deHaan
Vice Mayor, City of Alameda
s/Kevin Kennedy
Treasurer, City of Alameda
s/Blake A. Brydon
President, Alameda Chamber of Commerce
s/Dennis G. Pagones
Real Estate Broker/Alameda Business Owner

Rebuttal to Arguments Against
The simple fact is the decaying former Naval Air Station at Alameda Point could cost every Alameda taxpayer hundreds of dollars per year, every year.
Each year, the City of Alameda wastes millions of dollars that could be used for police and fire, but is instead spent to maintain crumbling roads, deteriorating sewer lines and decaying buildings. This creates a drain on our City budget and wastes taxpayer money.
Measure B is a plan to revitalizeAlameda Point created by residents of Alameda to rehabilitate the Naval Air Station and to prevent the waste of taxpayer dollars.
Here are the facts:

  • Alameda Point is contaminated with toxics, lead and asbestos. Measure B will continue the cleanup process to ensure it is safe for residents and businesses.
  • Measure B guarantees that any developer will have to pay $200 million for public amenities, such as recreation facilities, parks, open space protection, a fire station and a library.
  • Under the existing agreement, this plan must pay for itself. That means that the project will generate enough revenue to cover the cost of maintaining it. Your taxes will NOT be increased.
  • Measure B will protect existing businesses, create local jobs and provide needed housing that is consistent with the character of our community.

We can vote NO and continue being taxed to pay for a decaying Naval Air Station
We can vote YES to make the developer pay to Revitalize Alameda Point.
s/Douglas Biggs
Executive Director of Alameda Point Collaborative
s/Barbara Kahn
Alameda point resident
s/Michael J. Krueger
Alameda Transportation Commissioner
s/Joshua Cohen
Principal Qibits Associates/Alameda Resident
s/Rev. Roger Bauer
Chair of Alameda Pt. Collaborative

Full Text of Measure B
Full Text of the Initiative, Measure B

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