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Delaware County, PA November 3, 2009 Election
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Our Home Town

By Dawn E. Roe

Candidate for Council Member; Borough of Media

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When people ask why I'm running for Borough Council, I often hesitate. Not because I don't have an answer, but because there's no "short version" to offer. The reason is more conceptual than solid; it's the sum total of my experience as a Media resident, volunteer and active member of this unique community. In a way, that's what makes it work. To myself and many others, Media is more a state of mind than anything else. The most common statement I have heard since starting my door-to-door introductions is "we love living here". While people give any number of explanations, they all lead back to the same shared sentiment...we all recognize that we've found something special in Media.

Of course we have the same logistical, maintenance, planning and fiscal realities of any sized town; and we are facing the all too real challenges that have made this time in our nation's history difficult. But Media has something extra, an added element of community spirit and appreciation for our town that has become rare. It's my belief that this stems from an atmosphere of acceptance, fairness, and willingness to adapt that has been fostered by Borough Council and channeled by our citizens.

We are not a community of bystanders. Both businesses and residents alike are incredibly active, and at times, at odds as to the vision and direction our community should follow. While that is nothing new in any small town, the way that we've all managed to thrive is thanks to a leadership that remains alert and supportive of all efforts that are healthy for our community.

The myriad of community committees, non-profit groups and active veterans and religious organizations is a testament to our vibrancy. The results are apparent everywhere you look. Pro-active people living in a pro-actively governed community can do wonders. This is a place that people like to volunteer and participate because they can see the difference that it makes. In large part, that is because our Borough Council has always been a place where anyone can be heard. Everyone's voice carries weight and everyone's issues, questions, concerns and ideas are treated respectfully and considered seriously.

All of this is why I accepted the invitation to join Media's Democratic ticket. I am not political, I am not partisan, and I am not going to allow my vote to be swayed by any affiliation I have with the Democratic Committee. Despite that very open declaration, I have been welcomed with open arms and encouraged to approach this election in any way I feel comfortable. This Committee recognizes the need for independent thinkers whose sense of community and desire for the town's continued success obscures their risk of being influenced. I give them all the credit in the world for continuing to put Media's well being in front of their politics.

Media is becoming a "destination" because of the kind of community that results from this type of leadership and the actions of its citizens. While our stores, restaurants, neighborhoods and businesses are truly unique, they are not enough to make people passionate about a town. The passion comes from the collective energies of people who recognize that added "something" that we have to offer.

There is no doubt that we are a real place with real problems. Fortunately, we have real people who come up with real solutions every day. Even more fortunately, our Borough Council listens to those people and acts according to their conscience and foresight. I personally want to be a part of making sure that continues to be our best practice.

At the end of the day, it's not about parties, politics, posturing or "winning". It's about being able to say that we all love living here and don't ever want to see a day when somewhere else feels better than our home town.

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