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Ventura County Ballot

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November 3, 2009 Election

County Results as of November 16 2:50pm
28.0% Countywide Voter Turnout (34,657/123,944)
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Polling Location on November 3, 7am - 8pm
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Contests for all precincts in Ventura County, CA combined are shown below.
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    October 8, Thursday, 7 PM Ventura City Council Candidates Forum, Ventura College Guthrie Hall

    October 13, Tuesday, 6:30 PM Ventura City Ballot Measures Forum, Anacapa Middle School, 100 S. Mills Road

    October 15, Thursday, 7 PM Ventura Unified School District Board Candidates Forum, Ventura College Guthrie Hall


    Board Member; Las Virgenes Unified School District; 4 Year TermClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites (3 Elected)

    Board Member; Ventura Unified School DistrictClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites (3 Elected)


    Council Member; City of San BuenaventuraClick here for more info on this contest including known links to other sites (4 Elected)

    Special District

    Local Measures

    Measure A Sales Tax -- City of San Buenaventura (Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
    Fail: 10,256 / 44.64% Yes votes ...... 12,719 / 55.36% No votes
    Shall Ventura adopt a one-half percent (0.5%) Sales Tax Ordinance to expire automatically in four years, with all money staying local in Ventura, to preserve essential general fund services such as police, fire and emergency response and provide additional funding for other priorities, including street repair, keeping Wright Library open and protecting local beaches from pollution, with a citizen's oversight committee, mandatory audits and quarterly reports to the council on how the money is spent?

    Measure B View Protection -- City of San Buenaventura (Initiative Ordinance - Majority Approval Required)
    Fail: 5,751 / 25.39% Yes votes ...... 16,900 / 74.61% No votes
    Shall an initiative ordinance be adopted to implement general plan objectives, to preserve viewsheds by establishing a 23-member View Resources Board appointed predominantly by VCORD to prepare a View Protection Ordinance (VPO); enact a temporary moratorium on new development approvals exceeding 26 feet in height in specified areas until VPO approval or two-year limit expires, and; require City Council to approve the VPO or allow View Resources Board member(s) to submit VPO initiative to voters? ¿Deberá una ordenanza iniciativa ser adoptada para ejecutar objetivos para un plan general, para conservar las vistas del panorama al establecer un Consejo para los Recursos de la Vista de 23 miembros nombrados fundamentalmente por VCORD para preparar una Ordenanza para la Protección de la Vista (VPO); promulgar una moratoria provisional en las aprobaciones de las urbanizaciones nuevas excediendo 26 pies de altura en áreas especificadas hasta que VPO apruebe o se venza el límite de dos años, y; requerir al Concejo Municipal a que apruebe el VPO o permitir al(a los) miembro(s) del Consejo para los Recursos de la Vista someter la iniciativa VPO a los votantes?

    Measure C Limiting Large Retail -- City of San Buenaventura (Initiative Code Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
    Fail: 10,604 / 46.30% Yes votes ...... 12,301 / 53.70% No votes
    Shall an initiative ordinance be adopted to preserve Ventura's unique character, protect local businesses, and limit traffic by prohibiting new superstores larger than ninety thousand (90,000) square feet when more than three percent (3%) of the sales floor area offers non-taxable merchandise? Wholesale clubs and establishments selling primarily bulk merchandise and charging membership dues are exempt. Superstores open and operating as of January 1, 2008 would be permitted to continue in operation. ¿Deberá una ordenanza iniciativa ser adoptada para conservar el carácter único de Ventura, proteger los comercios locales, y limitar el tránsito al prohibir supertiendas nuevas más grandes de noventa mil (90,000) pies cuadrados cuando más del tres por ciento (3%) del área de piso para ventas ofrece mercancía no imponible? Clubs al por mayor y establecimientos vendiendo principalmente mercancía en bulto y cobrando por cuotas de membresía son exentos. Las supertiendas abiertas y en funcionamiento a partir del 1 de enero de 2008 serían permitidas de seguir en funcionamiento.

    Measure E Parcel Tax -- Oxnard Elementary School District (2/3 Approval Required)
    Fail: 4,177 / 47.21% Yes votes ...... 4,671 / 52.79% No votes
    To maintain quality education for children with math and science programs; to keep school Libraries open; to increase resources and class support with computers and technology; to maintain preschool programs; to retain quality teachers and avoid layoffs, preschool programs; to retain quality teachers and to avoid layoffs, shall Oxnard School District be authorized to levy $99 per parcel annually, with an exemption for senior citizens and mandatory citizen oversight? Para mantener una educación de calidad para los niños con programas de mate y ciencia; para mantener las bibliotecas escolares abiertas; para aumentar los recursos y apoyo de la clase con computadoras y tecnología; para mantener programas preescolares; para retener maestros de calidad y evitar el despido de empleados, ¿deberá el Distrito Escolar de Oxnard ser autorizado de imponer $99 por parcela anualmente, con una exención para las personas de la tercera edad y la supervisión de ciudadanos obligatoria?

    Measure F Mobile Home Zone Creation -- City of Fillmore (General Plan Amendment - Majority Approval Required)
    Fail: 181 / 13.92% Yes votes ...... 1,119 / 86.08% No votes
    Shall the City of Fillmore's General Plan be amended to create a "Mobile Home Exclusive" zone, and the City's Municipal Code be amended to adopt mobilehome rent control for qualifying low income residents, and to amend the City's condominium conversion ordinance to more readily permit the conversation of rental mobilehome parks to resident ownership? ¿Deberá el Plan General de la Ciudad de Fillmore ser enmendado para crear una zona “Exclusiva de Casas Móviles”, y el Código Municipal de la Ciudad ser enmendado para adoptar el control de alquiler de casas móviles para residentes de bajos ingresos calificados, y enmendar la ordenanza de conversión de condominios de la Ciudad para fácilmente permitir la conversión de los parques de casas móviles de alquiler a dueño residente”?

    The order of the contests and candidates on this ballot representation is NOT necessarily the same as your county's official ballot.
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