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Los Angeles, Orange County, CA November 3, 2009 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Christopher James Green

Candidate for
Governing Board Member; Rowland Unified School District

This information is provided by the candidate

Our district needs leadership.

As a teacher at public schools in Taiwan, Korea and here in the USA I have been a part of many different school systems.

As a worker for public institutions in Riverside California and Casper Wyoming, I have the knowledge of public budgets, capital projects process and budgeting Using these different perspectives, I will use this knowledge to improve our own school district in a fresh and new way.

Since beginning the campaign, I have visited and met every school in the Rowland school district. I believe we have very smart and receptive leaders at every school that can change and adapt to whatever challenges are thrown their direction. With this confidence in our administrators, I believe the plans I have for the school district can be fully achieved.

As an American, I can use the knowledge of our culturally diverse population throughout the Rowland district area to our districts advantage.

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