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Los Angeles County, CA November 3, 2009 Election
Smart Voter Additional Endorsements for Mary A. Caenepeel

Candidate for
Governing Board Member; Claremont Unified School District

This information is provided by the candidate

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Claremont Courier
Grace Aguiar
Fred and Teresa Akman
Carole and Win Aldrich
Shalia and Tahir Andrabi
Georgeann and Bill Andrus
Carolyn and Dick Angus
Nancy and Bill Arce
Harriet & Dick Archibald-Woodward
Anna Asker, Megan & Don Hafner
Irene and Same Atwood
Sandra Baldonado
Syd Bartman and Jan Pierce
Dennis and Janet Bauman
The Beck Family
Tad Beckman
Grey and Louise Bell
Don and Pamela N. Bell
Barbara Bergmann and Daryl Smith
Barbara Bilderback and Rafih Achy
Paul and Elizabeth Bingham
Leo & Rosie Bister
Gary and Stephanie Black
Ellen Blake
Gene and Sandy Block
Charlene Bolton
Norm and Pat Bortscheller
Steve and Tricia Boss
Octavio and Joanne Boubion
Paul and Nancy Brower
Deborah and Curtis Bradford
Don Breyer
Nikolaus and Susan Brinkama
Ann and Jeff Brown
Peggy and Margaret Brown
Debra Brownlie
Lynn Burrows and Bill Avles
Marianna and Russell Byer
Mary Byers
Chris Caenepeel
Alice Calaprice
Gwen Carr
Sheri Castro
Karen Chapman
Amit and Neepa Chowdury
Corrina Christiansen
Patti Colinco
Shirley and William Collins
Steve and Teena Collins
Les and Joy Compton
LaWanna and Kevin Corson
Leo & Christina Coulourides
Peter Coye
Cathleen A. Crayton
Brad and Sharon Cuff
Michelle and Gary Curtis
Kris and Tim Cusic
Marilyn Dale
The Darney-Lane Family
Bill Daub and Dr. Sandra Hollenberg
Elizabeth C. Davis
Kristine Davis
Catherine and Frank D'Emilio
Barbara and Vasu Dev
Andrew and Sonja Dominguez
Dave and Katy Douglass
Marcus and Elin Dowd
Steve and Amy Duncan
Kari Dunkley
Mary and Kent Dyer
Robert D. and Barbara F. Eagleton
Rick Ebert and Gaylin Laughlin
Richard and Gay Ede
David and Susan Edwards
Phil Elhai and Krista Carson Elhai
Ginger Elliot
Mike and Phyllis Eschleman
Arthur and Nadine Escovedo
Cindy Estep
Allison Evans
Lydia Henry and Michael Falotico
Bob and Lee Farkas
Charles and Muriel Farritor
Michael, Emily and Marilyn Fay
Frances Feeney
Velen & Jim Fehrs
Maury Feingold
Jennifer and Robert Finalet
David and Karen Fite
Don and Frances Force
Virginia H. Fossum
Nancy and Terry Franson
Margarity Galinzoga
Jim Ganger
Andy and Janice Gelencser
Chiara Giammanco
Katie Gilmore
Mario and Robin Gottuso
Kim Greer
Sally and Ca Grogg
Patricia & Robert Grosland
Dr. Barbara Hacker
Art and Kathy Hacker
Betty and Frank Hagelbarger
Stephen and Kristen Hagstrom
Ken Corhan and Suzanne Hall
Jeanne Hamilton and Derry Seaton
Willie & Brenda Hamlett
Ken and Donna Harris
Michelle Harris
Patricia Havens
Pamela Hawkes
Mary and Tim Hayward
Bridget Healy
Barbara and Joe Heidelman
Paul and Kay Held
Rev. and Mrs. Homer Henderson
John Hill and Brenda Barham Hill
Mary Hoffman
Arno Hohn
Carol Holder and John Mallinkrodt
Rose Holmes
Marion Hoyle
Chris and Tom Ilgin
Joan & Robert Irvine
Duane and Lee Jackman
Steve and Lynn Jackson
Frank Janger
Corinne Jayaweera
Sue Copeland and Jim Jimenez
Ken Johnson and Wendy Losh
Judith Johnson
Greg and Shirley Jones
Lee Kane
Jim Keith
Pat Maio and Karen Kellner
Brian and Dina Kennedy
John and Jerry Klasik
Hilary and Joseph LaConte
Sally Lane
Dave and Julie Lannom
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Lederhaus
Harvey and Ellen Leff
Al and Ann Leiga
Antoinette Lewis
Sue and Janet Likens
Pat & Judy Little
Ping & Sun Liang
Juli and Dennis Lloyd
Kathleen Lozano
Carolyn and William Lucas
Ruth Lynch
Jocelyn Lyon
Debi Madden
Lydia Maldonado-Calzada
Charlene and Sandra Maloof
Rudy Mann and Zephyr Tate-Mann, J.D.
Jim and Jessica Marchant
Anthony and Barbara Marino
Joe Marshall
Charlene Martin
Jim and Sue Martin
The Mawhorter Family
Walter and Karen Maya
Libby McCarthy
Mike and Jean McKenna
Karen McMillen
Bob and Chris Mello
Daniel Mello
The Menefee-Libey Family
Barbara Mensendiek
Hugh & Jean Menton
Mary Jane and Jim Merrill
Helen Meyer
Patricia Meza
Nan and Ralph Miller
Ruth Ann and Warren Miller
Jack Mills and Susan Lominska
Lucia Miltenberger & Arnaldo Rodriguez
Jack and Carolee Monroe
Kathryn Moore
Ann Morgan
Michelle Mosley
Sam and Barbara Mowbray
Linda Munsey
Guy & Shelli Nakahama
Mary Jean Neault
David and Ann Nemer
Mike and Karen Nutt
Anne Odgers
Jane O'Donnell
Paul and Frances O'Leary
Richard and Merrilyn O'Neill
Rev. Peter O'Reilly
Erica Palmer
Susan and Kriby Palmer
Frida Palomino
Art, Jennifer, and Sandy Parker
Rick and Doris Pawley
Samuel and Julie Pedroza, Jr.
Dan and Lissa Petersen
Thomas and Tani Peterson
Richard and Joan Phillips
Carl and Susan Pon
M. Eileen Prendergast
Joan Presecan
Randy and Rhonda Prout
Patricia J. Pruden
John and Julie Pusztai
Sheri Pym and Peter Thielke
Jack and Mili Quinlan
"Joyce & Pat Raef
Naomi Reef"
Scott and Shelley Randles
Dr. & Mrs. V. Ravi
Lamont Reeves
Diann and Robert Ring
Ray and Terri Riojas
Al and Sue Robb
Mike Robles
Mary Beth Rogers
Chuck Rogers
Ethel and Robert Rogers
David and Brenda Rosenfeld
Claire Rudiger
Barbara Rugeley and Greg Shapton
Robert Ruh
Peter & Linda Saeta
Colleen and Andreas Salomon
Michael and Rita Salvato
Calvin & Jacque Sanders
Lynn Savitzky
Marilee Scaff
Julianne Schaper
Sandi Schmidt
Brenda and Mary Schmit
Mark Schoeman and Laurel Tucker
J. and Susan Selters
John and Marge Serpa
Michael J. Shaffer
Vicki and Michael Shea
Rose Shields
Andy and Stacy Shipway
Brandon and Merlene Singleton
Dave Slomka
Dennis and Cynthia Smith
Martha Smith
Ronald and Elizabeth Smith
Stephen M. and Melissa Smith
Suzan Smith
Sarah and Frank Smizer
Bonnie Snortum
Victoria Sorvin
Beverly and Dave Speak
Georgeann and Brian Spivack
Betty and Stan Springer
Marylouise Stafford
Amy & Henry Stanger
Cris, Aly and Jeff Stark
Jack and Jil Stark
Wayne Steinmetz
Perry and Jo Stewart
Elna Thalman
Lois and Rhodes Thompson
Tim and Maria Tipping
Marian Toovey
Len Troncale
Angie and Tony Troncone
Dan and Bucket Tubbs
Elizabeth Tulac
Mike and Shari Valentine
Carol and Ken Vetterli
Linda Wallace
Dan and Missy Walsh
Lisa Ward
Teddie and Kent Warner
Freddie Watson
Connie Weir
Nancy and Jamie White
Adam and Leslie Whitham
Dorothy & Richard Whitham
Davetta Williams
Rhys and Ellen Williams
Wayne and Alice Williams
Rita Wodinsky
Colin and Judy Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Bao Xiao
Pat Yarborough
Vivian Yoshioka
Dick and Mary Young
Donald and Ann Zenger
Charles and Kathy Zetterberg

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