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State of Ohio November 4, 2008 Election
Issue 2
To continue the clean Ohio Program
State of Ohio

Ammendment - Majority Approval Required

Pass: 3,568,228 / 69.27% Yes votes ...... 1,583,305 / 30.73% No votes

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to authorize the state to issue bonds to continue the clean Ohio program for environmental revitalization and conservation; to adopt section 2q of article viii of the constitution of the state OF OHIO

This ballot issue proposes a constitutional amendment that would add to funding for The Clean Ohio Program. The amendment is identical to the bond issue passed by the voters in 2000 and will provide the state with the authority to issue an additional $400 million of bonds. These bonds could be used for the benefit of both governmental and non-governmental entities. Conservation: Up to $200 million in bonds could be issued for conservation purposes such as preservation of natural areas and farmlands, provision of recreation facilities, and natural resource management projects. Repayment of these bonds would be a general obligation of the state backed by the taxing power of the state. Revitalization: Up to $200 million in bonds could be issued for revitalization purposes such as environmental cleanup of publicly or privately owned lands. Repayment of these bonds would be secured by specific state revenues such as receipts from liquor taxes. Limitations: The proposed amendment limits the amount that could be borrowed in any one fiscal year for either conservation or revitalization purposes to no more than $50 million. In addition, the state can borrow amounts which were authorized but not issued in prior fiscal years. Reissuance: After a bond is repaid, another can be issued as long as the total amount outstanding does not exceed $200 million for that type of bond. Debt Service Expense: The Legislative Services Commission estimates that issuing $400 million of obligations could increase the state's annual debt service expense by up to $40 million. The Ohio Office of Budget and Management calculated that principle and interest payable in 2008 for all of the bonds already issued by Ohio is $1,231,640,023. This bonding authority must be approved by the voters because the Ohio constitution does not permit an appropriation being made for a period longer than two years.

Meaning of Voting Yes/No
A YES vote on this measure means:
approval of the amendment

A NO vote on this measure means:
disapproval of the amendment

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Arguments For Issue 2 Arguments Against Issue 2
1. Bond monies could be used to improve drinking water and help keep rivers and streams clean.
2. Preserve and protect wildlife and farmland, and expand outdoor recreational opportunities for Ohioans.
3. Bond monies could be used to reduce the number of polluted industrial sites and clean up brown fields.
4. Revitalization of public and private lands could stimulate economic development in urban areas and increase private investment in Ohio

1. Tax monies will be diverted to paying principle and interest, and this may limit the availability of state revenue for other state programs.
2. This authority is not time-limited and permits new bonds to be reissued after the retirement of the original bonds without further vote of the people.
3. Proceeds from the sale of the publicly funded bonds may be used to benefit private entities.

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