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Saint Louis, Jefferson, Saint Louis City, Sainte Genevieve Counties, MO November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Chris S. Sander

Candidate for
US Representative; District 3

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"We do not distrust the future of essential democracy. The people of the United States have not failed. In their need they have registered a mandate that they want direct, vigorous action. They have asked for discipline and direction under leadership." - Franklin Roosevelt

What I want people to know is that I'm not a politician. I'm an average joe, who's just sick and tired of the Washington bureaucrats running our country into the ground.

You see, I believe that people give the government it's power, not the other way around. I'm a conservative, and like Ronald Reagan, I'm proud to be a CONSERVATIVE.

But what is a conservative? I believe that being a conservative means adhering to the core beliefs of small government, low taxes, a strong military and most importantly, a willingness to stand up for those beliefs.

But more than that, I believe that being a conservative can be summed up in one simple idea; that a person is capable of thinking and providing for themselves. I believe that the true essence of this country rests on that one idea.

And if you elect me, I will go to Washington and bring back the conservative leadership that we need.

I will fight to reduce the size and scope of the Federal Government, because a government big enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take away everything you have.

I will fight for tax reform by not only making the Bush tax cuts permanent, but by reducing the corporate tax to 10%. I will fight to eliminate the capital gains and death tax and the tax on social security benefits to our seniors.

To bring immediate relief to our middle and lower income class, I will propose legislation that will allow all costs for child care and tuition, up to a maximum of 20,000 annually, to be 100% tax deductible. This will not only help the single parent struggling to make ends meet, but also the family trying to get their kids into college.

I will fight for ridding ourselves of our dependence on foreign oil. I will lead Congress to adopt an "all of the above" energy plan, and I will challenge those who oppose such a plan defend their position publicly.

I will fight for immigration reform by making sure that our borders are secure. That local authorities have the tools to enforce our laws, and I will never support amnesty for illegals in any form. I will also support any initiative that makes english the official language of our country.

I say these things, because I believe that this is what the people of this country want and deserve. They want someone who isn't afraid to say what needs to be said, and who's willing to do what must be done.

We need a leader. Someone who's principled and can lead with integrity and character. Someone who is willing to do what's right rather than what's popular. Someone who will do the right thing when no one is watching and the hard thing when everyone is watching. If you elect me, that is the type of leader you will get.

Thank you and God Bless

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