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Santa Clara County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Full Biography for Charel Winston

Candidate for
United States Representative; District 16

This information is provided by the candidate

It has long been my dream to be of service to my country in a way that would be an inspiration to others as it was for my grandfather, CW Hansell, who invented over three hundred patents from fiber optic and radio wave communications to the RCA color picture tube. He did not do this for self-gain but to increase economic growth during the Depression and create jobs.

It was not my dream to be a public servant, but having been raised with strong American (family) values, I know the importance of working together as a nation to retain the values of equality and equal justice through higher standards of government as set forth in our US constitution.

It is my duty and privilege, as an American, to serve my country in a way that effectively honors the fundamental basis of our democracy and ensures the rights of all people established in our United States Constitution.

Although freedom is a universal birthright, it is not without diligence, determination, and commitment that freedom is achieved. As such, we strive for a place of solidarity, accountability, fairness, and grace through our efforts and actions, our thoughts and prayers. We are strong in the light. We are one in our love. We are all blessed in our humanity and our vision of peace.

It is time to stand and go forward in truth and tolerance, in honor and committment. Whether or not we understand, our purpose and our direction are clear. We are not afraid. We walk in the light and stand as one, united by heart and soul. We are the light. Through our humility and grace we find our peace.

As a congressional candidate, I am not affiliated with any organization or special interest group. I seek the support of my prospective constituents and friends. I am open about myself, my beliefs, my views on political and controversial issues, my vision for the future.

I am forthright, worthy of people's trust, and dedicated to the office of which I seek. I am a 'can-do' person, who looks for the way, not the way out. I am an optimist by nature, a pragmatist by experience, and an idealist by virtue of my faith. I love all animals and nature. I adore the company of children. I am inspired by the company of creative deal makers and visionaries. I love to be with my family at our ranch. I love boating, travel, playing monopoly, and above all, I love to create new technology for the promotion of a universal wellbeing.

Currently, we are in a world challenged by our own inaction, apathy, fear, and greed. A pendulum shift, while in progress, can reverse the effects of political anomie, urban violence, and international warfare. From genocide to global warming the consequences are devastating. Through our earnest commitment of peace, hard work, dedication and goodwill we can achieve our goals.


  • Invented Interactive Instant Response

  • Internet Entrepreneur + started various internet companies

  • Extensive experience in starting and managing high-tech companies in Silicon Valley

  • Expertise is in identifying problems, developing solutions, and implementing cost-effective strategies. This recipe will guarantee success in any startup corporation

  • Extensive engineering and technical background

  • Experience with governmental legislation and the legal system having represented my family's interests in State, Federal, and California Supreme Court.

  • Created new case law to preserve our constitutional rights in America.

  • Worked with state and national leaders to solve the various problems challenging our nation, such as gasoline prices, the loss of family homes due to unscrupulous and onerous lending practices, crime, youth unemployment, schools, senior health care

  • Exposed and removed from office a corrupt district attorney who maliciously persecuted law abiding citizens for his own political gain

  • Currently working with Fortune 500 companies to develop programs to stimulate the economy and create jobs

  • Currently working with China, Malaysia and Europe to promote investment opportunities in the United States but not at our expense

  • Started grass-root efforts to change immigration laws and policies, reform the health-care system, and provide long term solutions to the mortgage meltdown

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