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Santa Clara County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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Government ignores citizen's Free-Speech..

By John H. Webster

Candidate for State Senator; District 13

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Government ignores Free-Speech and the demands for redress of grievances. It only cares that it has the majority vote and that only on election day. What we need is a Provider/Customer relationship.
Our Free-Speech Rights are now only a right to yell into the wind. Before we reach the point of our speech having any real influence on Government that right is taken away.

In 2003 before we invaded Iraq there were lots of Peace Rallies. Vice President Dick Chaney was asked what he thought about the rallies in light of his determination about the US going into Iraq.

His response was: "They have Free Speech Rights, they can say what ever they want to." In other words, what ever the Demonstrators say, the Government has the right to ignore them. And in many cases the protesters were restricted to "Free Speech Zones" to make ignoring them easier.

Back in 2001 I was arrested and later convicted for handing out a flier near a courthouse in San Jose. The flier did not concern any particular case then in court but it seems that I had violated California's penal code 169. Part of that penal code states: "It is unlawful to picket or parade in or near a courthouse ... with the intent to influence Judges, juries, or officers of the court." That flier was asking potential jurors to consider whether or not a miscarriage of justice would result before finding their verdict. In other words I was asking the jurors to question the law.

Also back in 2003, I had started driving a billboard truck around the San Jose City Hall and around the San Jose Police Administration building. The signs on the truck accused the San Jose Police of being Bad Cops that alter evidence, and named a Police lieutenant that had participated in that alteration. I drove that truck an average of three hours a day, three days a week for four months.

So what did the City of San Jose do? Did they look into my accusations? Did they do any investigation or ask me for the details? No! They served me with a Restraining Order preventing me from being within 300 yards of either the Police Department or City Hall. What is interesting is the amount of effort that the City Attorney went to to carefully avoid any chance of allowing me to prove my accusations were true.

This type of response from Government is characteristic of the deterioration of the Government/Citizen relationship. What is needed is to convert this into more of a Provider/Customer relationship where the provider does not automatically get the customer's money but has to earn it.

For this to happen it will be necessary for the tax laws to be changed so that a tax-payer can get out of his tax liability if he can show that the Government was not living up to its side of the social contract (i.e. not protecting the Rights of the citizen/taxpayer).

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