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Sacramento County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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Contract with Congress

By Paul A. Smith

Candidate for United States Representative; District 5

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How things should get done in Congress. Time for a change in thinking and leadership.
Contract with Congress

1. Stop double taxing retirement benefits from Social Security. The money was taxed when it when into the fund. How fair is it to tax it again when it comes out?

2. No new taxes for the next three years. Curb spending today. Just because Congress keeps spending money it doesn't have, does not mean you and I have to keep footing the bill.

3. Balance the budget every year.

4. Establish term limits of 12 years in the Senate and 12 years in the House.

5. Eliminate the filibuster and every other procedure designed to keep legislation from being voted on.

6. No more double speak on what a `cut' and a `increase' means. If budgeted spending goes up from last year on a program that is an `increase'. A 'cut' is when spending goes down from the previous year. No more of this phoney baloney double speak.

7. Implement the following strategy when considering legislation. "If it's good for the country and good for the district" then it's a good piece of legislation. If either are in conflict it should be voted down.

8. 50% of all campaign contributions must come from the district or state in which they serve or are running for. No more special interest and PAC's buying elections.

9. Eliminate Earmarks. Legislation will be passed to permanently ban earmarks. No more spending my and your money on pet projects that only benefit that Congresspersons District.

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