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Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus Counties, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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Fiscal Policy

By Jack M. Mobley

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 17

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We do not have a revenue problem in California, we have a spending problem.
Ridiculous decisions are being made in terms of how the peoples' money is being spent. Funds such as the gas tax are being diverted from their intended use to fund entitlement programs. Years of neglect of our infrastructure may require some bond measures to procure the funds necessary to bring our roads, water storage facilities and other public structures up to speed but much more has to be done to control spending. Over regulation, onerous taxes, and taxes disguised as fees are forcing businesses to leave California in order to survive. Every business that leaves takes jobs and a little more of the revenue base with them resulting in those of us who are left having to shoulder more of the ever increasing fiscal burden. The shell game approach to balancing our budget can not be tolerated anymore. Real savings can be had by bidding out many services to private contractors and more should be done to limit the welfare fraud running rampant in California. Additionally, people who are here illegally should not enjoy the privileges of being a citizen of California. Current legislation giving these law breakers driver's licenses, education fee breaks, free medical and other social services should be voted down or repealed. We can not afford to continue to support the economies of other countries by providing for their citizens.

We must set priorities to benefit Californians and take decisive action without having to resort to raising taxes to accomplish those goals. The state government must protect its people from tyranny not from the consequences of everyday life. Government can not be all things to all people nor should it try, but there is a need for a safety net to provide temporary help for a limited time to those few Californians who are genuinely in need and to provide permanent care for a small group who can not care for themselves.

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