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San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
Smart Voter Political Philosophy for Raymond Clark "Ray" Lutz

Candidate for
Member of the State Assembly; District 77

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Fiscal Conservative

Our state government is in a financial crisis due to a dependence on volatile tax revenue streams that soar or crash, exaggerating state economic swings. We must restructure the state revenue stream to use nonvolatile sources and refine our state budget. Ray's "Fair Share" tax plan will provide the basis for revenue stability while reducing taxes for most taxpayers.

Universal Healthcare Advocate

Small and large businesses alike are faced with tough decisions as they attempt to fund medical coverage. We must provide single-payer, universal healthcare coverage and turn our system from sick-care to health-care, with no one outside the system. Epidemics and disease don't care about paperwork.

Education Rescuer

Our state is currently facing 10% across the board cuts, including education. This ignores the Proposition 98 guarantees for adequate funding of our public schools. Our elected officials are put into office to make intelligent choices, not slash and burn cuts to education and important services.

Immigration Reformer

Ray supports comprehensive immigration reform such as the Kennedy-McCain plan. Single-minded fence extensions are an environmental disaster and will do nothing to stop the border crosser flow without other reforms.

Property Rights Supporter

Do you have a say about what goes on around your property? Should government use eminent domain to take your property away? Ray says you must have a say and should not be trampled by corporate interests. He has fought hard for residents who are faced with military training camps or huge power lines.

Strong Family Supporter

Ray believes in strong families and he wants the government to get out of important and difficult family decisions. End of life decisions should not be dictated by government. Pregnancy termination is the choice of the woman. Sexual orientation of partners is not a matter for governmental control. These are difficult decisions that can't be dictated by bureaucrats. Keep government out of the family and support a "strong family" ethic!

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