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Imperial, San Diego County, CA November 4, 2008 Election
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By David Lee Joy

Candidate for United States Representative; District 51

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I am David Lee Joy and I want to serve the residents of the CA-51st congressional district.
My name is David Lee Joy and I am running for Congress because our government is not working, our politicians have failed us, and it is time we elect regular citizens, not career politicians into the congress and take the people's message to Washington DC.

I have been self employed for 12 years, I founded a media company when I was 26 years old, and through hard work, financial discipline and providing a service that many people want and need, my company has grown into a great success. I believe we need to integrate more business-like approaches to our federal government, increase competition with a free market approach and return to disciplined and smarter federal spending. We need to limit government and we need to keep government out of the personal lives of Americans,. Government should not be there to provide a hand out to people, government's job is to inspire and to provide opportunity to all Americans so we will become self sufficient, independent, successful citizens. As President Reagan said, "Government in not the solution to our problems, government is the problem."

In Congress, I will work to control our federal spending by cutting the wasteful pork and earmarks that dominate Washington today, and we will balance our budget. I will work to stimulate our economy by providing more small business loans to those willing to start a company, let's try to turn every young person into an entrepreneur and help them grow as rapidly as possible, creating jobs and bringing wealth into the community. Also, we need to provide additional tax breaks to existing businesses so they may invest in new technology and hire additional workers to get the economy rolling again. I will work to pass meaningful immigration reform that doubles the number of border patrol agents, punishes businesses that knowingly hire illegal, undocumented workers and creates a sound, reliable guest worker program. I will work to provide more funding to the National Institutes of Health for cancer and disease research and, through the use of modern technology, we will improve our health care delivery performance, reduce medical errors, and save the government money. It is the federal government's responsibility to keep our citizens safe, and I will advocate for a draw down of our troops in Iraq, to get them out of harms way and back to the US to protect our homeland. I believe our military mission has been completed in Iraq and it is time for the Iraqi government to take responsibility for their own security and government needs. I will work on a GI Bill for the 21st century, that provides expanded education, housing and full health benefits for those veterans returning from Iraq. The soldiers have served in such a noble manner to protect the freedom and liberty of our country and they have risked their lives for us and we must invest in them. I will work to provide funding for more police and more fire safety officers so we can reduce the crime and gang problems that continue to plague our community, and to make sure that we do not have to live in fear of another big fire destroying our homes and quite possibly taking our own lives. I will work to bring big business and industry into our community so we can create jobs locally within miles of our homes, which will reduce traffic and reduce commute times, so that we can spend more quality time at home with family and friends. I will work with the agricultural industry in the Imperial Valley so the farmers and growers can mass produce items for export all over the world, creating jobs and reducing the 20% unemployment rate in Imperial county. I will work to include school choice in education funding for the states, thus creating competitive schools and improving the likelihood that our children will receive a great education and a better chance for success. I will propose that the federal government provide a laptop computer to each and every school age child, we need our kids to have the resources to make learning a 365-days-a-year job. Our environment is in danger and I will work to provide jobs for a burgeoning industry in our country, "green" collar jobs. We need to do more to create and facilitate alternative energy sources including solar, wind and nuclear power and the US automotive industry needs to begin mass production of hybrid, battery powered and fuel cell cars which produce clean emissions, provide greater fuel economy and will reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We all need to do our part and we must ask ourselves, what can I do for my country that will reduce and conserve my own energy consumption. I will work to pass a National Voter's Day Holiday, to increase the percentage of Americans who take the time to exercise their basic civic duty and vote in an election. And I will make sure that the US government protects all of our constitutional rights.

We have a great opportunity in front of us now and it is time that we the people take back our government from the career politicians who keep doing the same thing every year, expecting different results. In congress, I will work in a bi-partisan manner, to pass real reform, to obtain real results and to provide real solutions and a positive change for you. Working together with you, we will achieve more opportunity, more choice and a better future for all of us to live a happy, successful life. This is a partnership, I care about you, and I will work to bring all of us together, and take our vision and our values to Washington DC and I will serve as your voice in the United States Congress.

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