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Human Rights: Creating a Culture of Life

By Linda Kaye Jones

Candidate for Member of the State Assembly; District 36

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After attending the various caucuses during the State Democratic convention in March, I've really had to do some soul searching and address the need for consistency in my own conscious and public approach on these delicate issues that are always used as wedge issues in campaigns. Recognizing my role as leadership within the Party and that relationship to the most recent platform that the Party has adopted, I feel it is necessary to really clarify my positions in writing.
Death Penalty- Whether or not for the reason of revenge or punishment, I cannot support the current system as it is.

Reproduction- Outside of those traumatic instances beyond an individual's control, I believe that we should encourage an environment of accepting responsibility for our actions and to empower individuals to be proactive in the choices they make. The public dollars used to fund abortions could be better served in fostering a strength based community that is built upon a foundation of character, integrity and empowerment of one's own life choices.

When dealing with our young men, we need to help them understand their female counterparts and make it a point to help them understand their influence on the female self worth so that they can take responsibility and be more respectful of not only the female but of themselves.

Therefore I do not struggle with a woman's right to choose. I encourage women to choose, while knowing that these choices could be better made with the benefit of preventative and educational services facilitated by public funding which have been proven to have a major impact on reducing the number of unplanned, unwanted pregnancies. I truly believe that this is a less divisive path that will promote a more healthy and socially responsible sexual ethic that protects the dignity and equality of a woman.

The 2007 initiative, Reducing the Need for Abortions (H.R. 1074) sponsored by Democratic Representatives Tim Ryan (OH - 17) and Rosa L. DeLauro (CT - 3) is socially responsible step toward common ground on this issue.

Marriage Equity- I prefer the solution of civil unions from the State rather than altering the traditional legal and religious definition of marriage as between a man and a woman while protecting the legal dignity of each.

Whether or not there should be a new understanding of the meaning of marriage in California should be developed among its citizens and determined at the ballot box. In the meantime, the recent Supreme Court ruling is the rule of law in which all office holders of the State are obligated to follow.

Immigration- Our nation has always been a nation that welcomed the stranger. Yet, as we truly have legitimate concerns regarding economic and national insecurity including respect for the law, the current system is creating a permanent underclass of illegal and vulnerable people without documentation in addition to an environment that is both hateful and inhumane. These individuals work, live, pay taxes and go to school in the United States but cannot attain a better quality of life for themselves and their family. This in itself is certainly a threat to our national security. I support a comprehensive immigration policy which includes, firm enforcement of employer penalties for hiring individuals who are here illegally, a guest worker program with an eventual earned pathway to citizenship that is fair, accessible, protects the family unit, secures our borders firmly but humanely, and encourages equitable trade on all sides of the borders.

Linda K. Jones 4/5/2008

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